Seattle Yoga Arts - December 2017
Start with Softness
Consider this small piece of writing an homage to the quality of softness. Consider it an antidote to the worldwide power of aggression. Consider that when you step onto your yoga mat, you are experiencing all of humanity in the form of yourself, and that your time spent in self-investigation and self-development has important ramifications for you, your family, you community and the world.

Imagine, as John Lennon so bravely and naively suggested, less attachment to being right. Imagine everyone in the world becoming a little softer. Imagine releasing our constant grasping for better, for more. The Buddha said, "Life is suffering." I have heard this phrase translated as "Life is disappointment," and that seems to ring more true for me. I don't suffer on a daily basis, I think few of us do. But we experience constant small disappointments that subtly and continuously harden us. The next time you're too late for a movie or can't get into a restaurant, become very aware of the aggression and hardness of your disappointment.
And in that moment is a great opportunity to practice softness. Softness means being willing to be uncertain, releasing the part of your being that has to control things. Soften the natural human quality of greed and grasping because it is not serving you and is diminishing your creative response to life. Notice all that is already here. 
You begin a yoga practice and dedicate yourself to softness, to the evolving capacity of human beings to understand each other and to be kind. You engage some fierceness in your practice, but only to keep your heart soft and open when it wants to harden. You practice for all beings, for the beauty of this planet, for love and for life.

~ Denise
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Gratitude Month Recap
A deep bow of gratitude to all of you for your amazing generosity. Together we donated over 50 free classes through our Pay Yoga Forward program
AND raised over $1,000 for Yoga Behind Bars and Street Yoga!
We are continuously moved and inspired by this beautiful com-munity. Thank you!

Reminder: PYF class passes can be redeemed through the end of January and there are still a few left!
Upcoming Events
200 and 300-Hour Teacher Training Info Session
Are you ready to take the next step in your practice or teaching? Come learn about SYA's 300-hour and 200-hour Teacher Training Programs from our lead instructors and recent graduates. 

Sat, 12/16,  12:30-2:00
Last session of the year!

This is a free event, but please RSVP to so we can expect you!
Community Class!
Did you know we offer a Community Class for only $8.00 on Saturday mornings from 11am-12:15? Our recent teacher training graduates have been doing an amazing job with this program. Hats off to them!
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