Used Oil Analysis' object is to examine oil samples from an engine, and break down the sample in parts per million, to determine the internal health of the engine. It is a quick, nondestructive way to gauge the health of an engine.

The levels of iron and aluminum can warn of piston and cylinder wear before a major failure occurs, bearing wear rates can be determined and action taken before the crankshaft becomes badly scored. Fuel dilution, anti-freeze leaks and water entry can be detected while they are still minor problems. The levels of contamination and combustion soot can indicate a restricted air intake system, ineffective oil filters, poor combustion or a rich air/fuel ratio.

It is only with consistent and repeated oil sampling that the health of your engine can be properly determined. We recommend having your engine oil tested every oil change.
We've teamed up with Speediagnostix to provide our customers with top-of-the-line Used Oil Analysis. 

Utilizing the same technology applied by Formula 1 teams, SPEEDiagnostix used oil analysis kits detect wear, fuel dilution and contamination without needing to disassemble the engine.

SPEEDiagnostix combines modern, analytical techniques with expedited processing to deliver valuable used oil analysis data in a timely manner. The report provided by SPEEDiagnostix allows you to make decisions based on data, not speculation.

In as soon as 3 days, know the health of the engine without removing it from the vehicle, and it is cost effective. For as little as $59.95 per sample, SPEEDiagnostix provides the ability to spot small problems before they become big problems.
"Today's racing engines are about speed, performance, and durability. Engines must run longer to save money without compromising performance. Using SPEEDiagnostix, give us the confidence to run an engine again or know if there is something wrong with the engine. After just a few samples, SPEEDiagnostix can establish wear rate trends that enable you to an pin point issues if something happens. Critical information to have when you are trying to push the envelope every week."
- Mark Cronquist, Joe Gibbs Racing Engines
Standard UOA Kit
Double UOA Kit
Starter Pack with Pump

Did you know? Proper oil sampling for analysis plays a crucial role in determining your engine's health. The sample to be tested must be collected in the provided sterile sample bottle using proper techniques outlined below by Speediagnostix:
  1. Take sample within 10 minutes of using the equipment. (i.e. shutting off the engine or coming off the track)
  2.  If this is not possible, drain 1 quart of fluid into a quart or larger container, shake for 1 minute before filling the sample bottle.
  3. Always use the sample bottle provided in the kit.
  4. Clean the area around the drain plug to remove possible contamination before taking sample.
  5. Allow the oil to drain for 5 seconds before beginning to take the drain sample.
  6.  Only fill the sample bottle 3/4 full. DO NOT fill beyond the top of the label on the bottle.
  7. Place the sample bottle in the plastic bag and seal.
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