February 20, 2017
A good way to get your day off to a productive start is to follow a routine. Marcel Schwantes, in this article, suggests a 23-minute regimen to focus on the positive aspects of life and work, get your juices flowing, and quiet your mind. In my observation, if you accomplish those three things, you'll be off to a good start. Whether you follow the routine he suggests, or some other discipline you devise, preparing your mind, psyche and body for a productive day is the best way to get going effectively in the morning. 

The Routine is the Important Thing - DO IT Routinely!

Once you've established a routine, it should be followed rigorously. Cutting corners or ignoring parts of it will pretty much render it ineffective. You can, of course, in a conscious well-considered decision, add to it (I'll address that in a minute) or change some part of it. The key thing is that, except for a well-thought-out and more or less permanent change, you follow the routine precisely and completely, not deviating from it for momentary convenience.

These Suggestions Prompted me to Revise my Routine 

While I've long been a proponent and practitioner of following routines in preparation for many activities, including the start of the day, I find the addition of the message of gratitude and the journaling of a positive event to do wonders for my psychological attitude as I begin the day. The small amount of time and effort required pale in comparison to the immense benefit they produce. I had not previously been including those items in my mornings.

In the past I've found journaling to be a laborious activity, and very hard to stay with. I like Marcel's suggestion of covering one positive event and, for me, that generates the desired benefit without a huge effort.

While I'm a pretty positive guy, and often express my gratitude for many things, doing so as part of m morning routine is a new idea to me. After a few days doing that, I find it really adds to the sense of positivity I bring to the beginning of the day.

Do More of What You Love Doing - and What
You Get PAID For!

Are you a business coach, or do you advise business leaders on how they can accomplish more in their businesses? When you're working with your clients, you're doing the work you love - AND that you get paid for. Writing the promotional material to attract new business takes you away from time with the clients you're already helping. It also mentally distracts you from that work. Your coaching work also distracts you from your promotional writing, very likely detracting from its effectiveness. Why not let Unity Copywriting write those pieces for you so you can concentrate on your most important work? 

My goal as a copywriter is to give you back most of the time you spend writing promotional material to attract new clients and communicate with existing ones about your services (I'll keep a little of that time while you explain to me exactly what you want). That way you can concentrate on your coaching work while I do the heavy lifting on your promotions - explaining to your clients and prospects the benefits you offer them. Please call (814-590-3854 or 603-835-3215) or email me so we can discuss how we might work together. 

Put My Experience to Work for You...

As a practitioner and student of leadership for over 45 years, and in recent years a business coach myself, I'm uniquely qualified to help you promote your coaching business. And I love writing about this work. So, in a fraction of the time you would spend writing a white paper, case study, blog, newsletter, article or book, you can tell me the idea you want to convey or the story you want to tell, and the tone you'd like to use. Then I'll go to work writing that piece while you continue your work with your clients.   After I've written something for you, we'll review it together and make any necessary adjustments so it sends exactly the message you want - and there's no additional charge for any rewriting I do.

I'd Love to Hear from You

Does this suggestion make a difference in your morning? I'd love to hear how these recommendations, or other ideas, make your days more effective, or even if you have some reservations about them. Your thoughts on this week's topic and other ideas you have for improving your business and your life are very interesting to me. I love hearing these kinds of ideas and learning from them.

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Join me here again next week for more unique ideas on how to get more done in your life and business, while enjoying it more. If you're looking for ways to get your day off to a productive start, take Marcel Schwantes' suggestion to heart. I hope your days start better as a result.
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