SPECIAL EDITION #1: January, 2021

At MLC-NA, our tagline is “Being Church in the Modern World.” What does that mean?

I think of it as being the hands and feet of Christ to do His work in the world. 

And as a Marianist, I think of the characteristics of Mary that emphasize the Marian Face of the Church. Things like being welcoming, hospitable, caring, listening, gentle, and kind. 

So this month we are introducing a new video produced by the Marianist Social Justice Collaborative (MSJC). For some it will surprise and delight. For others it may be a jolt.

Either way it is meant to start thought-filled conversations within our communities and churches.

Currently English and Spanish versions are available. MSJC is open to other language translations if there is interest.

I know MSJC and I would love to hear your reactions to the video and reflections from conversations that might emerge after viewing it. All perspectives are welcome.

Please share by emailing your responses to me at my email address below.

Let's explore what it means to be "Church"...

Marceta Fleming Reilly