Stand with
women and girls.
We make bold investments that transform the lives of
Maine women and girls.

We're gearing up to make our Annual Grants! We're excited to review 24 grant proposals that will help women and girls access:

Education + Healthcare + Personal Safety +
Financial Skills & Literacy + Leadership + Public Policy

Help us fund as many as we can! Every dollar you give us is an investment in social and systems change led by and for women and girls. Our grant applicants:

  • Reach women of all ages, from elders to youth all over the State of Maine and Wabanaki communities.
  • 1/3 are led by and for Black, Indigenous and Women of Color whose leadership is in and of itself, an investment in social and systems change.
  • Allow us to invest in innovative pilot projects that could leverage other, major sources of funding.
  • Allow us to support organizations desperately in need of basic operating support.
  • Allow us to reach many different populations of women and girls facing the most overwhelming hurdles to economic security, including women and girls who identify as: Black, Indigenous, or Women of Color; survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as survivors of human trafficking; trans; using substances or in recovery; being without healthcare or food security; being paid very low incomes; as a person who is incarcerated or has been incarcerated.

We Need You. If you're as passionate as us about gender equity, please consider making a donation to our annual grantmaking.

Invest in the power of women and girls leading change!

Help us increase support for women and girls at this pivotal time.
You make it all possible.
Invest. Build. Connect.