"I believe we all have moments in time that make us take inventory of life and decide it is officially time to stand up for what we believe in. Now is one of those times. Stand up.

- Lauren Heistad
excerpts from the book  Evolving your SOULworks

Lauren Heistad on Evolving your SOULworks

Lauren Heistad on Evolving your SOULworks

October 2,  2017


I repeat... We are at the tipping point in human evolution. The direction this scale tips is contingent on all people and our ability to move beyond our own shadows and emanate the light from within. Be strong. Dig deep. Stand up. Face your own fears. Do this for yourself and all others. We've got this.

If you require support for healing, clarity or direction, please book a one-on-one session with any of the talented facilitators working out of SOULworks. They are sure to point you in the right direction and create that enlightened, balanced state of being you desire.  There are also many wonderful workshops and opportunities coming up at SOULworks that will definitely help with finding your balance. Be sure to check those out too.

Much love and blessings to you. 

Lauren Heistad

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SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre

"Believe in the inherent good in all people." Lauren Heistad

SOULworks Facilitators
There are a wide range of one-on-one sessions offered within SOULworks including but not limited to Intuitive Healing, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Trance Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Angel Card Readings, Intuitive Counseling, Qissage, Qi Gong Healing, Reiki, Angel Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Access Bars, Intuitive Life Coaching, Quantum Touch, Meditation, Hot/Cold Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Crystal Healing, John of God Crystal Bed, Psychosomatic Therapy, Coherence Training, Aromatherapy Massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Quantum Touch, BodyTalk and PEMF Therapy

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The Love & Light Emporium is a mystical boutique with an array of new and unique items available to provide you with the perfect inspiration and connection to spirit.  

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SOULworks Sanctuary - Ongoing Events

"Compassion will heal our world, one heart-centered experience at a time."  Lauren Heistad

SOULworks has many events coming up that you will want to be a part of! For more details or registration information, please visit our Calendar of Events on a regular basis.

Spring Forest Qi Gong with Katherine Dempsey - Gentle Movement and Guided Meditation To Find Peace and Tranquility Within A Simple and Powerful Transformative Practice Where: SOULworks When: Tuesday Evenings Time: 7pm to 8pm Sept. 12th to Dec 12th, 2017  Investment: $15 per class Discount Bundle of 10 classes : $120 + GST All Welcome   No Experience Necessary Contact Katherine: katherine@amythyst.ca
Tapping Circle with Brenda Dutertre - Tapping Circle features EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES! This wonderful healing modality is so easy to practice.  No special equipment or paraphernalia is required.  You can do it any time, any place. This evening will help clear blockages in a group setting. $20 per participant. First Wednesday of every month. 7:00 - 8:30 pm. Drop in, registration not required. For further details call or email: 306-491-6314 soulsongtherapies@gmail.com.
The next Tapping Circle will be held Wednesday, September 6.
Energy Healing Circle with Colleen Leaney  - You are invited to join me for an Energy Share. All healers welcome. Come together to share and practice your healing touch and gifts with other Lightworkers. Drop in. Energy Healing Circles are offered once per month, dates vary. Next event TBA.  Starts at 7 pm. Suggested cost: $10. New: Bring your child!  We are now honouring those gifted children that need a safe place outside of home to feel comfortable talking about what they see/hear/feel and practice their gifts.  Contact Colleen for details. phone (306) 321-7552 or email info@soullifehealing.com

Embrace your Voice with Katherine Dempsey Second Wednesday of every month, September through December. This evening is an engagement of sound to access the healing power that resides within you! Explore vocal toning, Sacred Sound of Mantra, Crystal Singing Bowl meditation and more. When: Sept 13th, Oct 11th, Nov 8th & Dec 13th. Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Where: SOULworks 3 - 2228 Ave C North Saskatoon. Pre-registration preferred by etransfer $30 or payment at the door. Discount for package of 4 classes-$99 plus GST. Contact Katherine Dempsey  katherine@amythyst.ca

Introduction to EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) One-On-One Workshops with Brenda Dutertre  - EFT is just the right tool to add to your toolbox of coping skills. It is very easy to learn and no special equipment is needed. The price of this 2 hour workshop is $195, which includes a handout and one free consultation any time after the class. For further details or to register please call or email: 306-491-6314. soulsongtherapies@gmail.com.  

