President's Message
Ben Davoren

May 2021 President’s Message

Our 2021 event calendar is really starting to blossom. After what seems like an eternity fit for Rip Van Winkle, we have had a great run to the coast, a two-day autocross, and now have many upcoming treats for you! Please come out and enjoy one or more of them and check the calendar often for updates.

First up is our picnic drive on Saturday May 22nd. This will feature ‘the long way’ between Windsor and Petaluma on the backroads of Sonoma and Napa counties, and we will end up at Lucchesi Park in Petaluma where we have the picnic grounds reserved at the edge of their lovely pond. I hope to see you there; registration is open now.

If this month’s autocross features lead you to wonder if you might have the autocross bug, our sister region SVR has an upcoming classroom session and then a hands-on day of feedback May 23 and 29. There will be lots of opportunities to have tremendous fun at our own AX events in July, August, and October regardless.

And if you read last month’s rally exposé by Jim Robison, get ready for his rally school on June 26th. The classroom portion will be held at Sonoma State followed by an immediate mini-rally to consolidate your new-found skills. The first ‘real rally’ is planned for July 24th.

Before that, June 19th brings back one of our all-time favorites, the Porsches on the Plaza on Sonoma Square. You will see some of the most beautifully-cared-for Porsches of all vintages and every color in a magnificent setting with lots of nearby opportunities for food, beverages, shopping, and people-watching too.

Speaking of colors, you may have seen that Porsche had a worldwide “Tournament of Colors competition during “March Madness” to identify the greatest Porsche color of all time, out of a field of 64. I never doubted for a minute that my own Carrera’s color (Sapphire Blue Metallic) was near the top, but was excited to see that in 32 head-to-head vote-offs, it survived as the winner! I would love to hear about your own Porsche’s color at any time; no other marque comes close to our varieties over the years.

Lastly, our Board meetings are open to all interested members on the last Tuesday of every month at 7 pm. The May meeting will be our first in-person dinner meeting in more than a year (but we will still have a Zoom option available). Please see our calendar link at for details.
Thunderhill Autocross
Stacy O'Connell
Autocross Co-Chair

April couldn't have come soon enough for the AX fans among us. Our first autocross took place over the April 17-18 weekend at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA. Our sister region Sacramento Valley Region (SVR) ran on Saturday, and we ran on Sunday.

It was a fast and fun course that we took in one direction on Saturday, and the opposite direction on Sunday, with a few modifications.

The weather was beautiful (if not a little hot, TBH), in the low to mid-90s, but that didn't slow anybody down.

Monty Pack from the Golden Gate Region took home Top Time of the Day with a 43.496, and Drew Powers, RR Co-AX chair was fastest in PAX. What separates the top competitors is often a 10th or 100th of a second between drivers. It always fun to watch them compete, and to witness the camaraderie of the whole group.

Results can be found on the autocross page of our website: All drivers, by class and PAX.

We hope you'll come out to Thunderhill October 16-17 for our next two-day weekend event with SVR. We'll be at Sonoma Raceway as well this summer -- we'll announce those dates shortly.
Who are those masked AXers?
Left to Right: Ben Davoren, RR president; Greg Matsumoto, former AX Chair,
and Stacy O'Connell, current AX Co-Chair
Sapphire blues all in a row...the greatest Porsche color of all time?
What is your single favorite thing about Autocross?
Asked at Thunderhill Raceway....

-Stacy O'Connell, Redwood Region Autocross Co-Chair

"The intensity!"
-Grady Carter, Zone 7 Autocross Chair

"Beating Ben!"
-Greg Matsumoto, past Redwood Region AX Chair

"Beating Greg! especially if it's in the 100ths of a second!"
-Ben Davoren, Redwood Region President

"The excitement of the start!"
-Sonia Frank, Redwood Region Concours Co-Chair

"Hands Down! the people you get to meet!"
-Collin Fat, Zone 7 Rep

"The challenge of such high precision driving"
-Bob Peake, SVR Treasurer

"It's that butterflies feeling as you're going through something fast on the very edge of control, and you don't know if you are going to make it."
-Drew Powers, Region Region Autocross Co-Chair

"Thrashing a car."
-Brant Ballantyne, GGR

"The camaraderie and friendly competition."
-John Leet, SVR Autocross Chair

"The people and the adrenaline."
-Dave Dunwoodie, Loma Prieta Autocross Chair
Waiting on grid
Autocross Glossary
DNF: Did Not Finish (in other words, you drove out of the lines)

Grid: Staging areas for cars in a run group (where stories are told in between runs)

PAX: A system of letting you compete with drivers outside of your class by taking into account the characteristics of your car, i.e. it ranks drivers by skill rather than vehicle

Pointer cone: Cones, lying on their side, which serve as arrows indicating which way to go

Red flag: Stop, something bad just happened!

