Thanksgiving is National Family History Day
Knowing is the beginning. 

Dear   ,

This Thanksgiving, start a new tradition.
 Now is a perfect time to make sure everyone in your extended family understands their risk of genetic conditions, including familial hypercholesterolemia (FH).

FH is a family condition. All children in an FH family should have their cholesterol levels checked between the ages of 9 and 11. 
Plaque is consistently seen in the carotid arteries of siblings who have FH versus those in the same family who did not inherit FH by 11 years old. ¹   The good news is early diagnosis and treatment in childhood can stop the progression of atherosclerosis that leads to heart attacks. 
Completing your FH family tree is the first step to understanding who is at risk. Consider joining CASCADE FH™: A Family Registry. As part of the registry, you can build your own FH family tree that can be easily shared with your loved ones.  Remember, we never find an individual with FH,  we always find a family.

By knowing your family history, 
you can change your family's future.

Create and share your own family tree when you join  the  CASCADE FH™ registry
P articipate in FH research. 
Track your heart health. 

Be the hero in your family today!

During this season of gratitude and giving, please 
make a generous contribution to 
the FH Foundation on behalf of those you love.

1. Wiegman A, Gidding SS, Watts GF, et al. Familial hypercholesterolemia in children and adolescents: gaining decades of life by optimizing detection and treatment. European Heart Journal 2015;36:2425-2437.