** NEW Reiki Healing One-on-One Learning with Patty Dale - Choose to learn Reiki in your own personal and private learning day with an individual class. One-on-One classes for each Level of Usui Reiki, provide you with a manual, attunements, hands-on practice time and Certificate of completion, as well as a learning day that fits with your individual schedule.  Pricing: Level I - $250; Level II - $300; Level III - $525; Master Level - $625. For more information see www.horizonsenergy.ca . To book your private class, call (306)292-8936 or email patty@horizonsenergy.ca.

SOULworks Sanctuary - Upcoming Events

"There is evidence of the beauty in this world all around us. As the world continues to toss and turn in our birthing pangs of change, do not lose sight of the magnificence of our being, the inherent good in all people, and the divine timing of all things. " Lauren Heistad

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Please remember to pre-register for any events you plan to attend that require advance sign-up. We don't want you to miss out on these amazing opportunities.


Learn to Read Angel Cards for Yourself and Others with Brenda Dutertre - Would you like to learn how to understand and trust the messages you are intuitively receiving? How to recognize your particular way of receiving information? More about Archangels, Angels and Goddesses, their significance and who to call on for certain situations? You will have a lot of fun in this interactive class as you gain confidence in your new skills. The class costs $195, which includes a deck of oracle cards. A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot. This class will be held in two evening sessions:  Monday, October 2 and Monday, October 16, 2017, both from 7 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. To register call 306-491-6314 or email soulsongtherapies@gmail.com Brenda Dutertre, Certified Angel Card Reader (tm)

I Am Gathering with Carmel Joy Baird, Anne Berube, Annette Campagne and Lauren Heistad - Lauren is proud and excited to be a part of the inaugural I AM Gathering. Sharing the stage with Carmel Joy Baird, Anne Berube, and Annette Campagne, this powerful event promises to be a two day exploration of your soul and connection to spirit. Conceptualized and brought to life by Kathy Donnelly of Intuitive Spirit Marketing, this event will be hosted in beautiful Saskatoon, SK at The Glen at Crossmount.

Lauren's Keynote Address at the I Am Gathering: Crossroads - The entire world is standing at a Crossroads. Whether this prophesied time will be utilized as a Great Tribulation or a Miraculous Transformation is completely up to each and every individual as a whole. It is time to acknowledge where we are at in terms of human evolution, to better understand the door of potential opening before us, and to consciously co-create a brighter future for all of humanity. Included will be Lauren's personal stories on providing angelic support, fulfilling biblical prophecies, and knowingly helping to evolve our world. This discussion will be very raw, very real, and very timely.

Lauren's Workshop at the I Am Gathering: Activating and Evolving Your Powers Within - Becoming more intuitively connected is not only your birth right, it is your global responsibility. Based on profound experiences and accounts featured within her two books, Activating your SOULworks and Evolving your SOULworks, Lauren Heistad will take the audience to a whole new level of spiritual awareness. Join Lauren in this mini-workshop designed to expand your healing abilities, deepen your understanding on vibrational energy, fully comprehend your soulful potential, and overall become a more empowered, balanced and centered individual. Combining knowledge from various experiences and humbling encounters, Lauren will utilize this time to teach unique intuitive concepts while offering a safe and fun platform to expand your own energetic potential. There is nothing Lauren loves more than to inspire and teach others to harness their own inner light to create positive change in this world. This workshop promises to do just that and much more.

