Staging Your Home for a Faster Sale and More Money

This room was too cluttered.


By removing excess items and rearranging the room, this bedroom shows much better.
Staging your home is Marketing 101. You want your house to stand out from everyone else's. Staged homes sell faster and for more money. So consider the small expense of staging to be an investment, not a cost. Many realtors stage homes for their clients by suggesting that they repaint, remove window treatments, and get rid of clutter. Effective staging, however, involves much more than that. It's selecting the right "props," getting rid of furniture and other items that make the space look cluttered and smaller. It's also about adding finishing touches that produce an appealing look and creating focal points in the main living areas.
A properly staged home shows the home's possibilities and potential, creates an inviting
space to inspire potential buyers, and  generates a mood befitting the home (inside and outside).

Remember... First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Potential buyers will size up your home before they even enter. If your home lacks curb appeal, many prospective buyers will reject it without looking further or will try to low ball you on price. Here are a few tips to turn browsers into buyers:

* Paint the house if paint is peeling or looking dull.
* Display easy-to-read house numbers.
* Mow the lawn and trim the shrubs.
* Wash the windows.
* Power wash siding and walkways.
* Make any repairs that make the outside of the house look unappealing.
* Be sure the doorbell works.
* Select a doormat that compliments the architecture and color of your house. (One that
  says "Welcome" works, but monograms and team doormats don't).
* Remove garbage bins and anything else that may be unsightly. (As obvious as that
sounds. (I've seen that many times.)

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