November 28,  2018
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Stand together with us this week to demand accountability from the County Sheriff.  Call your supervisor, and join us at the Board of Supervisor's meeting on Tuesday, December 4. See more information below.

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Stand Together for Accountability and Transparency from the Sheriff!
As a faith community we believe that every life is sacred. It is our moral duty to ensure that when law enforcement is entrusted with deadly force for the purpose of protecting and serving the people of Sacramento, law enforcement is also accountable for the use of deadly force. No one is above the law and no one is above accountability, including the County Sheriff's department.
It is time to stand together to demand Independent Oversight of Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. Independent oversight supports accountability and transparency which are essential to building trust between community and law enforcement.
On Tuesday, December 4th our County Board of Supervisors will make a decision on the oversight of the County Sheriff by the Office of the Inspector General. Sacramento ACT will be at this meeting along with many concerned community leaders.
We urge you to join to do two things:
If you are able, please join us at this meeting on Tuesday, December 4. There will be a press conference at 1 pm and we will gather before the meeting at 1:30 pm at 700 H Street.

Whether or not you can come to the meeting, please contact your county supervisor!  
Tell them that you support a strong, independent Inspector General to ensure transparency of the Sheriff's department

Call your Supervisor's Office at the number below.

Contact Ryan McClinton at 916-267-8398 or
for more information.

Tear Gassing Families at the Border
On Sunday November 25, US Border Patrol agents fired tear gas and rubber bullets at unarmed, defenseless mothers, fathers, and children desperate to be united with families in the US, who have spent months risking their lives on foot to reach the border.

The images and stories evoke memories of the atrocities committed against our relatives in Ferguson who were also crying out for their lives.

We are mindful that many great prophets from our faith traditions were migrants fleeing violence and/or seeking better lives: from the Prophet Mohammed to Abraham to Moses to Jesus. What Border Patrol, ICE, Trump do to migrants, they do to ALL of us, especially the most vulnerable amongst us.

We will be monitoring the situation and coordinating with our allies at the border in San Diego and in Tijuana.
What is "Public Charge"?
In a proposed  new rule, known as "public charge"-- striking in scope and rooted in a history of xenophobia and racism -- the administration announced that immigrants who utilize virtually all public benefits risk jeopardizing their ability to stay in the country.  If adopted the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will take into account a number of additional factors in considering applications for immigration visas (like work visas or family-based visas) or green cards (permanent residency).
The proposed rule is unprecedented in the history of the country. The Migration Policy Institute predicts millions of immigrants could be affected.  Also, by including programs like Medicaid and food stamps, which are much wider in scope, it would more likely hit working people - the majority of people on Medicaid are themselves employed, and almost 80 percent live in families with at least one working member.  Read more here.

Upcoming LOC Meetings
Education, C ontact Tere Flores at 916-267-9087 or for location and more information on September meeting

Environmental Justice, First Wednesdays, at 7pm at Unitarian Universalist Society of Sacramento, Newcomers Orientation at 6:30 pm, contact Gabby Trejo at for more information

Homelessness & Housing, 3rd Fridays,10 am to 12 pm, contact Carlos Montes-Ponce at 916-272-5119 or  for location and more information

Immigration, C ontact Carlos Montes-Ponce at or 916-272-5119  for location and more information

Live Free, Third Thursdays, 6:30 pm, contact Ryan McClinton at 916-267-8398 or for location and more information

Reinvestment, 1st and 3rd Thursday  at 2:30,  contact Ryan McClinton at 916-267-8398 or  for location and more information

Youth Justice, every other Thursday, 5 pm to 7 pm, contact Tere Flores at  916-267-9087 or for location and more information
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