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Women's reproductive rights are being challenged across the country and we need to make sure that we have good elected representatives to defend our rights, as women and as Americans. Not too long ago, my own right to choose and my right to freedom of speech was met with messages of hate and violence after I shared that I chose to have an abortion when I was 16.

I shared my story to demonstrate the need for comprehensive sexual health education in Nevada, which leads the country in teen pregnancies. There were some extremists throughout the country who sought to scare me into submission and into remaining quiet about my rights, but our country was not founded on cowardice. Our country was founded on the belief that we are all created equal under the law and that we have the right to create our own destinies and pursue our own happiness.

Don’t let extremists silence our voices. Donate $500, $150, $50 or $25 today to help me continue protecting women’s rights in Nevada.

Thank you for reaching out to me with your messages of support. I will forever be grateful for the kind messages I received from throughout Nevada and our great nation.

I need your support once again. Help me demonstrate that neither death threats nor general opponent challengers will stop me from working to defend women's rights and empower our young people with medically-accurate, sexual health education.

Please consider donating - $500, $150, $50 or $25! It all makes a difference.

Gratefully yours,

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June 10, 2014
Primary Federal and State Election

November 4, 2014
General Federal and State Election

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