Today is election day, and if anything is ever more true, it's no matter where we stand on the issues, we all want one thing: A great community to call home! We are North Central Florida, a region of six counties, nearly 250,000 people and we stand united on a single cause and that is to do our part in creating a place where we all feel safe, our children are protected, we each have what we need and we all have the ability to lead and live successful lives. When you think about it, there is so much more we share in common than what divides us. 

Your United Way is focused on creating that positive change by leading our community through impact. In 2013, we shifted our business model from community fundraiser to being laser focused on improving the education, health and financial stability of people living here. At the heart of our mission is that we are local - we raise money for local programs, and we make grants to local high-performing organizations that demonstrate the capacity to affect our targeted challenges right here in North Central Florida.  

Many of you are already giving to these worthy efforts through your workplace. Still others are supporting the United Way through their local businesses. And so many more are giving their time to volunteer for a cause they care about. Thank you! If you need to see someone who can make a difference during a week where we celebrate our democracy and honor our veterans, just look in the mirror - the hero is you!


Deborah V. Bowie, CCE, IOM
President & Chief Executive Officer 

United Way
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