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New Standalone Vision System to Run
Deep Learning Applications
The Cognex In-Sight D900 is a vision system powered by In-Sight ViDi software designed specifically to run deep learning applications. This embedded solution helps factory automation customers easily solve challenging OCR, assembly verification, and defect detection applications that are often too difficult to deploy with traditional, rule-based machine vision tools and require reliable, fast and consistent results not possible with human inspection. In-Sight ViDi applications are deployed on the In-Sight D900 smart camera without the need for a PC, making deep learning technology accessible to non-programmers. It uses the familiar and easy-to-use In-Sight software platform which simplifies application development and factory integration.
ViDi Read tool solves challening OCR applications in minutes
ViDi Check tool performs fast & accurate assembly verification
ViDi Detect tool analyzes complex defect detection tasks
An Autonomous 3D Bin-Picking Solution
that's Easy to Use & Fast to Deploy
ActiNav from Universal Robots is a new UR+ application kit for companies of all sizes that simplifies the integration of autonomous bin picking of parts and accurate placement in machines using UR cobots. ActiNav synchronously handles vision processing, collision-free motion planning and autonomous real-time robot control, eliminating the complexity and risk usually associated with bin picking applications.
ActiNav combines real-time autonomous motion control, collaborative robotics, vision and sensor systems in one easy to use, fast to deploy and cost-effective kit. The system requires no vision or robotic programming expertise, but is instead based on a “teach-by-demonstration” principle using a six-step, wizard-guided setup process integrated into the UR cobot teach pendant.

  • Autonomous operation: allows higher machine up-time with collision-free motion, less refilling with deep bins, and accurate part placement
  • Easy to Use: intuitive & prompt-based programming, easy system setup, and easy training
  • Fast to Deploy: scan-to-teach programming, and free spin pick
Software that Allows You to Get the
Same Flawless Finish for Every Part Surface
Automate finishing tasks the easy way by combining Robotiq Hand-E’s strong grip and IP 67 rating with the Finishing Copilot’s powerful software tools. This pairing kit ensures that your cobot offers a flawless, uniform finish over the whole part’s surface by operating with constant speed and force.
With Finishing Copilot's intuitive interface, you can operate at any expertise level, save hours of programming, and automate one of the toughest, dirtiest jobs. Some other features include:
  • Generate finishing trajectories in minutes
  • Set an external tool center point 
  • Find and apply contact offset
  • Generate finishing paths with fewer than 10 waypoints
  • Achieve 0.2-mm precision
  • Find a surface
  • Perform various insertions
  • Hand-guide your robot
  • Follow complex trajectories
  • Edit point-to-point trajectories
  • Apply constant force and define the stiffness for each axis
  • Reset sensor values to zero
Ensure High-Speed, Compliant Barcode
Reading Verification

The new DataMan 475V series inline barcode verifier provides automated high-speed verification and quality reporting directly on your line to prevent product waste and chargebacks. Immediate feedback and visual diagnostic information provides operators with the ability to identify and correct printing and process control issues as they happen. Detailed reports can be generated for traceability, process control, and compliance.

The DataMan 475V software provides intuitive visual diagnostic information to identify one-off or trending code quality issues. It assigns an overall grade to a code based on measurements of ISO-defined quality parameters. These parameters measure several factors that affect a barcode reader’s ability to identify and decode a code, maximizing read rates' down-process.
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