Cooking with gas? Not if Governor
Murphy’s plan goes through
As opposition continues to build and people question the cost and impact of the New Jersey Energy Master Plan, residents are realizing the true burden these changes will place on their lives - from the way they heat their homes to how they cook their food.
The Energy Master Plan says “New Jersey’s natural gas use declines to less than one fifth of today’s levels” but doesn't say how that will be accomplished. Residents deserve answers before they are told to change out their oven.

SmartheatNJ Campaign To Educate About Costs & Consequences of Energy Master Plan
This week saw the launch of SmartHeatNJ, an organization with the goal to educate New Jersey consumers about the costs and consequences of the Energy Master Plan, specifically the expense of requiring families to convert their homes to electric heat. They want NJ residents to join them and speak up to make change and you can click on the image below to learn more about their efforts:
Transparency Update: Over 596 days now
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