Monday, January 21, 2018

The latest mobbing of the Covington students is ratcheting up the worst of our natures. Is it redefining the nature of truth itself?

An expert on Iran grapples with the West's indifference over the country's struggle for liberty.

The most ardent critics of capitalism seem to have forgotten what marketing is and have taken to hectoring those who might scoff at corporate virtue signals.

Coleman Hughes examines the complicated business of building our individual identities on the backs of our ancestors.

A former teacher charged with introducing Eastern students to Western university explains the prevailing ideology involved and the growing use of the term baizuo.

The distinct culture of Canada's province of Quebec provides more cover for satire about our differences.



"What’s more, pride and shame are two sides of the same coin; so if collective pride makes sense, then collective shame makes sense too."

Where some see a smug smirk
I see an awkward kid

Where some see a wise man
I see a disturber of shit

The question I can't leave alone...

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