The CEDAR Collaborative is celebrating the first month of its new engagement platform for Manitowoc County. is a new website deliverable for the community and taps the work and concepts of the Vision 2022 program launched in Manitowoc County in 2017.

The site seeks to bring all things Manitowoc County to a single focal point under the Lifesallhere identity. The launch has been a success and the site's numbers, functionality and content are growing literally every day.

The site is Stage 1 of a deeper offering from CEDAR Collaborative, using the power of the Gage engagement platform. Gage, based in Minneapolis, is a leading provider of platform tools and solutions for leading companies around the world. In Stage 2, the goal is to bring the Education, Marketing Automation and Rewards platform components to the project.

CEDAR has also announced that they are now starting to take meetings from other community groups and development organizations to demonstrate the platform and share more about how the deliverable can be customized for any market.

CEDAR is now available to demonstrate their technology to other communities and partners.
If you are in Manitowoc November 7 & 8 for the Fall Tourism Convention give the site a try!