President's Message
Ben Davoren

August 2021 President’s Message

I hope that you are all having a great summer, recognizing that the COVID surges and the delta variant may be changing some of our habits by the time you read this. We are continuing to sponsor great events and have the tools to be able to make them as safe as possible for everyone, so please come out and ‘decompress’ with us!

July was a fantastic month for the club as we were able to have two terrific tours to destination wineries, with great lunches as well as fun routes and lots of first-time drivers. Both Martorana and Pech Merle staff took excellent care of us and I’m confident everyone will be back in the future. In addition, we had the first Time-Speed-Distance Rally, with a very creative 145 mile route, and Porsche drivers from all across Northern California came to participate and learn about how to rally. I am thrilled to report that Lisa and I managed to come in tied for 4th out of 24 and that no serious arguments occurred about the three U-turns we needed to pull on the course. Turns out it is always the navigator’s fault, but I did my best mental math most of the time.

August and September promise to continue the summer momentum. There will be two autocrosses at Sonoma Raceway (in the paddock area, which is super safe for those of you who have never been there). Sundays August 15th and August 22nd will bring us out, and we are now able to provide in-car instruction for all of you who would like to learn about AX; which I hope is most of you! There simply is no safer, non-stressful way to learn about the limits of your car as you race against the clock, and absolutely everyone is there because they are having FUN. Registration will be open before you are able to read this month’s dR.

We also have another winery destination on August 14th: Maple Creek in Yorkville, up on the wonderful road that is Highway 128. Getting there is a blast and the unique lunch site out under the oak trees is matched only by the unique wine flights you will experience. This year there is a fully-catered lunch to make it even more appetizing. Registration is now open.

Last but not least, the Devil’s Gulch rally on August 28th is now also open for registration. This 125 mile route will focus on Marin County back roads and will be a great way to kindle family harmony between driver and navigator. And prizes.

For September, watch our calendar for more information about the opportunity to place your car onto the “Porscheplatz” as part of the Cloverdale Car Show on September 11th. On Saturday the 25th the New Member Mixer tour to Vacaville’s annual Oktoberfest will be set, and we are actively working on a location for our Concours to bring together stunning Porsches from all over NorCal.

As usual, I invite you to participate in planning events for our future. Our 100% volunteer-run club has openings on the Board that could benefit from your energy and enthusiasm. If you'd like to know more, please reach out to me directly or attend a Board meeting. 

Meetings are open to all members on the last Tuesday of every month at 7 PM at Mary's Pizza Shack in Novato. We will still have a Zoom option available for August, but if you come in person, dinner is always on the club - you just pay for your drink. Please see our calendar link at  for details.
The Road to Martorana
Ben Davoren
Our first driving tour back to a wine tasting in almost two years was a smashing success! On Sunday July 18th, 29 gorgeous Porsches assembled in Novato to embark on an 84 mile back roads treat that took us all the way out to the coast at Marshall, then up through the Redwoods and Occidental, along the Russian River through Guerneville, and then finally up the West Dry Creek Valley to our destination: the Martorana Family Winery. 50 thrill seekers were happy to see glasses of chilled Sauvignon Blanc at the ready as we were directed to our parking spaces by winemaker Gio Martorana. Our cars were all centered around his parents’ single-owner 1963 356c, engine compartment popped for inspection and with Mom and Dad beaming proudly.

Special thanks go out to my co-leader Vern Rogers, group relays Rick Duste and Rex Simmons, and of course sweeps Tom Strobel and Kurt Fischer, who all managed not to let the apparently skewed GPS coordinates for Martorana on West Dry Creek Road interfere with their mission to get us all there safely! We should also thank the Town of Monte Rio which has had the good sense to create a lovely public restroom for a mid-tour biobreak, replete with nearby parking.

It was a treat to have the winery grounds to ourselves under clear – but definitely hot! – skies. The Martorana staff made sure we were well cared for as we tasted our way through 5 delicious varietals and enjoyed our boxed lunches at shaded picnic tables. As an additional treat, First Lady Lisa Davoren provided club-logo squirt bottles to help everyone beat the heat. I was impressed that more squirt-gun battles did not break out but I enjoyed getting the occasional misting from more than a few folks to help me keep my cool.

This was another club event that brought out a few new members in addition to those of us who already know how fantastic these backroads trips can be in our area and how lucky we are to be able to live and drive here. I hope that if you are reading this you will come out to the events that we put on, and I invite you to suggest new ideas, venues, and routes as well.
View from the Top- Martorana Style
Banter of the Besties
An interview with
Tom Strobel and Redwood Region Past President Vern Rogers

I was lucky enough to sit down with Tom and Vern at the Martorana Event to discuss track driving. Tom had just recently returned from a stint at Willow Springs which he describes as "short and very nice and fast." When asked about his favorite track, he replied "Sonoma: It's a difficult, technical track, and 10 minutes from my house." He added, "If you can learn Sonoma, you can drive anywhere in the world."

