Making Your Video Guide
Should you be making videos?  How do you get started?  What equipment do you need?

Getting started is a lot easier than you may think.  All you need is a few small things (like a smartphone, tripod and a topic) and you can start producing videos!  

Download the Video Quick Start Guide with a sample video made with very minimal equipment!
Cross-Selling Symposium Guide

Make sure you join us next week daily at 10:00am (CST) for the Cross-Selling Symposium!

We will review dental, final expense, hospital indemnity, cancer, and home healthcare plans.  

To maximize each day, we put the basics of cross selling in a quick guide for you to review.  Download, review, and be a part of the symposium!

National Senior Sales Summit

Make sure you join us for the National Senior Sales Summit May 15-16th in St. Louis! The largest agent focused summit in the nation! 

See Medicare Cafe live!  You think the recordings are comical, wait until we cannot edit it! 
Questions, comments, concerns, threats or promises...let us know!

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