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We decided to take a break from our monthly newsletter for the summer, and instead issue just a Summer Edition.  Believe it or not, we have been busy with stagings despite the usual slowdown in listings in Manhattan in the summer when everyone departs the city for the weekend. 

Our Staging Success Story this month is the quick and very profitable sale of a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment at 1025 Fifth Avenue, across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park.  

As a result of the combination of the owner's willingness to remove the taste-specific furnishings and our staging expertise, the owner 
accepted an offer at 12% over the asking price in just 23 days after going on the market!

See the Before and After photos below. 

Warm Regards, 

Do nna M. Dazzo, President
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Testimonial of the Month
Featured Staging: Staged & "Sold" in 23 Days at 12% over Ask!
Market Overview: New York, NY
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: How To Make Your Rooms Feel Lighter and Brighter!
Did You Know...? Free & Fun Things to Do This Summer!!
Market Overview: The East End
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" This was the 3rd time this year that sellers of mine recognized on their own that their apartment needed the help of a stager and who better to do this job than Donna! With this apartment the sellers wanted Donna to have a blank canvas so with the exception of some art pieces they moved all their furniture out. And the end result was so fabulous, that it resulted in us securing about 12% over the asking in just a few days. "

Corcoran - New York, NY
Staging Success Story:
Staged and "Sold" in 23 Days 
at 12% Over Asking Price!!
This estate apartment at 1025 Fifth Avenue had  some beautiful original artwork that we used in the staging, however it was mostly filled with dark and taste specific furniture and rugs.  The heirs were willing to remove whatever we felt would not work to present this apartment as youthful and light and bright.  

They could not be happier.  As a result of their efforts and our staging, they received multiple bids and accepted an offer at 12% over the asking price in just 23 days!

Dining/Living Area Before Staging

 Dining/Living Area After Staging

Dining Area/Entryway Before Staging

Dining/Entryway After Staging
Den Before Staging

Den After Staging

Before Staging

   Kitchen After Staging

Master Bedroom Before Staging

Master Bedroom After Staging

To view the entire report click   here.
Tips and Tricks of the Trade: 
How To Make Your Rooms Feel Lighter and Brighter!

 Image Credit:  2LG Studio
If looking to brighten a room, natural lighting is always a great asset. Houzz contributor Lucy Searle has put together some tricks that will make it seem so easy, you'll wonder why you never tried them before!! 

1. Make the Most of Skylights
Image Credit: Joe Cowen Architects

Natural light coming from above is brighter than that coming from conventional windows, so if there's an opportunity to install a skylight or light tube in a room, don't hesitate. Then maximize the light with surfaces (such as cabinet doors and countertops) in pale colors and a medium sheen. 

2. Use the Right Window Treatment in the Right Color

Image Credit: California Shutters

You can boost your light level and make your room feel sunnier. First things first: Abandon thoughts of bulky curtains, unless you can pull them right past the window frame and over the wall. Ditch Roman shades too - they block valuable light from the top part of the window. 

Shutters are a fabulous choice, but pick ones in a pale or warm color, so the daylight that filters through glows.

3. Paint the Floor White

It's no secret that a white ceiling makes a room seem higher, while white walls make it feel larger. Add a white floor to that equation to maximize the lightening, brightening effect. 

On a budget? White-painted floorboards are an affordable option, plus the lines of the boards add pleasing texture and create a space-stretching visual effect. 

If you choose a floor paint in a medium sheen, the floor will reflect lots of light and be relatively easy to keep clean.

4. Choose Reflective Materials

Similarly, choosing furniture and built-ins in mirrored glass or a high-gloss metal helps bounce lots of lovely light around (though, in already bright rooms, be aware of the aforementioned fingerprint issue). 

Such furniture's light-reflecting qualities also give you the freedom to introduce moodier shades elsewhere in the room without compromising the light level.

5. Position Mirrors Strategically
Image Credit: Bruce Bierman Design

You can increase the light level in even the brightest of rooms with floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall mirrors. The best place to put them to bounce light around and create a space-enhancing effect is on an adjacent, rather than opposite, wall to the window.

For more tips, read the entire article click  here!
Didyouknow    Did You Know.....? 
   Free & Fun Things to Do This Summer!!
Enjoying summer on a budget is entirely feasible with this list of fun activities compiled by Apartment Therapy contributor Adrienne Breaux. Whether you're looking for fun just outside your front door, or while you're traveling abroad, this list offers some tidbit of fun for just about everyone!

When you crave the outdoors or an adventure:

Find or make a walking tour of a city
A quick Google search on most large cities will yield walking tours of particularly charming local architecture in neighborhoods. If you can't find one, search for interesting destinations within walking distance of each other and craft your own (yes, bars and restaurants totally count as interesting destinations).

Go for a hike -- anywhere
Walking is free, and walking in nature, freeing. In Japan, they have something called a Shinrin-yoku,  which is a "forest bathing trip," or a quick walk in the woods. Take as many of these as you can. Depending on where you live, you might have to drive or pay park fees (which admittedly aren't free), but look for a little spot of nature (any type of nature, doesn't have to be a forest) that you can amble in that's closer to your home.

Borrow a kayak or canoe to paddle your way around a local waterway
Have friends who own their own kayaks or canoes? Offer to pet or house sit for them for their next trip in exchange for borrowing their gear. But also do an online search for free kayaking in your city; some larger cities offer days where you can rent for free (or nearly free).

Indulge in a free museum day
Check to see if any museums offer free days a week or a month and go early to enjoy art and culture for free.

When the weather is too hot or rainy:

Head to the Library for fun
The library will always be a reliable place for free fun. Along with looking for great new books to read, there's always the magazine section where you can page through magazines you'd never buy yourself (but love reading nonetheless). But also check to see if your local library has free activities like kid's storytimes or wine tasting book clubs.

           Write letter or postcards     
Grab your best stationary (or make your own DIY kind, first) and send some dear friends some correspondence. I love slipping pressed flowers from my yard to friends to send a piece of my home to them.      

Throw a clothes, food or entertainment swap
Another one of those ideas that's free to do and potentially profitable! You can throw a clothes swap, or you can swap craft supplies, entertainment like books and DVDs or even handmade food. It doesn't have to be fancy or formal; just grab your closest friends and tell them to declutter some stuff they don't want anymore.

Attend a book reading
Check your local bookstores to see if they have any book readings with free attendance. You could hear a favorite author in person or discover a new favorite!
For more free and fun activities,  click here!
The following is a comparison of  Second Quarter 2018 vs.  Second Quarter 2017, according to Town and Country Real Estate's Quarterly report for The Hamptons and North Fork.  

To read the entire report, click here!
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