January 2018
Scholarship Cycle Now Open  
The Community Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications.  The deadline is Wednesday, February 28th.  All applications must be submitted online. To begin your application, please click here.

This year we have 48 available scholarships. You can view the full list here. After submitting your general application you will be directed to a page where you can choose specific scholarships.  Some of our scholarships are automatically matched through the general application while others require additional information.

Start filling out your application now since transcripts and reference letters must have time to be submitted.   
Community Foundations  
Around the Globe   
Community Foundations have existed in America since 1914 when the Cleveland Foundation was established. The concept of providing donated resources to a permanent community improvement fund has been widely accepted and adapted by citizens across the world. The Community Foundation Atlas is compiled of baseline information about the world's community foundations. Below are a few "quick facts" that provide an overview of the diversity and impact of the community foundation movement. Click the image to view the Community Foundation Atlas website for more information.  
Agency Emergency Grant  
Awarded to Gunn Mem orial Library 
The Community Foundation awarded a $3,500 Agency E mergency Grant to the Gunn Memorial Library in Caswell County in December. The grant funds will be used to move large shelving, circulation desk, computer desks and other large furnishings from the main library to long term storage during library renovations.
Agency Emergency Grants are awarded to local agencies when unexpected events occur that are outside the organizatio ns budget. In the library's case, the unexpected event was needed to relocate during the library ren ovations due to the discovery of asbestos. Originally, the plan was to stay in the main library while building the expansion, then move into the new part of the building. Due to the findings, it was necessary for the library to relocate during the renovation process.   
For more information on the Agency Emergency Fund, click

~The 2018 Grant Reception will be on January 17, 2018 at Ballou Recreation Center. Don't forget to RSVP to morgan@cfdrr.org  
~The Autism Education Fund and Keokee Fund will be accepting applications in January with a February 20th deadline. Be thinking about any projects for which you wish to apply. 
The Keokee Fund's purpose it to support the education of academically gifted students.  
The Autism Education Fund's purpose is to support autism education-related programs or organizations benefiting individuals, families, educators and the community .
~Scholarship applications are DUE online February 28, 2018 

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