Update - August, 2020 
Help Clean Our Air & Fight Climate Change!   
Join thousands of others in taking online action on Clean Air Day October 7. 

I believe that clean, safe, healthy air is a right. No one should have to live, work or play in air that is unhealthy to breathe.

And as many of you know, I am also deeply committed to fighting climate change, one of our most serious global threats, with impacts to health, the economy, and nature.

Clean Air Day, which is on October 7, is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to take action for both of these at one time, with an online pledge.

As Co-Chair of Bay Area Clean Air Day, I'm asking that you take the pledge by going to the Clean Air Day website and follow the prompts.

The pledge includes a variety of straight-forward actions people can take to improve air quality and decrease climate-changing carbon emissions. Some are simple, such as planting an indoor plant or not eating meat for one day and some are more involved, such as swapping out your gas car for an electric model -- just like I did!

When doing activities, please remember to follow all COVD-19 prevention measures such as wearing a face covering and maintaining social distance.

There are pledges for everyone, with special activities for kids, and for businesses, organizations or groups.

Actions such as these are only one part of advocating for clean air. We must also support regulations to cut emissions from industry and support policies committing to clean energy.

I'm honored to further this work as a member of the  California Air Resources Board, and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District board.

Clean Air Day, a statewide event organized by the Coalition for Clean Air, is a call to action! Let's all take the pledge to do our part for our collective health and our planet.

Please join me by taking a pledge for clean air on October 7!

John Gioia
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Contra Costa County 
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