Used Stainless Paddle Mixers 

Complete With Controls | 316 Grade Stainless Steel

(2) Stainless Steel 10 cubic feet Paddle Mixers, manufactured by Heinzen (HMI), Model Paddle Blender-AIM, 316 stainless steel construction, serial numbers 010-321-316S-FG-PD-1511-3V and 010-322-316S-FG-PD-1511-3V. Trough measures 42" long X 21" wide X 27" deep with 24" long X 6" wide Bomb-Bay discharge, 30" discharge height. Paddles measure 9" long X 2" wide X 1/4" thick. Driven by 3 HP, 230/460V, 3/60Hz, 1730 RPM motor. Complete with modern control panel including Allen Bradley PowerFlex 523 variable frequency drive. Includes controls for start/stop, discharge valve open/close and grate closed indicator light. Never put into full production and in like-new condition.

Paddle Mixers In Stock:

S540675 Mixer, Paddle, 285 CF, C/st, 4' x 20 x 5', Less Drive, (2)
S742285 Mixer, Paddle, 120 CF, S/st, APV, Jkt, Cooker, Scraper,
S739453 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, C/st, Marion, 30 HP, S739453
S739452 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, C/st, Marion, 30 HP, S739452
S739451 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, C/st, Marion, 30 HP, S739451
S737860 Mixer, Paddle, 100 CF, S/st, C/st, Jkt, Continuous, (2)
S739415 Mixer, Paddle, 60 CF, C/st, Marion, 20 HP,
C739780 Mixer, Paddle, 35 CF, C/st, 15 HP
S739356 Mixer, Paddle, 30 CF, S/st, Grace, Size 12, 3 HP, S739356
S739355 Mixer, Paddle, 27 CF, S/st, 5 HP 36 x 36 x 40
S740577 Mixer, Paddle, 26.5 CF, S/st, Forberg, Mdl F-750XE, 30 HP
S545458 Mixer, Paddle, 25 CF, C/st, Epoxy Lined,
S740968 Mixer, Paddle, 20 CF, S/st, Hydraulic,
S741314 Mixer, Paddle, 20 CF, S/st, Jkt, John Lentz, Less Motor
S741380 Mixer, Paddle, 15 CF, Marion, C/st, 5 HP
C742302 Mixer, Paddle, 10 CF, 316 S/st, HMI, 3 HP, (2)
S738115 Mixer, Paddle, 10 CF, C/st, Marion, 10 HP,
C741143 Mixer, Paddle, 7.5 CF, S/st, AFECO, Dual Shaft, Meat,
S741041 Mixer, Paddle, 6.5 CF, S/st, 5 HP,
S741371 Mixer, Paddle, 5 CF, S/st, Leland, Mdl 200DA, Tilt,
S741742 Mixer, Paddle, 5 CF, Winkworth, Mdl RT80, Plow Mixer,
C740472 Mixer, Paddle, 4.3 CF, S/st, Forberg, Paul O Abbe, AFD-120
S737965 Mixer, Paddle, Lab, S/st, 1.5 HP,
S736947 Mixer, Paddle, Meat, S/st, With Grinder


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