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Diamo Blue - Welcome to the US!
Global Perspective on Dressage Breeding
Uno Don Diego's Headline-Making Offspring
8 Steps for Breeding Your Mare (theHorse)
2 New Stallion Stories!
In Memoriam: Anissa Cottongim, Deb Symes, Charmaine Bergman
Mare Gestation Calculator
New Stallions!
Warmblood Stallions of North America has added quite a few new stallions in the past several months. Some are new to North America, and some are North-America born and bred! Some are proven sires and some are still offering introductory pricing. There are jumper sires and dressage stallions, hunters and eventers - and we've welcomed a couple of new pony stallions.

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Diamo Blue: New Owner in US!
by Diarado (Diamant de Semilly) x Chacco-Blue

Diamo Blue left his home in Canada for warm California skies! Previously owned by W Charlot Farm, he was welcomed in March by his new owner, Ryan Pedigo, of Ryan Pedigo Hanoverians.

Diamo Blue is a 10-year-old, Elite, fully-approved Oldenburg stallion with a well-respected jumping pedigree (Diarado/Chacco-Blue/Landadel), a successful show record, and noted success as a sire.

New owner Ryan Pedigo has this to say: "Diamo Blue is truly a once in a lifetime horse for me; he’s everything I have dreamed of in both a breeding and performance stallion."

W Charlot Farm posted the following on Facebook: “We would like to congratulate Ryan Pedigo Hanovarions on the purchase of Diamo Blue. This wonderful stallion will be continuing his exciting career in California, not only in the show ring but also as a breeding stallion. We know he will be very successful and enjoying the warmer weather.” W Charlot will honor existing breeding contracts - contact the farm.

Warmblood Stallions of North America would like to congratulate both parties and wish Diamo Blue all success in his new home!

New Article from theHorseMagazine
Global Perspective on Dressage Breeding
Nobody can present a global perspective like Christopher Hector from theHorseMagazine.com. Chris, author of the impressive reference book The Making of the Modern Warmblood, has shared a talk he gave in 2010 in Warendorf, Germany. It's really a history of dressage breeding - and a wonderful read. One of the comments was, "One of the great equestrian journalists writing on his passion," and that sums it up.

Offspring Report
Uno Don Diego's Headline-Making Offspring

Iron Spring Farm’s stallion Uno Don Diego continues to be a sire of note, with numerous offspring making headlines over the last few months. His son Independent Little Me (shown here, photo credit: DigiShots) was honored as the 2020 KWPN Gelders Horse of the Year.

Knowledge Base
theHorse: 8 Steps for Breeding Your Mare
Foaling season has begun - are you ready for breeding season?
A recent article on theHorse.com gives mare owners a systematic set of steps to take for breeding your mare to ensure the best outcome. As the article says:
"Sperm, meet ovum. If breeding horses were as simple as that, we wouldn’t have an entire branch of the veterinary profession devoted to equine reproduction."
New Stallion Stories!
We have TWO new Stallion Stories on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com! Learn more about these stallions, both of them new to WSNA in 2020. Stallion Stories are the "at home" back stories of the stallions' success.

Bingotti is a 2010 stallion who earned his recognition through performance, and has come on the breeding scene recently as a successful competitor at FEI dressage. He is owned by Kathleen and Don Swalwell. Kathy says, “He is the horse of a lifetime and I’m proud and honored to say that God blessed me with his mother, Wolkenfee, and him.” His first foals are expected this spring.

Pax Asgard af Pegasus

Looking for dramatic color in a warmblood body? Meet Pax Asgard af Pegasus, a 2016 Knabstrupper owned by Renée and Allen Tucci of Murder Hollow, in Pennsylvania. “We were specifically looking for a taller Sporthorse Knabstrupper that was going to produce well-mannered and nice-moving foals with color." Pax - shown here playing with a buddy as a yearling - fit the bill perfectly. He is now 5, in training, and guaranteed to sire color when bred to a solid warmblood mare.

In Memoriam
The world lost three sport horse breeders in January and February, three of the "good ones" we are so saddened to see go, two of them in their early 50s.
Anissa Cottongim
The Cottongim family announced the passing of Anissa in January at the age of 51, after a courageous battle with cancer.

"Anissa grew up in Europe and later attended a German university for a year. She fell in love with the Trakehner horses she rode while in Germany, and went on to become a breeder of some renown.

"For Anissa, it was the thrill of her life to own a spectacular, upper-level competing Trakehner stallion born on her farm and approved in both Germany and North America. She took immense pride in all of the foals sired by her stallion, and especially in her homebred foals, including one competing with an upper-level rider at advanced horse trials. She was unselfish in helping others with their breeding programs and devoted countless hours as a volunteer to the American Trakehner Association to ensure the breed would flourish in North America.

"With the lasting bonds she built among her equestrian, child welfare, and military family communities, Anissa was loved by people literally around the world."

Debra Symes
Thelma and Louise Sporthorses recently announced the sudden passing of breeder Debra Lynn Symes, who was “Thelma," on January 23. She was 52. Thelma and Louise Sporthorses, of southern Alberta, Canada, was a partnership begun in 2011 between Deb and Dr. Heather Smith ("Louise"). They pooled the resources of their separate breeding farms to successfully market their horses - and enjoy their friendship along the way. They travelled to the East Coast and to Germany together in pursuit of breeding knowledge, and even got matching Hanoverian tattoos.

"Deb was passionate about horses and was an accomplished rider, trainer and breeder of horses and mules. For the past 10 years, she has been employed at Buffalo Head Vet Clinic with her dearest friend & partner Heather Smith in Taber. Deb was a world traveler, full of life, and a jack-of-all-trades; there was nothing she couldn’t do."

Charmaine Bergman
Knowledge Base
Mare Gestation Calculator
Don't forget that theHorse.com has a useful calculator to figure your mare's foaling date. For a link, click here.
Anna Goebel
Warmblood Stallions of North America

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