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Hello fellow StarCreek residents! My family moved here for the same reasons you did, a great quality of life, fantastic location next to shopping and quick access to highways, great schools and an outstanding family environment. We love living here!

In our weekly StarCreek newsletter, we'll be talking about the real estate market, but we'll also be sharing stories we're hearing on the street. It might be the announcement of a new store coming into the area, a fun local event, or anything that we come across we find interesting. We'd also love to hear from you if you'd like to share something about your family.

We hope you'll enjoy our newsletter and please tell your StarCreek neighbors about it. We'd love to add them to our broadcast email list!

Heather Poehler, Vice President, Realtor
Spring Cleaning and Home Improvement
in 15 Minutes a Day!
We all have a tendency to go "house blind" to things we live with day in and day out. We stop noticing stains on the carpet or dated light switch covers. We hardly see the crumpled and threadbare couch cushions. We tolerate the mismatched lamp. If you suspect you've gone "house blind" to these kinds of details, here's a fun exercise for a fresh perspective:
Step 1
Start by sitting in any room and simply noticing all those tolerations with a fresh eye. Maybe you notice that your colors look faded, or your curtains look dated, or your paintings are crooked. Your list might be short, or long. It doesn't matter. What does matter is what you do next...
Step 2
Once you have a list, prioritize it. Start with the items that you can change in 15 minutes or less. Then order the remainder of your list by time or cost involved. 
Step 3
Decide if any of those larger projects can be broken into smaller chunks. Group those chunks into one project, but you don't have to do the chunks all at once.
Step 4
Finally, post the list where you can see it (not buried in your phone where you can forget it exists), and start knocking off items one after another when you can.

If your best home improvement strategy is to sell and find a new home, call me for an appointment to get started. Heather (214) 392-2025
StarCreek Landscape
Replacement Recommendations
The winter snow and ice storm did a number on many of the beautifully landscaped yards in our neighborhood. Below are the recommendations from Southern Botanical regarding suggestions for plant and shrub replacement. Please give them a call to schedule an appointment! 
Sean and Heather are your StarCreek Home Team Specialists. They're both Vice Presidents and both carry the Keller Williams Luxury Agent designation. The Grisak Group has sold 37 StarCreek homes and counting and two of our team members also live there. We're the #1 Group within the Keller Williams Allen office, the #1 real estate office in all of Collin County!
Please visit us at and call us if we can help in any way. We'd also be happy to provide a no-cost, no obligation opinion of value on your home.