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Nov 2016 


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On Tuesday the 8th we began a fascinating exploration into the Psychology of Money with Dr. Aaron Kipnis. There is still time to register for this course and receive audio and video recordings of the first session. More information here or see the second text box below. 

You can read an interesting blog about the psychology of money here

You can enroll for the Psychology of Money course here.


Jan 12th - FREE Webinar on : D
reams, Complexes and The Self; 
The Eclipse of God and the Creative 
Our speaker will be Michael Conforti 
Enroll for free here

Nov 19th * Malidoma Some a one year training program to learn the African Divination system, starting Nov 2016. More info below or click  here .

May 2017 * Robert Bosnak Sparking Creative Intelligence A Practical Training Program to manifest innovative ideas in business, art and science. More info below or click here.

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The Psychology of Money 
 with Dr. Aaron Kipnis
Nov 2016 - Four weeks 

The Midas Complex: 
How Money Drives Us Crazy and What We Can Do About It

Enroll  here  and  join live webinar 2 next Tuesday Nov 15th.

Course Description:
Money is much more than a piece of paper, a coin, plastic card or number in an account. It is also a psychological complex as powerful and multifaceted as any other in psychology. This Webinar is about the deep psychology of Money. We will discuss the various ways in which Money affects us, both individually and as an entire culture. The goal of the webinar is to become more aware of the ways in which Money can, often unconsciously, impact the major decisions and choices we make in life. What we can bring into consciousness has the potential to give us greater freedom and fulfillment in how we shape our lives.

Class Topics: 
Week 1 - Nov 8th: The Evolution of Money
Week 2 - Nov 15th: The Deep Psychology of Money
Week 3 - Nov 22nd: The Psychopathologies of Money
Week 4 - Nov 29th: Beyond Money

About the speaker: Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  He is author of T he Midas Complex: How Money Drives Us Crazy and What We Can Do About It (2013), Knights Without Armor (1991/2004) and  Angry Young Men (1999); coauthor of  What Women and Men Really Want (1995), and contributor to many anthologies. He is the producer of an award winning, documentary film, AWAKENING (2006), about how women in the poorest regions of Afghanistan and India are liberating their families from severe poverty. Aaron is a licensed clinical psychologist in California. He spends most of his time on Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Cost: $89 (incl. audio recording of the live event)

No-risk Cancellation Policy : Cancel your enrollment at any time up to the official start of the workshop for a full refund. You can also withdraw from the workshop at any time during the first week if you are not satisfied for any reason, and still receive a full refund.

send a check to: Jung Platform. 29 Layton Ave. Salt Lake City, UT 84115
- pay over the phone: +1-801-656-8806
- pay by paypal, use email info@jungplatform.com

Dreams, Complexes and The Self
 The Eclipse of God and the Creative
by Michael Conforti
Jan 12th at 8am PST/11am EST/3pm London

FREE Enroll here 

Dreams, Complexes and The Self
The Eclipse of God and the Creative
by Michael Conforti

An approach towards dreams and working on dreams.

Michael Conforti will take us on a journey and explore the nature of dreams and how we can work with them.

One Year Training program. 
The Art of Cowry Shell Divination: Conversation with the Other World: Indigenous Counseling Therapy. 
With Malidoma Some
Starts November 2016

Enroll here

This is a very special opportunity to enroll in a one year educational program with Malidoma Some.

Watch this YouTube clip on Malidoma Some or read this blog on Divinations.
Modernity creates issues that increase the challenges of modern therapeutic techniques. In a world where the number of people with psychic distress is increasing dangerously, traditional counseling and therapies need an ancient indigenous upgrade. Divination is an effective tool for tackling the crisis of the human psyche in modern time. Divination clarifies the meaning of the soul's quest and shed light to the obstacles to overcome on the way to successful living. In other word, divination does not just tell you what is going on in your life; it tells you what you need to do in order to flow into your gifts and fulfill your purpose. Divination provide a positive spin on human challenges by emphasizing gifts and purpose.
This is why intuitive therapists, devoted counselors and anyone who is a natural psychic should consider adding divination to their tools or taking up divination for helping others.
For whom is this education ?
Are you intuitive? Do you trust your instinct? Do you have vivid dreams that sometimes wake you up in the middle of the night? Do you sometime feel the energy of people around you? An affirmative to any of these questions signal a diviner in you. We are happy to invite you to join in a year long training in COWRY SHELL DIVINATION. You will get a certification of completion at the end.
Teacher: Malidoma Patrice Some is from Burkina Faso, West Africa. In his native language, Malidoma means "be friends with the stranger". A gifted medicine man of the Dagara tribe, he holds three master's degrees and two doctorates, from the Sorbonne and Brandeis. He is the author of 'Of Water and the Spirit'. He is a spokes person and storyteller of the African Wisdom tradition.
The Training Program

Welcome to this yearlong divination training, a program designed to bring you up to date on the interpretation of symbols and elemental geomancy. This program comprises four sessions. Each session is a milestone on the journey to mastery of this skill.
Weekend 1 : Understanding the elementals.

