Staged, Listed, Sold! Now What?

Chances are, the home you're moving into and the house you're leaving are not the same.  Let's face it-if they were the same, why would you move? (OK, there are a few reasons, but generally speaking, we move because we want more space or less space or a different sort of house.)

How often does your furniture translate from the starter home to the second house? Or the family home to the downsized condo? Not very often. And truthfully, it shouldn't have to.
The size, style, and amount of furniture in a first-time home doesn't fill a bigger space, and on the other end, the furnishings from a larger home are too big for a downsized space. So how do you navigate the change?

We recommend hiring a designer to help you. It's kind of like having an accountant do your taxes: you might be able to do it yourself, but are you as capable as a professional?  Do you know where to find the right deductions/sources for furniture? Do you have the time to read all the current tax codes/research paint colors? If you've never hired a designer, you may not be familiar with the benefits of including a professional in your project, especially as you navigate the huge transition into your new home. 

We can't speak for the industry as a whole, but we can give a glimpse into our world. Here's how we help our clients decide what to keep, what to replace, and how to make sure their new home reflects the new lifestyle they want to have:
Step 1: Space planning

The best place to start is by creating a floor plan to determine how to lay out a space to suit your lifestyle and personal needs. Over the years, we've memorized all the standard guidelines, we know where they apply, and--most importantly--we know when to kick them to the curb.

Step 2: Design concept

The design concept, or design scheme, will include an overall design plan, including color palette, style, and examples of the items identified in the space planning. The design concept culminates in lots of pretty pictures and is one of our favorite tasks. Can't you just picture the relaxation and calm inherent in a space like this one below?

Step 3: Furnishings selection and ordering

It's one thing to have a good plan, but in the end, it's nothing but a pretty picture until it's executed. Plus, we can help you save a few dollars with our designs discounts! Here's what it looks like when a design concept comes to life and your new house becomes home:

For the sake of this newsletter, we've simplified the process, of course. There's a bit more that goes into the design projects, but hopefully, this gives you an overview of how we work. In the end, when thinking about whether to hire a designer, we keep hearing the phrase, "Stay in your lane, girl." 
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