Vern chimed in with, "Sonoma's the reason I bought my car." He said he had a base level Cayman on Sonoma and couldn't pass between 6 and 7 or coming out of 11, so he bought a 40th Anniversary 911 with 100 more hp.

Sonoma is Vern's favorite track too, although he was initially scared of the concrete walls of Sonoma, being used to the wide open spaces of Thunderhill. He loves that it is just so close. So, Tom gave him a track day for Christmas, and "by the next turn, Vern was trying to get around the guy in from of me." Tom's in group 3 now (D.E. groups), and he says you just hope that all 35 drivers do the right thing. You learn to drive in tight formation. He won't move up to 4 because "4 is nuts! It's full of professional racers or guys who just think they are. It's better to have fun in 3! " They no longer get to run against each anymore because Vern is in group 2 where he's happy (except when he gets behind the group 1s), but
"They are still besties."
Waiting on grid
Porsches at the Point
Greg Maissen
Past President Redwood Region

It had been a while since I had been on the track at Sears Point so when GGR PCA announced that they were doing a two day track event on the first weekend of July, I jumped at the opportunity, especially since it was also the weekend of my birthday.

After signing up online, it was time to get my head and the 928 ready for the track.

First up was to get a new helmet as my current helmet was SA rated for 2010 (current rating for GGR is 2015 or newer), so I purchased a SA 2020 and was set. I then did a quick review of the flags and corner worker stations on the track along with reviewing the turns and their numbers.

Next was getting the 928 teched and prepared. I downloaded the tech sheet and inspected all items listed. I also installed the front tow hook and removed all loose items in the cabin along with giving it a through vacuuming to keep debris from floating around as both windows have to be all the way down once on the track for safety. Fortunately, keeping the 928 current with maintenance including a recent oil change, brake fluid flush and replacing the coolant meant that the only thing that needed to be done was to replace the current “street” brake pads with a little more aggressive “street/ track” brake pad set from Hawk.

As the weekend approached drivers were assigned their run group and instructor. The groups are divvied up according to track experience with yellow for newbies, green for first time solo drivers, blue for more experienced drivers and red for all out driving. All groups except for the red group are a “point to pass” meaning that when a faster car is approaching a slower car, the slower car will point out of the window as to which side of the track for the faster car to pass. For newer drivers it is very important to constantly check your mirrors and also to know where the allowed passing zones are on the track. 

The weekend was finally here, and I drove out to the track on Friday afternoon to get a jump on car tech, helmet inspection and number assignment and placement. After that there was a track walk and drive to get oriented on proper entry and exit of the turns along with a great Q and A with Jim McClelland, GGR track chairman. It was great to see friends that I had not seen in awhile, and I was also reminded on how much I really missed not being out at Sears.

Saturday morning arrived literally in the blink of an eye as I had not slept much the night before in anticipation of the next day's event. Once I found a spot to park in the paddock and unloaded the car, it was time for the mandatory drivers meeting in the bleachers. 
As we went over all of the mandatory items and some more Q and A, there was a little confusion on the passing zones. Earlier it was announced that you could pass from turn 7 to turn 8 but then that was disallowed. After the meeting was over, drivers paired up with their instructors. Since GGR had not been out at Sears Point in quite a few years, and especially since this is a very technical track, unless you were a seasoned driver you were placed in the lower run groups as a precaution and paired up with an instructor. Once the instructor has confidence in the driver you are then signed off to solo and/or move up to a higher run group.

My instructor was Ken Park who had been instructing since 1997 and currently drives a beautiful Cayman GT4. We agreed that Ken would drive the 928 first with me as passenger so that he could get a good feel for the car and be able to give proper instruction. As we got situated in the car, Ken provided a two way radio that fit in our helmets so we could communicate properly.

Once out on the paddock grid, we waited to be directed out onto the track by the grid steward David Bunch. I love this part as the heart starts pumping and the adrenaline is flowing and everything comes into focus! Yes! this is also the time where we get to be on the same tarmac that the best race car drivers in the world have been on, and we are only minutes away from some incredible racing. Knowing this, I remind myself that my goal today is to learn and apply and that speed comes later.

We approach the starter who points and clears us to proceed out onto the track. First thing to do is to look right to see if any cars out on the track are coming up from turn one to turn two from which we are entering. Once that is clear, we accelerate uphill to turn two. The first few laps out are to allow the car to warm up: most importantly the tires and brakes. What is not apparent to someone who has not been out on the track is that many of the turns are off camber and turn two is certainly one of them. As Ken is making his way around the track, the 928 is warming up and after a few laps, he starts to dial in more speed. I am taking mental notes as to his entry and exiting of the turns along with his braking points and throttle. It is a very weird, read uncomfortable, feeling to be a passenger in your own car as someone else is driving it and getting on it. Ken has a nice cadence going; it feels very comfortable with how it is handling, and he even comments that it really feels dialed in. We then decide it is time to switch positions and pull into the pit lane to swap seats.

