Stark County's Mobile Response Team
Stark County's Mobile Response Program provides culturally competent, trauma-informed response for urgent mental health and substance use disorder concerns with response times of 30 minutes or less anywhere in Stark County. The Mobile Response Team is made up of local professionals trained in crisis intervention, information and referral. Reasons for calling could include things like difficulty coping with stress, behavior concerns in yourself or others, feelings of isolation, substance use worries, and more. Call 330-452-6000 anytime day or night.
Celebrate Juneteenth
Juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery, although it came more than two years after slavery had officially “ended.” As our community, and our nation, continue to wrestle with the echoes of our history, remember that help is available for trauma, anxiety, depression and other behavioral health concerns. Visit our Care Network page today for resources.
Celebrate Pride Month
About one-in-five U.S. adults know someone who uses pronouns other than he or she. Normalizing all pronouns can ensure that everyone feels supported.

If you need support, text ‘4hope’ to 741741 or call the Trevor Project Hotline at 1-866-488-7386.
StarkMHAR's New Podcast: Stark Talking
StarkMHAR has it's own podcast! Search " Stark Talking" in your favorite podcast app or click the link below to be directed to an episode in the Apple Podcast app!
Recovery Workforce Scholarship
StarkMHAR is currently accepting applications for a $1,000 Recovery Workforce Development Scholarship! This scholarship is offered to individuals in recovery seeking to advance their education in a Mental Health, Alcohol or Drug related field. Applicants must be a Stark County resident with lived experience interested in working in the behavioral health field and advancing their education through enrollment in an accredited vocational, technical or college program. Easily apply online by July 10th.
Crisis Text Line for Frontline Workers
Healthcare professionals and essential workers are showing up on the frontlines during the coronavirus pandemic—risking their health every day to help other people. Crisis Counseling is available fast, free and 24/7 #ForTheFrontlines. Text FRONTLINE to 741741.
Telehealth is Here
Whether you are new to professional mental health support or have been in treatment before, help is here. Telehealth provides video and/or telephone counseling support due to increased worry, stress, loneliness, and other factors related to current events. Intake, assessments, and treatment can be done safely from the comfort of your home. Find a trusted, local provider through the StarkMHAR Care Network below.
COVID-19 & Behavioral Health Services
Nearly all Stark County behavioral health agencies are OPEN during the COVID-19 outbreak! We do not recommend skipping behavioral health appointments during the outbreak. Telehealth services are available to patients. Please contact your behavioral healthcare provider for more information.

For up-to-date announcements regarding COVID-19 and behavioral health services in Stark County, please visit our website or follow our Facebook page.
Clinical E-News
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