Our mission is to support the development of our snowsport athletes in the Okemo Community
Hello OMARA Members!

The Board hopes everyone is enjoying your spring activities!

Once ski season ends it is easy to forget that next season's on snow training starts now! A great way to get a jump on training for the upcoming season is attending an on-snow camp. This summer OMS is offering the  Mount Hood Camp , June 20th - July 2nd, for athletes in all disciplines - alpine, snowboard and freestyle. Time on snow in the summer not only provides athletes with pre-season training, but gives them the opportunity to work on technical skills and receive feedback in a small group setting. Athletes can boost their skill development, while having an incredible experience that will strengthen their love of the sport and be with them all their lives. Summer is a great time for athletes to make breakthroughs - with the warmer temps, sunshine, and absence of the pressure of impending races or competitions, attitudes are light and fun and we often see athletes accomplish new skills based goals.  Furthermore, while it may not seem like a lot of time at first, realize that for weekend only athletes the 10 +/- days on snow the athletes will get at Mount Hood represents 25% of the time they will spend on snow all winter long - this is a huge chunk of time!

OMS also offers four sessions of a Summer Sports Adventure
Camp as a way to get in shape while having fun with winter friends.
These camps provide morning conditioning to work on strength
and agility, followed by afternoon activities such as mountain
biking, rock climbing, and lake sports! For more info, click here !

As summer passes, mark your calendars for a September weekend
of fun with the OMS Golf Tournament on September 14th, followed
by Fit Day on September 15th!

If you are interested in reading OMS' Season Recap please click  HERE

We wish everyone a great summer & hope to see you in Ludlow before next season!

Warm Wishes - The OMARA BOD
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