Professional Business Portraits
Special Session

Thursday January 21st
South Park
6201 Fairview Road STE 200
Charlotte, NC
More virtual meetings means you need a quality Headshot to represent the Professional YOU!

SnapHappy Photos has enjoyed over 13 years of providing high-end business portraits helping thousands of people and organizations better brand themselves with quality photos. If it is the intent to gain and hold the attention of a potential client, why use a low quality photo?
We will position you in a variety of poses that best suit your looks and body type. We will tether our large display laptop to the camera so you will get real-time feedback.
We will then accurately retouch your photo to eliminate or neutralize any distractions the camera may pick up. Then we add unique skin-softening techniques...we will enhance your look, not change it.
Photos will be delivered as high resolution jpgs
The room is sterilized to meet COVID requirements. The photographers will practice safe distancing while wearing masks and the stool will be sanitized after each use. If you are waiting in the commons area for your appointment, please wear your mask until you are called in.
-Special Session Pricing-
$250.00 Session Fee Waived
$75.00 per person (1 final image)
$50 each additional image thereafter
*If you have a large group, we can bring our portable studio to you...

Contact Ada Stevens for pricing and information
Regus -South Park
6201 Fairview Road STE 200
Charlotte, NC
Appointments start at 8:30 am
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We also specialize in... Events, Food, Architecture, Weddings/Engagements, Photo Art and Family & Celebrations

"...totally focused on you"