Re-run: If the red flag wasn't your fault, you get an extra lap!

Sea of cones: What an AX course looks like without your glasses
AX & Me
Greg Matsumoto
Former AX Chair Redwood Region

I was drawn to autocross to fulfill a boyhood desire to learn race driving skills.

It was great to have a series of instructors that endlessly shared their helpful tips. I was very green when Grady Carter and Bob Schoenherr were there to coach me.

I quickly realized that the autocross community is not just about learning how to drive, but about creating great friendships and camaraderie with Redwoodies and other clubs.

The Porsche adage, "It's not just about the cars; it's the people" is here in life-sized technicolor. We all share tips and techniques, have enjoyable competition, joyful laughter and friendly razzing.

For example, the first time I met Ben Davoren was at his first autocross. Since we both had 2007 987 Boxsters back then, we were Boxster bros. Mine was Guards Red and his was cobalt blue (gateway color to Sapphire Blue). Ben quickly learned how to drive and now our challenge is to see who gets the lower time. Like other autocrossers, we compete, learn how to drive the course faster, and then we quickly share the techniques learned to get a lower time.

It's great having a selfless community that shares their skills so everyone improves. The years have passed, our cars are different, we're diving better, we're both getting older, we give each other a hard time if our times are better, but the spirit of support and friendship is a given.

 "Try it, you'll like it."
der Scheinwerfer
Pierre Ratte
New Redwood Member

We actually got to meet Pierre in person before writing this article since he drove on the Goat Rock Run. He showed up in his 2003 Boxster which he purchased in 2007 with 20K miles on it. Now it has 70K. Pierre's story is interesting because not only is this his first Porsche, but it is the first Porsche he ever drove. Yes, it was love at first test drive!
Coming from a background of English sportscars, Pierre was shifting at 4000 rpms on the test drive when the salesperson said the engine wanted higher rpms… He complied and couldn't believe the smoothness of the gearing and the power transfer through 5 gears. It was just amazing. Combined with impeccable engineering, steering, balance and suspension. He found it an absolute joy to drive! SOLD!

The impetus for the test drive was a ride in a friend’s vintage Porsche, and he was surprised by how exciting it was even at its “age.” PIerre had had sportscars and really wanted to return to one, but with 3 small children, he thought he should get a car that could accommodate them. He tried driving some of the alternatives like Saab and Audi, but then he drove the Boxster. "The superlative drive train, the impeccable gearing and oh the cornering!"

Pierre tells a great story about how he and his then 10-year-old son set off on a 4-day camping trip to tour some different baseball fields in the Boxster. "We could fit all of our camping gear including the tent, 2 chairs, a cooler, sleeping bags and a camp stove in the trunks. When we pulled in late to a campsite near Gettysburg, the lone car dwarfed by giant RVs and started taking our all our gear, the other campers gathered around to watch as more and more gear kept coming out of the little car. We were a show like the clown cars in the circus."

He drove the car cross country, moving from Connecticut to Washington (and later California) which was actually the ninth time he had driven coast to coast. He had been a little worried about the potential physical toll on his body, but needn't have worried. This trip was significantly different from those trips in the 70s. The car was fantastic; the roads were so good! Forget the old fast food and bad coffee, they did the Bourbon Trail, foodie BBQ joints and espresso drinks all the way. His brother drove along with him in his Audi A4. They could chat with each other on their hands-free devices and apps told them when and where to stop. His dog Sydney rode shotgun. They felt like they were living an episode of Top Gear. 
In the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

Zone 7 Autocross Series Gets Off with a Great Start:

Sacramento Valley hosted Event #1 of the 9-event series at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, Ca. With 59 drivers competing for championship points, the autocross team of SVR led by chair John Leet and his crew did an outstanding job of running the event with drivers getting a total of 10 runs. The course for the two-day event was designed by Redwood Region’s Drew Powers and was both challenging, technical, and fun! Top time of the day honors went to Monty Pack with a blistering time of 43.562 followed closely by Drew Powers, 43.780, Dave Dunwoodie, 44.151, Chris Boynton, 44.334 and Steve Forshay with a 44.370.

