Stainless Steel Mixers

Ribbon, Paddle, Sigma, Conical, High Shear types & more...

Stainless steel double ribbon mixer, 50 CF working capacity, polished 304 stainless steel contacts, trough measures 78" long x 36" wide x 39". Includes 2-piece hinged cover with backrest and safety grates. 4-1/2" solid stainless steel shaft, 50mm wide x 12mm thick outer ribbon, 65mm wide x 10mm thick inner ribbon, 36 RPM ribbon speed. Mixer is driven by 20 HP, gearhead motor. Previously used at nutraceutical manufacturing facility. Very good condition.

Conical Mixers:
S741478 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, Gemco, S/st, Slant Cone, S/st Stand
S741476 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, Gemco, S/st, Slant Cone, 25 HP,
S741477 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, S/st, Slant Cone, 25 HP,
S741479 Mixer, Conical, 250 CF, Tolan, S/st, Slant Cone, 25 HP,
S741455 Mixer, Conical, 100 CF, Gemco, 304 S/st, 7.5 HP, (2)
S738049 Mixer, Conical, 40 CF, S/st, 7.5 HP
S733657 Mixer, Conical, 40 CF, S/st, Less Drive

Dough Mixers:

S741523 Mixer, Dough, Dalton, Bowl, S/st, Shinagawa, 7.5 HP, Dumper,
S741136 Mixer, Dough, Nova, 30 lb, Mdl 30L, S/st, 1 HP,
S740471 Mixer, Dough, Spiral, 265 lb, Kemper SP-75, S/st

Henschel Mixers:

A741069 Mixer, Hi-Intensity, Henschel, 500 Liter, S/st, (2)
S734729 Mixer, Hi-intensity, Henschel, 1 Gallon, S/st, Mdl FM10lB
C738038 Mixer, Hi-intensity, Henschel, S/st, Jkt, 150 PSI, 50/25 HP,

High Shear Mixers:

S735056 Mixer, High Shear, 5 HP, Ross, MDVC-4, Jkt, Agit, S/st,
S534867 Mixer, High Shear, Inline, APV, 30 HP, S/st
S740785 Mixer, High Shear, Granulator, Key, KG-5, 316 S/st, 1 HP
S737364 Mixer, High Shear, Inline, Westfalia, S/st, 2 In/out,
S740783 Mixer, High Shear, Ross, Mdl HSM 401SC2, 316 S/St, 2 HP

Nauta Mixers:

S736259 Mixer, Nauta, 35 CF, JH Day Style, S/st, 10 HP
S736258 Mixer, Nauta, 34 CF, Mauri Eng, S/st, Mdl MBX-010, 7.5 HP
S736325 Mixer, Nauta, 25 CF, S/st, 48 Dia. X 72 Deep,
S736324 Mixer, Nauta, 3.5 CF, Shinkou Pantec, S/st, SV Mixer,

Paddle Mixers:

S739356 Mixer, Paddle, 30 CF, S/st, Grace, size 12, 3 HP
S739355 Mixer, Paddle, 27 CF, S/st, 5 HP 36 x 36 x 40
S740577 Mixer, Paddle, 26.5 CF, S/st, Forberg, Mdl F-750XE, 30 HP
S740968 Mixer, Paddle, 20 CF, S/st, Hydraulic,
S741314 Mixer, Paddle, 20 CF, S/st, Jkt, John Lentz, Less Motor
C741143 Mixer, Paddle, 7.5 CF, S/st, Dual Shaft, Meat,
S741041 Mixer, Paddle, 6.5 CF, S/st, 5 HP,
S741371 Mixer, Paddle, 5 CF, S/st, Leland, Mdl 200DA, Tilt,
S741543 Mixer, Paddle, 4.5 CF, 304 S/st, Dbl, 220 Lbs, Tilt, Leland
C740472 Mixer, Paddle, 4.3 CF, S/st, Forberg, Paul O Abbe, AFD-120

Ribbon Mixers:

S741538 Mixer, Ribbon, 50 CF, 304 S/st, 20 HP, Double, Sanitary
S741437 Mixer, Ribbon, 20 CF, S/st, Double Ribbon, 24 x 46,
S739489 Mixer, Ribbon, 20 CF, S/st, Single ribbon, 84 x 18 x 22
S741060 Mixer, Ribbon, 17 CF, S/st, 9kw/12 HP, Jiangyin
S741410 Mixer, Ribbon, 15 CF, S/st, Double Ribbon,
S741254 Mixer, Ribbon, 10 CF, S/st, 5 HP, Butcher Boy
S737859 Mixer, Ribbon, 1 CF, 304 S/st, 1 HP, New, Std, S737859
S739678 Mixer, Ribbon, 1 CF, 304 S/st, 1 HP, New, Std, S739678
S738978 Mixer, Ribbon, 1 CF, 304 S/st, 1 HP, New, Std, Liquid,
S741010 Mixer, Ribbon, 1 CF, S/st, JH Day, 1/2 HP, Portable,

Sigma Mixers:

S548500 Mixer, Sigma, 300 Gallon, S/st, Moriyama, 200 HP, Jkt,
C740876 Mixer, Sigma, 200 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, 200 PSI, 125 HP,
S553825 Mixer, Sigma, 1/2 Gallon, S/st, Baker Perkins, 2 HP, Jkt,
C741144 Mixer, Sigma, 1.5 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Vac, Battaggion,

V-Type Mixers:

S741446 Mixer, V-Type, 100 CF, Patterson Kelley, 316 S/st
S741447 Mixer, V-Type, 50 CF, Patterson Kelley, 304 S/st
S740400 Mixer, V-Type, 30 CF, S/st, Patterson Kelley, 3 Hp
S737486 Mixer, V-Type, 16 Qt, S/st-Teflon, PK, Bar, 0.5 HP, 110 Volt
S740041 Mixer, V-Type, 1 CF, S/st, Patterson Kelley, Int. Bar,

Miscellaneous Stainless Mixers:

S741155 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-600, S/st, 30 HP, 22 Cu. Ft.,
S740981 Mixer, Oakes, Slurry, S/st, 90 Gallon,
S739975 Mixer, Planetary, Ross, 2 Gallon, LDM-2, Double, S/st
S740142 Mixer, Turbon, S/st, 12 x 24, 1 HP, Scott


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