The time to act is now.
All around the world, including here at home, human rights defenders are in need of support and solidarity. A month does not go by that PBI does not receive a new request for help. Sometimes those requests are from individuals on a distorted phone line who have gone into hiding. Other times they come from individuals representing an entire community resisting state violence. These requests come as we currently have teams deployed around the world, working in countries like Honduras where human rights defenders continue to be assassinated, threatened, harassed, defamed, and stigmatized.  Click here for an alert released by our team in Honduras on October 25th.

The defenders we accompany do not waiver in the face of this violence and neither do we. We remain. And we work to find the resources that ensure we can remain while working to respond to the calls for help that come. Recently, the calls have all had the same focus: the violence happening in North Dakota. 

For months, members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe along with members of nearly 100 tribes from both the U.S. and Canada have been resisting the installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Since the resistance began, protestors, journalists, and observers have faced repression from the state and the situation grows more and more concerning day by day. It is imperative that the international community respond. Read more about PBI-USA's plans below. 
Concurrently, the Movement for Black Lives continues to grow as a global movement and in November, human rights defenders from the Buenaventura Humanitarian Zone, where PBI provides physical and psychosocial accompaniment, will participate in a speaking tour hosted by FOR Peace Presence to explore the connections between the two movements. PBI-USA will sponsor a leg of the journey in Knoxville, TN, where PBI-USA has an office. Read below for more information and hope to see you at one of the stops on the tour!
In solidarity,
The PBI-USA Team
PBI-USA Observation at Standing Rock

PBI-USA is currently in communication with accompaniment groups working to provide a presence at Standing Rock and we are extremely concerned by the report backs. We are assessing our capacity to provide on the ground support and that capacity depends largely on you. If you are a former field volunteer with PBI and would be able to help provide a presence in North Dakota, please contact Executive Director, Amelia Parker, at as soon as possible.
Join our Volunteer Network. Attend Volunteer Orientation Nov. 5th & 6th in DC

On November 5th & 6th in Washington, DC, PBI-USA will host our annual training for prospective field volunteers and those with general interest in PBI's approach to international human rights work. So many of PBI's former field volunteers go on to use the skills they developed while with PBI - whether they stay in the field of human rights or not. When the human rights community must urgently respond to the security needs of threatened human rights defenders, it is this network of trained accompaniers who take time off from their day job as an accountant or web designer, and answer the call to help.

Spend a year with us. Live the rest of your life as a covert operative for peace and justice. Register today for the Volunteer Orientation Weekend to learn what it's all about.
Bridging the Americas: Black Lives Matter Everywhere

From November 9th - 11th, PBI-USA will host two Afro-Colombian human rights defenders from the Buenaventura Humanitarian Space in Colombia as part of a speaking tour organized by FOR Peace Presence. The speaking tour kicks off this week in Oakland, California and will have stops in Knoxville, St. Louis, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and NYC. Click here for information about the full tour

On Thursday, November 10th @ 6pm, PBI-USA will host a community conversation in Knoxville, Tennessee with leaders from the Movement for Black Lives and the Buenaventura Humanitarian space about community-based peaceful alternatives to law enforcement. Click here for more details and join us on Thursday!

Description of the speaking tour: In April 2014, a courageous Afro-Colombian community took a stand against violence that controlled their lives for over 15 years and transformed their neighborhood into a peace zone. That same year, the Movement for Black Lives ignited in the United States, vividly drawing national attention to an epidemic of state violence against Black communities. Join us as we explore the connections between these powerful movements throughout the Americas.

Pictured in the email header: Children playing, people chatting ... the main street of the humanitarian space in Buenaventura is always crowded from early morning into late in the night. 

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