Redwood Region hosted Event #2 of the 2-day weekend with 47 drivers participating. The course was run in the reverse direction, and it seemed to take the drivers a few runs to figure out the course. Top time of day for the Porsche contingent went to Monty Pack with a time of 43.596 followed closely by Drew Powers, 43.700, Steve Forshay, 43.785,
Chris Boynton, 44.127, and David Borden, 44.658.

I organized a dinner buffet at the Thunderhill Café that was well attended and a great time to share some stories about the day’s activities and do some off the course bench racing.
The weather conditions were mostly ideal with temperatures in the mid 80’s on Saturday and getting up to the 90’s on Sunday. All in all, all the drivers had a great time, and I assume they will be back at our next Zone AX weekend at the Cow Palace on June 12-13th.
SVR Trailer is a hub of activity
PCA National Event Updates:
With the Covid vaccine being available for all persons 16 years of age and older and a plentiful supply of two vaccines, case rates in the State of California have held steady in Zone 7 at approximately 5-12 cases per 100K with the positivity rate falling to 1.3% in the state. Four counties in Zone 7 have gone to the orange tier including Mono, Fresno, and Kings while most other counties in Zone 7 remain in the more restrictive red tier.
At the monthly Zone Rep meeting held with the PCA executive council, it was informative to hear that many Zones and states are opening while just a few like Michigan are experiencing a significant uptick in cases. PCA National president, Tom Gorsuch reminded us all to continue to be vigilant and to continue to social distance, where a face mask, get your vaccine and wash your hands. registered.

Parade in French Lick is sold out and phase two of registration went smoothly, apart from a website glitch that caused some delay early in the registration process.

Treffen Scottsdale is scheduled for May 6-9th and is on schedule with over 140 cars registered.

Werks Reunion Monterey will likely open registration in June, and chair Tom Provasi is very encouraged with the County of Monterey in dealing with the Covid pandemic. No restrictions other than social distancing, face masks, and handwashing are being anticipated. This is a big change since Tom reported to the Zone Reps last month when everything was dependent on the conditions in Monterey. They have improved significantly, and the fact that Governor Newsom wants to open all the state up by June 15th is a huge indication of the positive direction in which the entire state is going

PCA is updating its website for a new and improved image and functionality. It was down on April 21st and 22nd for updates and by the time you read this article should be up and running. The main emphasis of the update is to hide most of the administrative functions used by national staff and make it more forward facing for anyone who has an interest in learning more about the Porsche Club of America.
Zone 7 Concours Series Updates:

Roy Schauben and Simone Kopitzki have been working diligently since last month on getting dates for the annual Concours school as well as confirmed dates for 6 events this year. Thank you to the region concours chairs and for the several dealerships that have stepped up to provide the site to hold several of these events. The concours school will be held in two parts with the first being a virtual judging school while the second part will focus on hands on judging. The judging school part 1 will be held on May 16th while the dates and locations of the part two school will be announced shortly. Regions hosting a Concours event now include Monterey Bay, Sierra Nevada, Sacramento Valley, Redwood, Diablo, and Golden Gate regions. The dates are listed below.
Events of Interest:

1)    Loma Prieta Region 50th (plus 1) Anniversary Gala, June 19
2)    Monterey Bay Region 60th Anniversary, TBD
3)    Sierra Nevada Region Mammoth Lakes Tour, June 18-20
4)    Porsche Parade at French Lick, Indiana, July 11-17 Wait list
5)    PCA Werks Reunion, Monterey August 13 Reg.opens in June
6)    Monterey Historic, Porsche Platz Corral August 14-15
7)    PCA Fall Treffen American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin, October 13-17
8)    PCA Spring Treffen Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 27-May 1, 2022
9)    Sacramento Valley Region 60th Anniversary Celebration, May 7, 2022

Treffens historically sell out in as little as one hour due to their popularity.
Registration for the Treffens typically opens 3-4 months prior to the event.

