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Make the Most of Summer!
Can you believe it is already June? Where did May go!?!  Unfortunately, Spring has been a washout here in Marriottsville, MD. It actually rained for 18 days straight! At least we have lush lawns and an abundance of flowers! 

Summer is a great time to do a personal career check up.  Are you on track professionally? Are there opportunities to advance at work? If options are limited in the office, there are things you can do outside of work to further your career development!
How is your work-life balance? A healthy balance doesn't require long vacations or expensive spa days, only that you are adequately taking care of yourself and your interests. If you find yourself confined to the office, try:
However, if you are able to take time off, 
We hope you make the most of the next few months!  Take advantage of learning opportunities.   Work hard and play hard. Just remember to relax and enjoy your well earned downtime.

Best wishes from everyone at RealStreet!
Katy Cook, CSP
Marketing Coordinator
June Celebrations!
A very Happy Birthday to: 
  • Vivian A. - June 20
  • Trinika H. - June 25
  • Dean C. - June 28
  • Nobel C. - June 30
Dads and Grads!
Have a special father-figure or upcoming/recent graduate in your life? June is a time to honor their hard work! Looking for an idea or two?
Regarding Recent Graduates...
Career Advice for Young Professionals
Graduation is an exciting, yet uncertain time in a young professional's life. Some students are fortunate enough to secure employment prior to graduation, but many others go through a stressful job search. Recent grads also face uncertainty in the workplace and a plethora of new decisions facing their future. 

Help educate recent grads as they transition into the working world. Consider the following topics: 
Consider a Career with RealStreet!
Whether you are a recent graduate or simply considering a career change, c heck out the RealStreet Careers Page!
From the Careers Page you can:
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How to Ask For Help
When You're Struggling on the Job
Adapting to a new job, or a host of new responsibilities, can understandably take time. However, if you have been trying to adjust for an extended period of time without - or with little - success, you might need help. Asking for help can be hard, especially if admitting the difficulties makes you feel like a failure in the role. While it might be a tough conversation, it will benefit both you and the company. Being honest about the situation is admirable, and getting assistance is a step in the right direction. 

Read more for tips to guide you through the process. 
Summer Safety
Travel Tips
Ready for fun in the sun!?! Whether you are planning an exotic getaway, a long-distance road trip or a couple of weekend retreats, make sure that you're prepared for the tribulations of summertime travel. 

Before you hit the road, check out: 
If you plan to fly, don't forget to give yourself extra time to get through security. The TSA is already struggling to keep up with traffic in many of the airports throughout the country and the delays are only expected to increase as more than 231 million passengers are expected to fly on U.S. airlines this summer!   

If traveling to a warmer climate, we urge you to educate yourself on the Zika virus. There are still a lot of unknowns, but the government is racing to learn more. For more information check out the

Regardless of where you go or how you get there, be safe and have fun!  

Driving in the Rain

What fashion accessory is believed to increase a driver's visibility in the rain? According to urban legend, any old pair of sunglasses. While it might seem strange, there is some truth behind the misconception. The key is to wear polarized sunglasses!

According to auto.howstuffworks.com, " Polarized lenses help prevent light from scattering when it bounces off a reflective surface, like the glare you see when rain bounces off the road or falls in front of another car's lights. Sunglasses with polarized lenses reduce that effect, making it easier to see what's going on without being distracted or blinded by unpredictable light glare." The site also points out two potentially dangerous problems:
  1. Drivers wearing sunglasses at night 
  2. Drivers wearing sunglasses that are not polarized
Next time you find yourself on the road during a storm, think twice before sporting your shades. 
Ransomware on the Rise!
R ansomware has been around for a long time, but has only recently increased in popularity due to its potential for higher pay-offs.  According to the FBI Website: In a ransomware attack, 
  1. Victims open a seemingly innocent e-mail and begin the process by clicking on an attachment, or getting directed to a website that infects their computer with malicious software.
  2. Once the infection is present, the malware begins encrypting files and folders, often without the user and/or organization knowing of the attack. 
  3. A message appears demanding payment for access to the files, typically via bitcoin, to increase anonymity. 
  4. If a payment is made, the criminals might hold true to their word and provide a decryption key, but there is no guarantee. Keep in mind, the FBI does not condone the use ransom payments.
To minimize the consequences of a ransomware attack, 
  • Regularly back up and verify your data.  
  • Isoltate backups from other devices
  • Ensure antivirus and anti-malware are run regularly.
Read more on the FBI website and better protect yourself and your files. 
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