We are grateful to have served you through 2020! With the new year, we will continue to provide solutions to keep your facility systems running efficiently, while following workplace safety and public health recommendations to avoid any potential risk. Our professionals are ready and available to serve all your commercial HVAC needs. We wish everyone health and successful times ahead in 2021!
Commercial Spaces Likely to See New Requirements for HVAC
It’s safe to say that the majority of people are looking forward to a time when they can return to work and feel a sense of normalcy again. One of the most important elements of this being possible in the near future is the ability for businesses to create a safe and sanitary work environment while adhering to CDC guidelines. Some of the most important considerations are how to effectively filtrate, circulate and sanitize the air in shared and common spaces to reduce the spread of viruses.
Indoor Air Quality And The Pandemic
Late Fall 2020 ushered in a change in climate and a shift in expert guidance on HVAC approaches for mitigating airborne transmission of COVID-19. It is paramount that those responsible for occupant safety in our built environment understand the important evolutions in guidance and are well informed on the range of HVAC IAQ strategies and tools at their disposal for curtailing airborne virus transmission.
Did you know studies have demonstrated that higher ventilation rates have a direct impact on reducing the spread of microbials in workplaces and other occupied spaces?

More ventilation air changes per hour in a space, along with increased outside air intake when combined with other measures, most important of which is wearing a mask at all times, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distance of six feet or greater will help to minimize adverse health effects.

More U.S. states have adopted or advanced new energy-saving targets and vehicle and appliance rules, but COVID-19 slowed other efficiency efforts, according to the 2020 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Where does your state score?

Source: ACEEE

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