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March 2019


Happy Spring!  This is that time of year for Spring cleaning (check out our article below) and new beginnings, especially buying and moving to a new home. It's March Madness for us!  We are very busy with stagings this month as everyone wishes to put their homes on the market for Spring and they know it needs to look its best with all of the inventory on the market and the increased selling time. See the article below showing how days on the market have increased year over year and in fact are the longest since 2012!

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Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Five Decorative Accessories to Perk Up Any Space
Did You Know.....? Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Increases Your Life Energy
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"We have a buyer for our apartment!  Your staging of our apartment was critical to this sale and we are so appreciative of your expertise and assistance.  We've read that the most appreciated thanks is referrals, and you can be assured that we have told and will continue to recommend Designed To Appeal to neighbors and friends. In fact, we gave your name to the buyers as they will eventually sell their apartment.  They had commented on how attractive the staging was. You are wonderful to work with and your staging made the difference."

Kathleen and John Perry, Homeowners, New York, NY

'It was a pleasure to work with Donna from beginning to end.   First impressions and photos are the most important part of marketing an apartment.  Donna transformed the good bones of this apartment and created the 'wow factor' that was needed to help it sell at top dollar."
Debra Solomon Pendleton, Lic. Assoc. R.E. Salesperson
Halstead, New York, NY
The apartment  was used primarily as a pied-a-terre and the owners decided to sell it and spend full time at their home out of state.  It had been on the market for 2 months in late Spring of last year and remained unsold. The real estate agent and the homeowners took it off the market for the slower summer months and decided to bring in a home stager for a consultation.  The owners not only listened to all of our recommendations and had us implement them, they were such a lovely couple to work with. 

After putting it on the market in September during what had become a difficult market for sellers, they accepted an offer in 51 days at 98% of asking price and couldn't have been happier as their testimonial above indicates.

Foyer Before Staging

The foyer was large but too dark, and the furniture and lighting were too traditional... 

 Foyer Area After Staging

...so we brightened it up with an updated light fixture, neutral off-white paint and updated and lighter furniture.

Living Area Before Staging

The living room also needed to be lightened and brightened and have it's more traditional furniture be replaced... 

Living Area After Staging

...so we not only painted, but we brought in furniture with cleaner lines to appeal to today's buyers.  We also created a very important dining area where none existed before.  Buyers need to know where they can dine and entertain.

Den Before Staging

The den, which could also be a second bedroom, also suffered from the same "ailments" i.e. too dark and too traditional... 

    Den Area After Staging

...so we painted out the yellow walls, brought in lighter and updated furniture and thinned out the overstuffed bookcases, creating an inviting room to relax and read or watch TV. 

Bedroom Before Staging

The bedroom had a bit too much furniture and read "grandma and grandpa sleep here".  Buyers need to feel that this could be their home...

Bedroom After Staging

....so once again we painted out the green walls and brought in tasteful and updated furnishings, however we did use their area rug which was light and bright. 

To view the entire report from Corcoran click  here.

Also, according to a StreetEasy analysis, Manhattan homes are taking the longest to sell in seven years.  Read more about this analysis here
1. Throw Pillows...

 ... do wonders for both the living room and bedroom.  Use pillows in bright contrasting colors to the couch, chair or bedding color.  Because it's important to use neutral colors on the walls and in furniture when staging a home for sale so that it appeals to the broad range of buyers, throw pillows are your opportunity to add punches of color to a room without overwhelming the space.

2. Throws...

...are also an opportunity to add a punch of color to a neutral-colored room, however more importantly, it allows the buyer to envision curling up on the couch or chair with a good book or a glass of wine, and relaxing.

3.   Colorful Fruit...

...whether real or fake, can also add pops of color to the kitchen, and make it enticing to a prospective buyer.  I use red apples, green apples, oranges, or anything with a bright color.  You can place them in a clear glass jar, in a bowl, or on a fruit stand.

4.   Orchids...

... whether real or a good fake, add a touch of elegance to any room.  You want buyers to aspire to a certain lifestyle when they view your home, and orchids portray a luxurious lifestyle.  I particularly like using them in bathrooms, either on the tub surround or the vanity. They also look great on a console table in the foyer.

5. Decorative Balls...

...of any texture, such as glass or green moss, in a bowl placed on a cocktail table, fireplace mantel or entry console table, add pop and interest.

Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
 Feng Shui Spring Cleaning Increases Your Life Energy      

Krystal Skwar, from Bustle suggests Feng Shui cleaning increases "chi" energy  or "life" energy.  Clutter can block the flow of this positive energy, which can create stress and unhappiness.  Cleaning your environment can optimize the way you feel and give you a fresh start. 

To do this, take everything out of the cabinets, survey what you have, and  get rid of stuff you don't use . Throw away spoiled food and condiments, and donate food that you have not used in six months or longer. The purpose is to create space. Think about bringing whole foods, live plants, and potted herbs into the kitchen. The more "alive" the kitchen is, the healthier you will feel.

Use orange-infused vinegar for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens

This isn't exactly feng shui, but I love how  this easy-to-make natural cleanser  smells, and the fact that it is non-toxic makes me happier about wiping down surfaces. Even though vinegar is not inherently feng shui, it is very feng shui to completely clear off and wipe down all counters and surfaces, removing anything that can create stagnant energy - like grimy counters and moldy kitchens. Then, when you put everything back, put it away in cabinets. Keep surfaces clear of clutter.

While cleaning the bathroom, think clean lines, use a tea tree oil candle, and add air-purifying plants

Bathrooms should be  clean, spare, relaxing, and all about purification . Remove any unneeded objects, including those half-empty bottles of conditioner you never use, then scrub it down with that orange-infused vinegar stuff. I also loved using a tea tree oil candle because  it purifies and detoxifies the air , as do plants.  Succulents are a great option  for bathrooms because they hardly need any water - and they work hard to clean the air.

To read more about Feng Shui Tips, click  here!
                             Market Overview: The East End

The Most Expensive Street in the Hamptons Had a $15M Median Home Sale Price in 2018 

To find out which street that was and other priciest streets in the Hamptons, click here!

We have switched to a quarterly update of market conditions on the East End. Our next quarterly analysis will appear in the April issue. 
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