| August 24, 2021|
2021-2022 School Year & Season is HERE!
Even though we are only in the second week of the school year and season we have so much to share with you! It is so refreshing to be in person, fully on campus, and training in our renovated Busbey Nat!

As coaches we are responsible for building the team through recruiting and intentional team building exercises. Our Viking Family has grown by 17 for this season and they come to CLE from all over the country and world! Want to get to know our newcomers? Check out our Official Press Release
As a team, it is their responsibility to bond as a team and forge their relationships and make memories together. The team is well on their way to making memories they will cherish for life...
Our Freshmen's first experience as Vikings was through Magnus Fest. This student-only program for all CSU freshmen helped provide the foundation for transition into and through college. I got to help welcome all of our students with Dennis Gates as we taught them the Viking Clap and encouraged everyone to come support all of our sports this season!  
Our three transfer women (left to right):
Lauren Lewis (Washington State University), Valentina Regnifo (University of Maine),
and Grace Butcher (University of Houston)
have already experienced college life in the pandemic and bring fresh insights, wisdom...so much mutual gratitude to have this trio join our family!
Transitioning from Isolation to Integration
This past weekend our men's team honored a newer tradition of going kayaking on the first weekend of school, they were bummed to not be able to do this last year. The women's team started a new tradition by going to Nelson Ledges Quarry Park!

We are intentionally transitioning from isolation to integration and jumpstarting this process by taking the team to Washington D.C. this weekend. This trip will be full of team bonding, team building, and a little competition with American University.

Head on over to social media and give us a follow.. we have been featuring our newcomers and will post about our team building and bonding throughout the entire season!
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Engagement: Big Vike/Little Vike Mentorship Program
Last year we rolled out our Big Vike/Little Vike program for the team as a way to help our newcomers get connected and have mentorship from upperclassmen on the team. We have continued this program and are excited to now include our alumni.

We have such amazing history and heritage and as Wally Morton says "Team is Forever". It was amazing on our alumni zoom calls to watch recent graduates receive support and advice from alumni from the 70's and 80's on buying houses, advancing degrees and jobs, and having children. We have brand new alumni that have graduated into a world we are all struggling in.

Maybe you're reading this and you graduated a while ago: would you like to connect to our newest alumni.

Maybe you're a recent grad: would you like help transitioning into being a "swammer" or a "dover" and connect with our more veteran alumni?

Would you like to mentor a current student-athlete?

If you answered yes to any of these questions....Click here to sign up: Mentorship Program

Swim & Dive Clothing Order:
Need to update your swim and dive wardrobe?
Shop our Team Site here, shop is open until September 7th!
Enrichment: Confidence Coach Christen
We are bringing Coach Christen Shefchunas to work with our Women's Team!!!! We believe that this will truly be a life-changing transformational experience for our women.

"Christen Shefchunas is a professional Confidence Coach who works with athletes ranging from Olympians, World Champions and NCAA All Americans to your everyday high school athlete. As a former Division I head coach, Christen watched too many women miss out on their potential because of their lack of confidence. Realizing that there was a significant lack of resources for these athletes, Christen left her 16-year coaching career and started Coach Christen, a business focused on helping female athletes. She works one-on-one as a Confidence Coach with some of the best female athletes in the world and she speaks to teams, athletes, women’s organizations and women in business about confidence, handling fears, and what to do in those “pressure to perform” moments."

Click here for or more info on Coach Christen.
Busbey Enhancement Campaign
We are so grateful for the investment into our beloved Busbey Natatorium by CSU. The renovations were essential for our ability to have a place to train and compete. It is now our turn to give back to the home that has provided so much for generations through the Busbey Enhancement Campaign. We are excited to bring our facility out of the '70s and into the 21'st century through this campaign!

We hope you:
1) ENGAGE by joining our mentorship program Mentorship Program
2) help ENRICH our program through the Busbey Enhancement Campaign,
3) CONNECT by hitting reply or even giving me a call!

As I tell our current team, it is a privelege and an honor to call myself their Head Coach and I extend that privelege and honor to YOU. Even if I never coached you, I am here to serve the alumni extension of our family.

Go Vikes!

Hannah Burandt
Head Swimming & Diving Coach
Cell: 216.386.8067
Email: h.burandt@csuohio.edu