Taking Steps on Multiple Fronts for a Thriving Community
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God has invited each of us to consider the resources He has given for us to use for the good of our neighbourhoods, counties, cities, and larger community. As we listen to the Spirit of Jesus and take the next step, we bring our whole selves into this collaboration in His mission.

The courage to obey God always yields unexpected results, including how we can come to perceive how our action in one area of responsibility belongs in a larger narrative and larger story.

Leaders among the AEM, our EMCC Partner Denomination, in Gens De Nantes (GDN), Nord-Est, Haiti have been examples of being faithful in serving their neighbours through a clinic, a school with primary and secondary students, and an active church community. They have also come to see these areas of investment as interconnected to a larger vision for a thriving community.

AEM teachers, nurses, doctors, pastors, and young professionals recognized the connection between the economic and food security of families and their ability to invest in their children’s education. There was an understanding that chronic food and economic insecurity has wide-reaching effects on the health of the whole community and that extends to successful education of students at the AEM school. They reflected in 2019 on the resources that God has given them to use, to address this challenge and opportunity. AEM leaders shared reflections like….

…[we] don’t bring food to people but help them find their own food...We must use all our resources and find what we miss and work with people around us.

EMCC’s Global Partner representative Herlynda Philogene shared that 

..we can value resources we have in GDN, God is going to bless us from these resources-Elisha asked women what she had and she paid debt from little she had, Jesus insists it is our responsibility to feed ppl, disciples saw nothing/lack...[we must] use very well resources and pray God to multiply, identifying resources and having plan to use and move forward. 

We have been pleased to collaborate with these leaders on an initiative which invests in both the education of students, livelihoods of teachers, and the food security of families. If you would like to find out more information, click the button below.

As you consider how these friends are investing in the well-being of GDN in multiple ways, please consider praying for the following:

  • Herlynda, as she is responsible for communicating what is possible with the new initiative – trusting in God as source of all sufficiency.

  • Hernso, as he fulfills two roles: a teacher and a Farming Gods Way (FGW) trainer. May he be encouraged in the midst guiding parents and caregivers to the realization that they have resources in their land and themselves.
  • an opportunity to open up for Hernso to join other Farming God's Way trainers in Pignon, at FARM Haiti for further upskilling and encouragement.

  • The teachers and school directors as they are juggling various expectations themselves. May the commitment to visit families monthly and growing kitchen gardens themselves bear relational fruit.

  • The students and parents. May they see some success early on to keep them committed to their 1m x 2m garden spots in their front yards. 
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