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Education for Humankind
We can never truly know what it's like to live someone else's experience. So it can be problematic when we try and get it not quite right. That's why it's so important we work together and share the journey with others. It's as much about kindness as it is about doing the right thing.

This weekend we celebrate Father's Day, and as a parent and the president of Acadia, I find myself thinking about young people and our collective future. June is a designated time to celebrate Accessibility, Indigenous Peoples, and Pride. But June 2020 also had society reeling in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing and the continuation of inconceivable acts of racialized violence.

Acadia shared a statement of solidarity, like other institutions, and while increased consciousness is good, our support does not stop there. We are committed to being allies and working with our partners like VANSDA and the Glooscap First Nation so that everyone is valued equally in the Acadia community and beyond.

I attended a rally and teach-in at Willow Park this week. I am so proud of the Black Students Association for their involvement in the Stand with Black Lives Wolfville event. It was a time for me to listen. I heard emotional speeches and personal reflections, hard-hitting questions, and honest answers. It was a powerful learning experience for all who attended, including me. I am grateful for the opportunity, and hopeful for the future when I see their leadership and our community response to Black Lives Matter.

I encourage each of us to be an ally, to stand with our friends, neighbours, and especially strangers in their respective fights for fairness and equality. To listen, and to act. Higher education is far from perfect and has a long way to go in this journey, but diversity, inclusion, and equity were part of our founding and are reaffirmed in our Strategic Plan for our future.

I hope you will join me in learning more by following organizers and associations that are helping make our future brighter. The silver lining in the COVID-19 health crisis is perhaps the light it is shining on inequalities in society. The time is now to change our course for the better.



Dr. Peter Ricketts
President and Vice-Chancellor
Stand for Black Lives
Acadia students organized a March in Wolfville on June 2, 2020, to show solidarity against the brutalization of black and brown women, men, and children.

The event was organized by Sara Habte Michael, Afnan Farooqui, Soyini Edwards, and Zeynep Divanli. The video was produced by Sean Vibert.

Pride Month: celebrate and act
Pride month is a time of celebration, human connection, and remembrance of queer voices that continue to fight for justice and equality. It is also a time to act.

As a society, we face many challenges this year. The global pandemic has exposed racism and complacency inside our institutions and beyond. Because systemic racism exists, it is up to us to recognize and address this fundamental injustice together.

Acadia University joins alliance to build bioscience skills and training in Atlantic Canada
"Our vision is to train and educate the next generation of highly skilled bioscience and biotechnology professionals at Acadia by building on our relationships with colleges in the region," said Dr. Suzie Currie, Dean of Acadia's Faculty of Pure and Applied Science.

McConnell Foundation backs Maple League universities and others
Canadian universities, including Acadia, have formed a consortium to collaborate in the rapid curation, development, and deployment of digital resource materials to support common high-priority first-year university courses.

Chad Lubelsky, Program Director at the McConnell Foundation, welcomed the opportunity “The consortium project is a learning-centred, highly collaborative, innovative, and offers the prospect of long-term benefits for Canada’s universities.”

Fall planning is full steam ahead
Acadia University intends to welcome students back to campus for a COVID-19-ready Fall 2020 term with a mixed approach to teaching and learning that includes a combination of in-person, online, and remote course delivery.

Fall classes are now set to begin on September 21. Further details on changes to operational services, academic programming, and campus life are expected in late June.

Helping student-athletes amidst cancellation of fall competitions
"Our student-athletes are students first, and we will support them on every level possible," said Kevin Dickie, Executive Director of Acadia Athletics.

On June, 8, 2020, Atlantic University Sport announced the suspension of all regular conference season and postseason competition until January 2021.

Did you click?
With more of us working from home, cyber criminals are working overtime.

Did you know that millions of malicious emails are blocked by Technology Services each month?Unfortunately, 50 per cent of us who receive a phishing email open it and click on a link within the first hour of receipt. The consequences can be devastating.

Research in the time of COVID-19
Facing a historic health crisis, Acadia’s faculty recognized the pressing need for research into the transmission and prevention of COVID-19 as well as its impact on the wider community.

The faculty response to Acadia’s recent competitive call for proposals spanned departments across all four faculties and has fostered collaborations and research clusters that bring together diverse research expertise and perspectives.

Acadia 101 for future students
We have launched an Acadia 101 Webinar Series so future students can learn all about Acadia and the community.

Each session is followed with a Q&A featuring students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The Globe and Mail - A fall semester without students threatens economies in Maple League university towns

Hill Times - Does a global pandemic signal the need for adjusted approaches to Arctic research? - Dr. Mark Mallory

UBC Press - Dr. Lesley Frank publishes a book, Out of Milk; Infant Food Insecurity in a Rich Nation

Weather Network - Acadia researchers assist in development of tick repellent

Entomology Today - High adaptability allows invasive fruit fly to thrive in new environments

Herald - With COP25 attention to oceans, there is hope for coastal communities. - Dr. Peter Ricketts

With a grain of salt - Acadia alumna Veronique Russell pens an article, Celebrating Black Excellence
Strong Leadership
"An education doesn't end with an undergraduate degree; it is a lifelong activity," said Dr. Anna Redden (BSc '79, BSCH '82, MSc '86)

The latest issue of the Bulletin features our five deans who are also proud alumnae.