Father's Day Salute to James R. Hennessy

By Kevin Hennessy
Starrco Cleanroom Division
The Starrco Cleanroom Division would like to take a moment to honor the life and career of a legendary pioneer in the modular cleanroom industry.
James Hennessy, Jim to all that knew him, started his career in the cleanroom industry as a mechanical engineering drafter fresh out of the Marine Corps after the Korean War.
Experimenting with modular enclosures
In 1986 Jim purchased and erected a pre-engineered modular enclosure to test as a viable option for creating a cleanroom envelope.
Since then, hundreds of thousands of cleanroom installations worldwide have used his simplistic and economical approach - a post and panel type modular pre-engineered enclosure with fan filter units, a sealed plenum and return air devices.
Starrco - because it's the best!
Jim reached out to Starrco Company early in his career and he went on to use Starrco products for hundreds of cleanroom installations.
Today, his sons, Jim Jr. and Kevin, along with his grandsons Mike and Andy are proud to carry on the tradition of building quality Starrco pre-engineered modular cleanrooms.
Fifty years of cleanroom innovation
Jim spent his entire career designing and selling engineered air systems with an emphasis on critical environments.
Those environments included everything from "white rooms" for the early days of space exploration to wafer fab production facilities and later USP compounding pharmacies.
During the infancy of cleanroom construction, Jim recognized the need to provide a complete turnkey installation. He took sole source responsibility where he would have total control of the cleanroom design including the envelope, air cleanliness levels, flow patterns, room air conditioning, electrical requirements, fire protection and most of all, a guaranteed performance.
When asked to recall his most memorable cleanroom installations, Jim would seldom speak of the engineering challenges or the size and scope of the project. Instead, he would reflect on the places, the characters he met, and the lifelong friends he had made.  
He was a true friend to all that knew him.
Sl รกinte Jim!

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