Newsletter 8/21/18
Sandi Hillermann McDonald, president of Hillermann Nursery and Florist in Washington, Missouri
Dear Friends,

      I just got home from the IGC (Independent Garden Center) show in Chicago. It was a fantastic trip. Full of meetings, education and trade show vendors. I have attached a few pictures to share with you below. 
      Gardening for nature, and letting Nature heal us is becoming a strong concept. I have always said that “Plants can live without people, but people CANNOT live without plants!” Put this into perspective, plants clothe us, feed us, medicate us, shelter us, and nurture us. Plants are taken for granted and my goal is to change that thought process. Notice the world around you and see how much you actually are touched by plants and nature. You will be glad you did! 
Enjoy life, smell the flowers and soak up all you can!
Items at the Independent Garden Centers show in Chicago - August 2018
Items at the Independent Garden Centers show in Chicago - August 2018
Items at the Independent Garden Centers show in Chicago - August 2018
Items at the Independent Garden Centers show in Chicago - August 2018
Start Your Gardens... for FALL!
Vegetable garden picture
      Now's a great time to change out your vegetable and flower gardens with cool season plants. You can have flowers and veggies through winter's first hard freeze. Fall vegetable plants are available NOW, and we have a great selection for you to choose from! Botanical Interest "2019" seeds are now also available. Stop by and ask us for help with your questions on cool season gardening.
End of Summer SALE - good through 8-31-18
Happy Labor Day - graphic image
Labor Day Weekend
August 31- September 3
      Have a Happy Holiday Weekend! Pick up supplies for planting and landscape projects! We will be open Labor Day Weekend: Friday-Saturday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday-Monday: 10:00 am to
3:00 pm.
Orange Hillermann Grown Mums
First Saturday Kids - September
Sat. September 1
10:00 am to 11:00 am
      Bring the kids between 10:00 am and 11:00 am to decorate a mum plant! $10.00 fee. Please call 636-239-6729 to sign up.
NOW is the BEST TIME to
Renovate & Reseed Your LAWN!
Grass blades with sky above
      Cooler temperatures and increased moisture make late summer through mid October the best time to renovate and re-seed lawns in our area. We offer grass seed mixes that are specially blended to perform better in mid Missouri. Visit us for seed, fertilizer, straw and advice to help you grow a healthy green lawn.
Grass seed blends available at Hillermann Nursery and Florist

Hillermann Grass Seed Mixes
#2 Mix : Blended for shade.
#3 Mix : Durable blend for full sun.
#5 Mix : Fine blade fescue blend for full to part sun.
Champion 3+3 : Blend of 6 types of Tall Fescue
Tall Fescue : (Kentucky 31)
From Botanical Interests Seeds
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