2021 PCA West Coast Race Series Schedule

With Federal and State directives pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Club Racing schedule is very fluid and subject to change on a day-to-day basis. The racing schedule shown below will be frequently updated with the latest official status of each of our races.
Rally School
Jim Robison

Redwood Region PCA is presenting a time-speed-distance (TSD) rally school on Saturday June 26th at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park. The event is free and open to all PCA members, from any region. Preregistration is required and will be limited to the first 50 applicants (25 cars). You will be required to pay a $7.00 per car parking fee at Sonoma State University.

A TSD rally is a team event; each car will require a driver and a navigator. The objective is to follow the prescribed route and arrive at each checkpoint exactly on time, with points deducted for both early and late arrival. The correct arrival time is based on the official miles of the official route and the assigned speeds along the route. The job of the navigator is to read the route instructions to the driver and to perform the necessary calculations to determine if they are on time, running early, or running late. This short video from the Rainier Auto Sports Club gives a good description of TSD rallies.

School begins at 10:00 with one hour of classroom demonstrations and discussion, followed by a one-hour practice rally. Both drivers and navigators should attend.

Because we will be driving on public roads at legal speeds, a TSD rally is suitable for any car. An SUV or sedan is just as likely to bring home a trophy as a sports car. The only equipment you will need is a working odometer, clock and calculator (smartphone) and clipboard, pen or pencil. The video shows some sophisticated rally equipment, but none will be required or necessary for the planned, entry-level events.

Preregistration and completed online wellness screen are required prior to attendance. A link to the screen and parking instructions will be emailed the week before school. Register here.

In addition to the rally school, Redwood Region has planned two TSD rallies. Die Trockenbach Rallye will be a four-hour event on Saturday, July 24th, starting in Windsor and finishing in Healdsburg. The Devil’s Gulch rally will be a 6½ hour event on Saturday, August 28th, starting in Fairfax and finishing in Rohnert Park. Both rallies will be free and open to all PCA members or Porsche drivers. Awards will be presented to the top three finishers in each rally.

Fans of Ida Clayton Road will be disappointed; there are no dirt roads on either rally nor on the practice run.

For more information,
please contact Jim Robison
Membership Report & Information
Tom Short
Membership Director

Our April and May Anniversaries and New Members will be listed in the next issue.
der Marktplatz
1996 993 4S
Drives beautifully! but moving to London and sadly must sell...

Grand Prix White with light grey leather interior and carbon accents (shifter and hand break)
Looks sharp and never heats up too much.
100% original with two very thoughtful improvements; a clear bra in the front
and Bilstein PSS10s which are much better than OEM shocks. 
AC works great.
Original working radio and original CD changer under the bonnet!
Purchased in 2004 at around10K miles; now just over 63K miles
Carefully maintained by Rob and his team at S-Car-Go

Please contact Jens with serious inquiries or for more information.
Drives beautifully! But moving to London and sadly must sell...

Grand Prix White with light grey leather interior and carbon accents (shifter and hand brake)
Looks sharp and never heats up too much.
100% original with two very thoughtful improvements; a clear bra in the front
and Bilstein PSS10s which are much better than OEM shocks. 
AC works great.
Original working radio and original CD changer under the bonnet!
Purchased in 2004 at around10K miles; now just over 63K miles
Carefully maintained by Rob and his team at S-Car-Go

Please contact Jens with serious inquiries or for more information.
Four Porsche Turbo Twist wheels 18" x 9" rears (2) and 18 x 7.5" fronts (2)
996.362.138 9x18et52 rear / 996.362.134 7.5x18et50 front

Mounted tires are: Front: RE71r 225/40r18 BRI /Rear: RE71r 265/35r18 BRI

Autocrossed on these for 2 seasons, you could probably get a few more autocrosses out of them or a track day. Center caps not included. More pics available. Sold as set only, $650. Contact Stacy.
Got something to sell? We'll post it for free. Send us details and a picture by the 5th of the month to be included.

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