Each year, dozens of regattas, festivals, and other events are held in Annapolis, drawing thousands to our beautiful community–and creating a tremendous amount of waste. Annapolis Green helps event organizers reduce, and often eliminate, landfill waste by rethinking the way resources are used and disposed of. By adopting our Bay Responsible strategies, forward-looking organizations and companies are making a powerful commitment to a sustainable, thriving future.

Thanks to your support, Annapolis Green is reducing the impact of galas, street fairs, sporting events, and other gatherings throughout our city. On #GivingTuesday, please give generously. Your contribution is a vote for a vibrant, healthy community–one where the air is cleaner, the waterways run clearer, and every resident thrives.


Zero-waste events raise awareness about the impact of our choices and empower people to make informed decisions. We never cease to be thrilled by the results!

By embracing a zero-waste mindset, we hope to not only significantly improve the health of our city and planet, but also create a ripple effect that influences companies, residents, businesses, and public policies. With your support, we can grow our plastic-free and zero-waste initiatives in 2024.

Stand up for Nature with Us.

We all have the power to make a difference. Your contribution to Annapolis Green doesn’t just impact the environment; it also empowers individuals to be stewards of our planet, creating a legacy of environmental responsibility for present and future generations.

Thank you for your support!


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