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August 2019


We were thrilled to be called upon by Doreen Courtright of Douglas Elliman to stage her new listing, a 5600 plus square foot artist's loft in the heart of Chelsea.  And the icing on the cake was being able to select the artwork from the artist's (Tom Levine's) collection to use in the staging.  You can view the video below for a tour of the apartment and artwork, as well as check out our before and after photos below

Chelsea Full Floor Condo Loft 106 7th Avenue #8
Chelsea Full Floor Condo Loft 106 7th Avenue #8

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Warm Regards, 

Do nna M. Dazzo, President
Designed To Appeal
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Testimonial of the Month
Staging Success Story: Full Floor Condo Artist Loft in Chelsea Sells in 50 Days!
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Creating A Comfortable Conversation Area By Donna Dazzo
Did You Know.....? 10 Decorating Strategies Every Loft Apartment Needs By Sunset Magazine
Market Overview: The East End
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"Today I closed on  106 Seventh Avenue (a.k.a. as the City Prairie and 206 West 17th Street) for $9,750,000. 

When I met the seller, the apartment had been on the market for 5 months. I was the second broker and I knew this apartment was begging to be staged. I could see the potential and knew that furniture was needed so the buyer could come in and imagine life in this loft.

I also knew who I was going to call for help - Donna Dazzo and Designed to Appeal.

I've worked with Donna before and knew that I can depend on her for her professionalism and great taste. When Donna says she will be able to have the furniture and staging done by a certain date, I can count on that. This staging went flawlessly and we were in contract in 50 days in a market where the average is over 300 days. I have always had an amazing experience with Donna and always recommend her to my colleagues."
Doreen Courtright, Associate Broker 
New York, NY
Staging Success Story:  
Full Floor Condo Artist Loft in Chelsea
Sold for $9.75M in Only 50 Days! 

This 5600 square foot apartment was a challenge due to its huge open loft space. The virtually empty living/dining room alone was 54 feet long!   Incorporating our design with the owner and accomplished artist,  Tom Levine 's  abstract paintings, was not only fun but really made this space extra striking.  One of his works was even bought by the buyer!

 Living Area Before Staging
The only piece of furniture in this 54 foot long room was a dining table! So we brought in living room furniture and earth-colored accessories to tie into the artist's paintings.
 Living Area After Staging

Conversation Area
We also created this conversation area at the far end of the living room.

Dining Area Before Staging
The dining table looked lonely in this huge space and we needed to make buyers envision entertaining friends and family here. 

Dining Area After Staging

Media Center Before Staging
This space off the living/dining room used to house the artist's canvases.  We recommended he remove the storage racks and turn this into usable space for buyers to relax and watch TV or enjoy a game of chess. 

Media Center After Staging

Master Bedroom Before Staging
The furniture was a bit mismatched so the owner removed the pieces. The bed wasn't fit for a King so we moved it to the 2nd bedroom and brought in a King-sized bed and lush linens.

Bedroom After Staging

Den Before Staging
The furniture was dark and not conducive to a relaxing secondary media area adjacent to the kitchen, so we asked the owner to remove the pieces, and brought in lighter and brighter pieces and accessories to show off the artist's canvas.

Den After Staging

Second/Guest Bedroom Before Staging
This room with en-suite bath was being used as an office so we converted it into the much more marketable second or guest bedroom. 

Second/Guest Bedroom After Staging

To view the entire report from Corcoran click  here.
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 
Creating A Comfortable Conversation Area
By Donna Dazzo 

Creating a comfortable conversation area in the living room is important so that people can face each other and can speak without raising their voices. Also, everyone should be able to comfortably reach the coffee table, or at least have an accessible side table.

Here is a sample layout of a good conversation area:

As you can see above, the simple "ingredients" required are:
1.  A sofa 
2.  Two upholstered chairs
3.  A coffee table or large ottoman
4.  End tables
5.  Table lamps

In the diagram above, you will also notice that:
  1. The arrangement highlights the focal point, the fireplace.
  2. There is no traffic flow through the area since the entryways are to the top left and top right in the diagram.
If you are lucky enough to have a large space:

1.  Creating a conversation area frees up space in the room for other functions such as a separate reading area consisting of a club chair or two, ottoman, table and lamp or a working area consisting of a desk and chair.
2.  Two sofas can be placed back-to-back with their own set of chairs and coffee table to create two distinct conversation areas.

Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
Decorating Strategies Every Loft Apartment Needs

High ceilings, signs of an industrial past, open spaces-a loft apartment has a lot to love.

Play up those unique features with these decorating ideas:

Reach for the Sky

When you're blessed with soaring ceiling heights, squat furniture just won't do. Stretch those showy design moments, like accent walls, to the ceiling and mimic the verticality with elongated accessories. Here, a lengthy floor mirror reaches far enough up to give this wall presence.

Hang A Large Light Fixture 

It's difficult to choose a chandelier-style light fixture that's too big for a loft. That airy volume begs for something to fill the space. Not only does a large fixture make practical sense-spreading atmospheric light to all corners-it's practically hanging sculpture, drawing the eye up through the room. 

Divvy up Space

A screen or room divider neatly carves out portions of the loft for specific uses-a dressing area, or home office,  for example-or it can be used to hide AV equipment, the dog bowl, and anything else that's better off out of sight.

Get Strategic with the Sofa

A sofa that looks good from all sides encourages you to pull it away from the wall-a necessity for defining the living area when interior walls aren't often in place. This curvy number has no bad angles and separates out into three standalone pieces for more intimate seating.

Denote "Rooms" with Rugs

Large rugs serve two purposes in a loft: delineating where one "room" starts and stops, and cozying up ubiquitous concrete floors. The key is in choosing one that jells with everything in the open space-neutrals are a no-fail choice, and go-with-anything denim is another.

Add Dimension with a Sculpture

Fewer walls give lofts a spacious quality but can also leave you with empty areas that feel pointless or boring. Place a sculpture there and suddenly what was once just a pass-through feels striking and important.
To read more about Decorating A Loft Apartment, click  here!
Market Overview: The East End
Our next quarterly analysis will appear in the October issue. 
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