Weekend 2: Understanding the symbol and its position on the cloth.
Weekend 3: The art of prescription. Divination and ritual healing.
Weekend 4: Deepening the practice and certification ritual
In between sessions:   
  • There is an online webinar each month in which we don't have a training weekend by Malidoma Some. 
  • The participants will be coupled to their class mates, and can practice on each other every week between the weekend workshops. Part of what will make you a great diviner is practice. This starts after the second weekend. 
  • Suggested readings and audio lectures between workshops.

Weekend Training Course Dates: 
November 19 / 20 , 2016
March 18/19, 2017
June 24 / 25, 2017
October 19-22, 2017

Time: Saturdays 9-6pm
           Sunday 8-12
Location: Orlando
Process of enrollment
As this is a special educational training program, you will be asked to send in your application per email to: info@jungplatform.com
In your application we ask you to describe something about yourself in one two paragraphs. Plus in one or two paragraphs why you want to participate in this course.
Cost $4,000 for the one year training program.
The tuition needs to be paid a month after the students has been accepted and before the first course date. This is a non refundable tuition fee.
The check can be sent to:
Jung Platform
29 West Layton Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

One Year Training program: 
Sparking Creative Intelligence
A Practical Training Program to Manifest Innovative Ideas in Business, Art, and Science. 
With Robert Bosnak
Starts May 2016

Enroll here

We all get stuck in habits of consciousness. This makes us receive ideas solely through a single channel. Intelligence, as we know from the study of dreaming, occurs on multiple channels simultaneously. The Embodied Imagination® method you will learn in this training program gives access to information existing beyond habitual consciousness. This is essential for any form of innovation, be it in business, art or science.

From the beginning of Western philosophy, ideas have been understood as autonomous living forces the human imagination can tap into. Alchemy tells us that ideas organize around creative sparks that need to be freed from their opaque crust in order to manifest as breakthrough information.

This year long course will teach professionals in business, arts and sciences to attune to these innovative ideas that exist just outside our ordinary reach. The goal is to spark the same world-creating dreaming powers that engender complete worlds every night, more real than any virtual reality has produced thus far.

Participants will be introduced to methods of directed dreaming that go back three millennia and have been proven successful in contemporary applications.

The objective of this course is to train participants to independently access living autonomous creative ideas and to bring them to manifestation in the world. Each participant is strongly encouraged to bring creative projects in their field of endeavor on which they wish to work during this training course.

The instructor of this course, Robert Bosnak, is an internationally noted Jungian psychoanalyst with 45 years of experience. He pioneered the Embodied Imagination® (EI) method that is being used worldwide. At M.I.T. this EI method was developed for actors and those in the arts and developed further at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon; at Stanford University it was workshopped for engineers; it has been used by therapists and physicians in medical contexts. EI has been applied to business problems with startling results. Robert Bosnak is the author of multiple books among which the classic Little Course in Dreams that has appeared in 12 languages. He is past president of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and is a novelist whose novels have been published in multiple languages. He teaches alchemical psychology online at the Jung Platform

Weekend 1: Directed Dreaming

Weekend 2: Multiple Subjectivities

Weekend 3: The Intelligent Body

During each seminar there will be ample time for discussion.

The Training Program

In between sessions:
  • This will be an intensive and rigorous program in which there will be home-based practice.
  • There is an online webinar class and supervision each month we don't have a training weekend with Robert Bosnak.
  • The participants will be matched with class mates in dyads to practice with one another via Internet every week between the weekend workshops.
  • There will be suggested readings before and between the webinars workshops

Weekend Training Course Dates:

Thursday May 4 - 7, 2017

Nov 9 -12, 2017

Feb 22-25, 2018

Time: Thursday evening 7-10,  Friday and Saturdays 9-6pm, & Sunday 9-1

Location: New York City

Process of enrollment.
As this is a special educational training program, you will be asked to send in your application per email to: info@jungplatform.com

In your application we ask you to describe something about yourself in one two paragraphs. Plus in one or two paragraphs why you want to participate in this course.

Cost $4,400 for the one year training program, including a certificate in the Embodied Imagination® method. If you apply and pay in full before January 31st, it is only $3,900.

The tuition needs to be paid a month after the student has been accepted and before the first course date. This is a non-refundable tuition fee.

The check can be sent to:
Jung Platform
29 West Layton Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Pay via Paypal to info@jungplatform.com

Recommended Blogs of the Month

Enjoy an interview with Malidoma Some on divination here.

"Divination is a beautiful, empowering and healing manifestation of spirit. It is an opportunity to hear direction from the realm of the ancestors. It is a process by which your epic story is reflected back to you, giving you greater clarity about your gift to the world."
- Malidoma Some
Explore the psychology of money with Aaron Kipnis here

"Money on the one hand is straightforward and numeric, Kipnis points out. But on the other, it is deeply psychological and complex. A loaded topic. Jung was convinced that money was intrinsically linked to the mother complex. He pointed out that 'mother', 'matter' and 'money' share the same Indo-European root, 'ma', and claims that our physical and material security is rooted in our early experiences of 'Mother'."
Jung Platform Mission


The mission of the Jung Platform is to provide educational programs on Jungian psychology and other depth psychological perspectives to a global community.

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** James Hollis - Four class audio course

Free Webinar :
Dreams and Dreamwork
with Michael Conforti.   
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** Malidoma Some: 
One Year Divination Training Program

** Robert Bosnak - One Year Training Program

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