artistic depiction of the questioner with Hillel  

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot
While Standing On One Leg!

From the desk of                         
 Rabbi Eliott N. Perlstein
  הרב אליעזר נחום פרלשטיין

          May 18, 2020
          24 Iyaar 5780

Our Tikkun Leyl Shavuot is but Ten Days Away !

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Again, and Again and A gain!    

Here's The Lineup for May 28 
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7:00pm Service

Introduction: Shavuot, We Hardly Knew You  -Rabbi 

From Hijab to Tallit: On Becoming a Jew By Choice
Samira Garonzik

A. My Confirmation in the Temple in Atlanta Georgia 
Michael Eisman  or 
B. The Mysteries of Shavuot 
Idelle Wood

8:40pm -9:-00pm
A. Bringing Shavuot Into Your Home for Childen
Barbara Glickman or 
B.  Working with Seniors and Especially During the Pandemic
Shelley Geltzer 

A. Uncovering Megillat (Scroll of ) Ruth
Our Chosen Path
Cantor Annelise or
B.  Jewish Students on College Campus Today
Michael Goldstein 

A. Art As a Pathway to Sanity 
Diane Pevar or 
B. Judaism and the Zodiac 
Eileen Schein

9:55- 10:05
Wrap Up  

If You Haven't Yet, You Can

Virtual Cheesecake for All!

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Memorial Day Happenings
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