The Most Important Lesson
I have learned...

As we head into 2018, let me please take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of my life. 

I love the chance to connect with you each month.

I was thinking how cool it would be if you all could connect with each other, at least a bit. My wish for all of you is that you find places to come together with people you love. 

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Pre Order Dr. Hallowell's Latest Book

Because I come from a crazy family is in many ways a paean to the mentally ill and those who love them. This book is ideal for fans of Dr. Hallowell’s distinguished work in ADHD treatment, fellow members of the psychiatric community, those who have experienced mental illness themselves or in those they love, and readers of all kinds interested in a memoir about finding love in a truly difficult family. A portion of the author’s proceeds will be going to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Dr. Hallowell's desire to become a psychiatrist came from a place of love—he loved his family and wanted to help them, even if they were, as he has said, “certifiably crazy.” He credits his feeling of love and connection to his family, friends, and mentors as the thing that helped him beat the odds and build a happy, successful life, even if it was seasoned by many harrowing moments. Read More
Dr. Hallowell - Keynote Speaker for the Women’s ADHD Palooza

Dr. Hallowell aires at 1:30pm Eastern on Saturday February 10th -How Can You Tell if Your ADHD Meds are Working?

32 of the world’s top ADHD experts to talk specifically about women’s issues.

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Children and Teens with ADHD

 Parenting Children with ADHD - Dr. Hallowell and ImpactADHD join to help parents in these priceless videos with coaching. Get discounted version here .
Young Adults with ADHD
College Alternative - A dults with Learning Differences (ADHD, Dyslexia, etc)- learn entrepreneurial skills and identify your career path. InventiveLabs is accepting applications now for the February session.

Students with ADHD find Success in College
" Landmark College is the world's best destination for a student with a learning difference who wants to advance his or her education in a culture that has the experience, understanding, and skills to provide everything that's needed to build a rugged and reliable foundation for a hugely successful and fulfilling life." - Dr. Hallowell
New! Week-long Adventure Program for Young Adult Males with ADHD or learning challenges - Learn new skills acquired through specialized training disciplines similar to law enforcement/military and combined introspective workshops that highlight the struggles faced with ADHD/learning difficulties into the real world.
Adults with ADHD
ADHD Effect on Marriage Seminar - Starts January 30, with Melissa Orlov, 8 session Live phone seminar. Get your ADHD relationship back on track!

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