2016 501F Users Group: Issue 1
Stall and surge-a primer
Axial-flow compressors are used in the majority of large gas turbines, both in powerplants and aircraft jet engines. Over the last 75 years these compressors have been improved continuously, Lee S Langston, professor emeritus, UConn, told the editors, today achieving component efficiencies of more than 90%. However, no matter how advanced, they must be carefully controlled in their operation to avoid the power-robbing effects of stall and the convulsive effects of complete flow reversal, brought about by surge.  more
New player for servicing, upgrading Siemens gas turbines packs punch: Hint, it's GE
A defining moment for gas-turbine users occurred during the Siemens F-class roundtable at the recent CTOTF Fall Turbine Forum in Rancho Mirage, Calif, when Rich Wallen of Oglethorpe Power Corp, who chairs the session, introduced a company new to the market of services, parts, mods, and upgrades for Siemens units: GE Power. Readers may recall that the GE acquisition of Alstom included PSM which was then sold to Ansaldo Energia to satisfy regulatory requirements. In the process, GE retained intellectual property from PSM on non-GE technology, which brings us to this point. more 
Upcoming 501F Users Group meeting content rich, not to miss. Vendor reg open
 Owner/operators of Siemens 501F gas turbines had the opportunity to learn about the OEM's products, services, and upgrades for their engines at the recent Siemens Customer Conference on F, G, and H Technology (September 18-22, Orlando). Early next year they can see what approximately 100 of the other companies serving this fleet have to offer by attending the independent 501F Users Group's annual conference at the Peppermill Reno (Nev), February 19-23. more 
Checklist: Apply these best practices for control-system lifecycle care
You want to believe the lifecycle care program purchased with your control systems transfers most of the risk to your OEM. After all, much like an insurance policy, you're paying for protection against technological obsolescence and maintenance issues. But the reality, as illustrated here through one utility's experience, is that successful implementation requires considerable owner/operator-OEM interaction and oversight.  more  
Safety best practices: A can't miss topic at user-group meetings
F-class users have been the lifeblood of CCJ's Best Practices Awards program since its inception more than a decade ago. Their safety best practices have been particularly noteworthy. To illustrate: The following submittals by plants powered by 501F gas turbines were published in CCJ and CCJ ON site.... more 

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