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StarVista LIVE Cruises Raise Over $135,000 for T.J. Martell Foundation
(Nashville, Tennessee…) – March 2, 2020 –StarVista LIVE, the premiere company producing seven star-studded, music-themed cruises, last year partnered with the T.J. Martell Foundation to help raise money and awareness for the organization’s important work in cancer research. StarVista LIVE Senior Vice President Mike Jason is pleased to announce over $135,000 was raised on January’s sold-out Country Music Cruise and last month’s sold-out ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise. 

“People battling cancer and their families can sometimes feel alone in that fight. Our team at StarVista LIVE and our great audiences get a chance not only to contribute financially at our on-board auctions but also to show love and support for those most directly affected. Incredible strides and breakthroughs have been made through the efforts of the T.J. Martell Foundation, and we continue to be humbled by the generosity on these two events,” said Jason.

Two acoustic guitars autographed by artists on each cruise were sold in live auctions on the main stage of both cruises. On The Country Music Cruise, the two guitars brought in $54,000. A variety of framed and autographed lyric sheets, an Alabama 2003 Farewell Tour guitar autographed by Randy Owen and an exclusive Grand Ole Opry experience were sold via silent auction and brought in another $18,000.

Patrons on the sold-out ‘70s Rock & Romance Cruise, which returned to port after a week of non-stop entertainment from the likes of Cheap Trick, America, Don Felder of The Eagles and others, were equally as generous. The two acoustic guitars were sold for an astounding $62,000 at live auctions. In addition, almost $1,100 was collected in cash at the dueling pianos request show with Joel Mason and friends during the cruise.

"I know how much fun these folks have on the StarVista LIVE music cruises, and to have them open their hearts and their wallets to the tune of $135,000 on two cruises is astounding,” said Laura Heatherly, CEO of the T.J. Martell Foundation. “We are so grateful to everyone involved for supporting the T.J. Martell Foundation mission. These funds will benefit our cutting-edge cancer research programs at flagship hospitals across the country."

In addition to onboard fundraising efforts and sharing the incredible story of the Foundation with StarVista LIVE cruise guests, the company has committed to make a donation to the Foundation for every cabin booked on any of its seven cruises using the exclusive code TJMARTELL. 

All Photos Credit: StarVista LIVE
StarVista LIVE Senior Vice President Mike Jason (second from left) and cruise host Jason Venner (r.) with autographed guitar auction winners at the early show on The Country Music Cruise 2020.
StarVista LIVE Senior Vice President Mike Jason (l.) and cruise host Jason Venner (r.) with autographed guitar auction winners at the late show on The Country Music Cruise 2020.
Cruise host Jason Venner (r.) and his wife Brittany (l.) greet the autographed guitar auction winner at the early show on The '70s Rock & Romance Cruise 2020.
StarVista LIVE Senior Vice President Mike Jason (l.) and cruise host Jason Venner (r.) with autographed guitar auction winners at the late show on The '70s Rock & Romance Cruise 2020.
About T.J. Martell Foundation:
The T.J. Martell Foundation is the music industry’s leading foundation that funds innovative medical research focused on finding treatments and cures for cancer.  The Foundation was founded in 1975 by music industry executive Tony Martell and his colleagues in loving memory of his son T.J., who died of leukemia. The Foundation has provided more than $280 million dollars for research that supports flagship hospitals in the United States. For more information on the T.J. Martell Foundation visit 

About StarVista LIVE:
StarVista LIVE creates unique entertainment experiences that bring fans together to relive their favorite moments, create new memories, and enjoy unparalleled access to the superstars they love. StarVista LIVE cruise events include the  Malt Shop Memories Cruise , the  Soul Train Cruise The Country Music Cruise The Flower Power Cruise , the ‘ 70s Rock and Romance Cruise the Sandy Beaches Cruise  and the  Ultimate Disco Cruise.  StarVista LIVE is a division of Direct Holdings Global. Direct Holdings Global is a leading multi-channel marketer with a broad portfolio of products and services, most notably associated with the success of the StarVista and Time Life brands, delivered with a commitment to excellence and integrity. Additional information about StarVista LIVE can be found at: 


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