January 2016
New year, new series!
We're halfway through January already...have you given up on your New Year's resolution yet? Let's face it, everyone could probably be a little healthier, but more importantly, we all need to be a little happier! If discovering a new book makes you happy, then finding out it's the beginning of a series that promises even more awesome books should make you really, really, happy. 

We're not the only ones to think so. Each of the following series starters are only $2.99 until Monday, January 18th as part of the Barnes & Noble Nook "New Year, New Series!" promotion. This awesome price will be matched at all ebook sellers and formats, too! 
Space opera with a bit of a kick

"This is space opera at its best -- simultaneously pulse-pounding and mind-expanding. [He] is the twenty-first century's master of excitement and adventure. Enjoy!"
- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues

The Dead Enders are a team of military heroes who only take the most impossible missions in a galactic war between humans and an alien race. Clone a high-ranking general, infiltrate the enemy fortress, and escape without getting caught? Just another day in the office.

C ontinue the exciting space action with book two!
Flintlock fantasy with a 21st-century flare

" Sword of the Bright Lady is an exciting new take on the modern-man-meets-magic conflict -- it's a how-to guide for surviving in a world of gods and monsters."
- Dave Gross, author of Prince of Wolves

Christopher Sinclair, a contemporary man from Earth, will overthrow the entire social and political system of a fantasy world he accidentally entered in order to return home to his wife.

The next book sees bigger weapons, and even bigger enemies.  
Epic fantasy, complete with murderous trolls 
"Peopled with compelling characters, filled with action and intrigue, set in a fascinating world at the boundary between history and legend, Grudgebearer is a gripping and ultimately satisfying novel. Highly recommended."
-D. B. Jackson, author of the Thieftaker Chronicles

The leader of a warrior race works with his daughter to overcome their people's enslaved past and secure their future in a struggle against their creators, the enemy they were bred to battle, the oaths they have sworn, and the gods themselves.

A new war is brewing as the series continues!
More to come: the third book in the Grudgebearer Trilogy comes out in August!

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Lisa Michalski

Pyr- an imprint of Prometheus Books



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