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AgOtter is proud of its significant agricultural partnerships in the spraying business. Since its inception in 2014, AgOtter has been building a network of partners, distributors, installers and technicians to support its agricultural customer base, specifically in California and throughout the West Coast.
This month we want to highlight one of the largest AgOtter distributors, Air-O-Fan.
Brent Davis, with Air-O-Fan in Reedley, CA, assisted in the initial testing of AgOtter when it first came to market in 2014.  To be successful, AgOtter had to be designed for California Ag right from the start, and Air-O-Fan helped ensure that it was shaped specifically for the California user-base. Air-O-Fan has since been instrumental in bringing AgOtter rate control technology to customers over the past 5 years, and they have become a premier knowledge-base for AgOtter world-wide.

More about Air-O-Fan:
Whether it’s spraying 1,000 acres of world class pecan trees with our D-2/45 1,000 or 15 acres of wine-grapes with our Slim Jim 300V, Air-O-Fan has a machine that will suit your spraying needs. Air-O-Fan’s Air-Blast sprayers can cover all your needs from Orchard sprayers, Vineyard sprayers, Herbicide sprayers, PTO sprayers and Engine sprayers. With over 74 years of quality design, engineering, craftsmanship, and service, Air-O-Fan is your spray application machinery specialist. As a family-owned-and-operated business, Air-O-Fan manufactures, services, and provides parts for all its machinery. Air-O-Fan also provides a broad dealer network throughout the United States and abroad to ensure that your purchasing and servicing needs are met on a timely basis.

Air-O-Fan installs AgOtter Systems at their factory and sprayers can be ordered through Air-O-Fan with AgOtter Systems already installed. Find out more about Air-O-Fan at www.airofan.com or call them at (559) 638-6546.

More about AgOtter:
AgOtter is a control system that calibrates a sprayer. AgOtter also provides data logging and real-time tracking for assets such as sprayers and harvesters. AgOtter is portable, allowing it to be swapped between assets depending on the season. AgOtter uses an App as the interface to its controllers so you can setup, watch, control and track all assets through an iPhone or iPad. 

AgOtter is designed and manufactured in Tempe, AZ. For a full list of AgOtter partners, check out our website at www.agotter.com.
Video of the Month
Check out more about Air-O-Fan.

This is a customer testimonial from Air-O-Fan who specializes in high performance specialty sprayers powered by John Deere engines.
What sets us apart:
Some Key Features:
  • Our active-calibration technology automatically compensates for driver speed changes.
  • Track your driver’s minute by minute action (Track driver’s idle time).
  • Quickly change the calibration from one row width to another in seconds.
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