Stainless Steel Mixers Available 

Ribbon, Paddle, High Shear, Sigma, Dispersion types & more...

Double ribbon mixer,  new, 25 CF working capacity, heavy duty model, polished 304 stainless steel contacts, trough measures 58" long x 29" wide x 32" deep, with mirror interior finish, 4mm shell thickness. Includes hinged cover with backrest and safety grate. 3" solid stainless steel shaft, 50mm wide x 10mm thick ribbons. Mixer is driven by 15 HP, gearhead washdown motor thru rollerchain. 
(2) Paddle mixers, 316 stainless steel, 10 cubic feet, manufactured by Heinzen (HMI). Trough measures 42" long X 21" wide X 27" deep with 24" long X 6" wide Bomb-Bay discharge, 30" discharge height. Paddles measure 9" long X 2" wide X 1/4" thick. Driven by 3 HP, 230/460V, 3/60Hz, 1730 RPM motor. Complete with control panel. Never put into full production and in like-new condition.
Ross In-Line Mixer, Series 400, Model HSM 401SC2, 316 Stainless Steel. Rated 66 gallon per minute (water). Non-jacketed chamber approximately 3-1/2" diameter x 2-1/2" deep, rotor approximately 3-7/16" diameter, slotted stator approximately 2-1/2" diameter. 1-1/2" Tri-clamp inlet/outlet. Driven by 2 hp stainless steel wash down motor. Includes mechanical seal with lubricator, and an AC Tech MC Series intelligent drive. Mounted on a stainless steel base with casters.
Sigma mixer, vacuum drying, manufactured by Aaron Process, all stainless steel construction, 200 gallon working capacity. All parts are insulated and sheathed with 304 S/st and polished to 150 - 180 grit finish. ASME code constructed. Mixing chamber measures 48" x 40" x 44" deep and includes (2) 6" diameter flanged discharges. Previously used in clean room type environment. Complete with control panel and unitized on heavy duty frame.  System is in very good condition.

Ribbon Mixers:

S741826 Mixer, Ribbon, 100 CF, S/st, No Motor,
S742358 Mixer, Ribbon, 50 CF, 304 S/st, Sanitary, Used
C741786 Mixer, Ribbon, 45 CF, S/st, 10 HP, Jkt, Dbl,
S741659 Mixer, Ribbon, 25 CF, 304 S/st, 15 HP, New, HD, S741659
S741925 Mixer, Ribbon, 10 CF, 304 S/st, 5 HP, New, Std, S741925
S741657 Mixer, Ribbon, 5 CF, 304 S/st, 3 HP, New, Std, S741657

Dispersion Mixers:

C741862 Mixer, Dispersion, 30 HP, S/st, Hockmeyer, 200 Gallon, Jkt,
S741048 Mixer, Dispersion, 15 HP, S/st, Myers, XP Motor,
S741035 Mixer, Dispersion, 10 HP, S/st, Big H
S741343 Mixer, Dispersion, 10 HP, S/st, Morehouse Cowles

High Shear Mixers:

A742020 Mixer, High Shear, HAAS Mondomix, Aerator, S/st,
S740783 Mixer, High Shear, Ross, Mdl HSM 401SC2, 316 S/St, 2 HP
S741985 Mixer, High Shear, Scott Turbon, 25 HP, S/st, TM5A-25XP, (6)

Paddle Mixers:

C742302 Mixer, Paddle, 10 CF, 316 S/st, HMI, 3 HP, (2)
S742285 Mixer, Paddle, 120 CF, S/st, APV, Jkt, Cooker, Scraper,

Sigma Mixers:

C740876 Mixer, Sigma, 200 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, 200 PSI, 125 HP,
C741144 Mixer, Sigma, 1.5 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Vac, Battaggion,

Litteford Mixers:

C741900 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-4200-D, S/st, Choppers, 150 HP, (2)


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