Stand With Us.

The anger and suffering we are witnessing as a nation reckoning with centuries of systemic racism that has destroyed communities, families and individuals has been building for a long time. Our families are tired of being marginalized, fearful, and hopeless. They are tired of suppressing their anguish at the racial and social injustices they face every day.

Buffalo Prep stands with the Black Lives Matter movement, our scholars, alumni and families. Each day we strive to be an anti-racist organization that fosters racial and educational equity. We believe the system isn’t broken; it was built this way and we are committed to helping rebuild it.

We must all do more. We must all be better. We must all work together to break down the systems and policies that have led to the pain we are witnessing today. We must use our power to vote for leaders in our local, state and federal government who value the voices of our students of color, ensure their safety, and demand an equitable education for every child.  

As a community we must acknowledge the fact that our scholars face systemic and symbolic oppression and violence. Buffalo Prep views educational equity as social justice work, and we cannot let this momentous time in our nation lose its urgency. It is more critical than ever that we make sure our young people are fostered as authentic individuals with the access and opportunities to go to college, pursue their goals, and become active democratic citizens as the next generation of leaders.  

Our staff and faculty, board of directors and committee members are deeply committed to fighting alongside our students and families. We will continue to listen and amplify our scholars’ voices, provide trainings and programs to educate our stakeholders and supporters and fight for our scholars’ right for an education that honors their dignity and promotes their excellence.

You can make a difference today. You can be an ally. Start with listening to the voices in our community, educating yourself on these vital issues and continuously challenging your biases.

Scholars, we stand with you. We are here for you and we believe in you. And we believe in our collective power to change the world.

Join us today. Show your support of the Black Lives Matter movement and that you stand with our scholars by sharing a photo of your peaceful protest. You can email your photo to be shared on Buffalo Prep’s social media to
Patti L. Stephen
Robert G. Wilmers Endowed Executive Director