Please Note: All tickets for the I AM Gathering must be bought through https://www.iamgathering.com/

A Workshop tailored for Front line workers by Colleen Leaney - Any Front Line Workers (Military, Paramedics, First Responders, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, ER Medical Staff) active serving or released/ retired, who are seeking assistance in coping with the effects of work related traumatic experiences. An Introduction to supplemental coping modalities to add to your toolbox! If you are interested or know someone this may be a fit for , let's talk! This workshop will be limited to a small enough number of attendees to allow for individual needs. Funding/ sponsorship may be available. Colleen is proud and excited about the facilitators that will be presenting at this workshop! OCTOBER 14-15 It's now the time to access these other options to add to your present coping skills. Contact Colleen for details: phone (306) 321-7552 or email info@soullifehealing.com

Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 for Healing Yourself -  presented by Katherine Dempsey Level 1 SFQ Trainer, Reiki Master & Intuitive Sound Practitioner. In this workshop you will learn: The general principles of Qigong, History of Qigong, 6 Causes of energy blockages, 6 Keys to Success, 7 Main SFQ Exercises, Harvesting Energy in the Body, Small Universe Meditation, Sword Finger Technique for helping others. A great program for learning the philosophy, exercises and meditations of Spring Forest Qigong. This course is a pre-requisite for Level 2 training where you learn to heal others. When: October 21, 2017  10:00am to 4:00pm. Where: SOULworks Sacred Healing Centre. Investment: $195 plus GST. Early Bird Price: $175 plus GST before October 6th. Contact Katherine  katherine@amythyst.ca  306-371-2889

Awaken Your Spirit by Andrea Clevelle-Duret - Andrea's first workshop will be held October 28 and 29 at SOULworks and the cost will be $499 Saturday 10am to 5pm Sunday 11am to 4pm If you are interested in learning about your chakras, listening and tuning into your intuition and how to start giving readings for yourself and your family this is the course for you! Awaken Your Spirit is Carmel Joy Baird's level one course that was created to lead others to discover the world of intuition and spirit. Finally a course that teaches you everything you'll need to know to begin giving readings for yourself, family and friends. In level 1 you will learn all the basics. The tools; protections, prayers and mediations. Learn about your chakras, and how important it is to be balanced. Learn how and why to ground yourself. This course is for everyone! Beginners will learn everything Carmel learned step by step along the way. Advanced students will be amazed at the amount of new knowledge they will gain. There are so many new tools that you will learn to help enhance your life and readings. The course outlines powerful tools that can help cure those suffering from panic and anxiety, and can help with the fear of the the unknown and create balance in your life. For more information or to register, please contact Andrea at www.soulsinharmony.ca Call/text 3062204995 or email iamsoulsinharmony@gmail.com

The Master Healer Workshop with Lauren Heistad -  Take your healing practice to the next level with this powerful and profound workshop! This 2 day hands-on course is designed to help you expand your healing potential and channelling abilities. Topics covered include healing physical ailments, accelerating the ascension process, releasing karmic cycles, incorporating psychic surgeries, miracle work, alchemy and much more. This workshop will also include a SOULworks attunement, taps into ancient gnostic teachings, and promises to take your spiritual connection to a whole new level of awareness. This workshop is not for beginners. Participants must have a working knowledge of energy healing and have participated in Lauren's energy based workshops in the past such as Intuitive Healing or Spiritual Empowerment. Those who have never attended one of these workshops but have a solid understanding of energy work may contact Lauren directly to inquire about attending. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn Intuitive Healing techniques from someone who has naturally worked in the field for over 25 years. If you are serious about taking your healing gifts to the next level, this is definitely the course for you! SOULworks Certificate provided upon completion. Friday, November 17 and Saturday, November 18 from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Investment: $450. Attendance is limited to 10 participants for this workshop.  To register, visit http://laurenheistad.com/events.html

SOULworks Inspiration and Guidance by Lauren Heistad

Lauren Heistad on the I AM Gathering

Lauren Heistad on the I AM Gathering

I AM Gathering

Here are some solid facts:

My life has been prophesied.

The world is in Great Tribulation.

Many empowered lightworkers will help co-create a more peaceful global existence.

The I AM Gathering is about expanding your soul potential.

Collectively, we are making history and shifting the vibration of the earth.

I am stepping out, standing up, and determined to create change through my own life story and teachings.

I am sharing the stage with some amazingly empowered, wise women who will teach, inspire, and challenge you to expand your own awareness.

Ticket sales are almost over! Don't miss out on this one-of-a kind event!


Lauren Heistad

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