After getting pointed and cleared to enter the track, I start to accelerate up to turn two and shift into second gear. With a nice smooth turn in, I start to feather in some throttle, enter a small straight and up shift to third gear while heading to turn 3 and aim for mid apex. From there it is turn 3a at just a bit before mid apex and then drift over to the left for another brief straight before looking for my braking point, which happens to be a small dip in the wall to the left and then get on the brakes before turning right into turn 4 which is another turn that is off camber. Into turn 5 heading left and then get back hard on the throttle heading to the right and turn six (the “carousel”) with braking just after the rise. Staying in the middle of the carousel while maintaining light throttle, I aim for the left at mid to late apex and then start to get back on the gas. This is a nice straight where I really get on the gas and pick up speed before hitting my next braking point and downshifting into second with some heel and toe. Turn seven can either be a single or double apex but a single apex works best with some throttle oversteer to set up nicely into turn eight and the esses. Hitting the first apex is crucial as it sets up the other apices properly for entering turn 9. Drifting slightly to the left for nine allows the car to set up nicely and allows me to feed in a lot of throttle heading into turn ten. Once you get familiar with nine it really ends up being a straightaway and is one of the faster parts of the track. With the car straightened out heading into ten, I get on the brakes. Turn ten is known for being a harrowing turn as you are heading for a wall and if heavy baking is not done in a straight line, the weight of the car will shift and a spin will happen. After ten, I drift to the right, and hit it mid apex and then to the left, heading for turn 11. Turn 11 is another turn where you are heading straight into a wall as it is a hairpin to the right so your first instinct is to brake early. But, after getting accustomed to it, it is fun to adjust the braking point later. Turn 11 is another turn where you can either double or single apex. I get hard on the brakes with a nice heel and toe and down shift into second gear and turn slightly in, but I primarily aim for the second to the last set of stacked tires on my right as my main apex point. From there I feather in some throttle and then get back hard on the gas and upshift into third while keeping my eye on the start/stop flagger. Then I head uphill to turn two and do it all again.

After a few more laps the checkered flag comes out. The last lap is intended as a cool down lap for the engine and brakes and is also a good time to wave at each corner worker as you pass by. This lets them know that the driver is aware of their location and presence and that you are paying full attention to everything that is happening on the track. It is also a nice way to say thank you as they are volunteering their time and knowledge as so many of us do in PCA.
Overall the first day was great and was going as planned as I was getting excellent feedback and instruction from Ken who signed me off to solo mid morning. Because I really wanted to feel confident with increasing my speed and shorten my braking points, I asked him to continue instructing for the remainder of the day. A few things did not go as planned, one of which was getting a black flag. This happened just as we were entering turn nine and was confirmed again at turn 10. So we exited the track and proceeded to drive up to the starting grid to meet with the steward. He informed me that I had pointed for a faster driver to pass me coming out of turn seven and that was not allowed. I acknowledged that I understood, and that I was responsible for that mistake so was cleared to enter back onto the track to finish out that session. Then we got a red flag coming out of turn 11, and I safely and immediately pulled over to the right and stopped the car. We were instructed to circle over to the exit before turn 11 and exit the track. Bewildered as to what happened, we parked the car and went over to the steward. He informed us that we had missed the checkered flag for the last lap and that our session had ended. Ken was very gracious and tried to apologize for not calling it out, but the sole responsibility is with the driver as that person is the one in control and that was me.

If you get a red flag, go off course or make contact with another car, you get to see the old man. So we got in the elevator and headed all the way up to the control tower to talk to the main steward of the track. This is not a warm and fuzzy feeling although once in the tower it reminded me of being back in the Navy on the USS Midway when it was on active duty in Japan and being in the control tower above the flight deck during flight ops. The view is incredible and everyone there is very serious about what they are doing, and it is dead quiet. This felt like that. When there was a moment, Ken spoke with the head steward and acknowledged what we had done. The steward stared at both of us and cleared us to return back out on the track. He then smiled at Ken and laughingly said to him, “What are you doing up here? Get back out there!” It was one of those moments where you realize the seriousness of it, yet are thankful that it was minor, a teachable moment. 

The second day was just me in the car. I really like doing a two day track event as the second day you get different perspective and can put everything from the first day together. The first session was to just get acclimated and review. I felt really good and decided to add more speed along with shortening my braking points. Each session felt smooth and my confidence was building. 

During lunch time there is a break for the drivers, and the track is open to parade laps for anyone who wants to experience the track at less than track speeds. This is a great way to get familiar with the track first hand, and it's also just plain fun to be out there.
Some Redwood Region members also came by to watch and experience the fun, including Thorsten and Simone Kopitzki, along with our current President Ben Davoren who took full advantage of the parade laps. 

The last session of the day was supposed to be my run group, but with many people having left for the day, drivers were thinning out. So it was decided that all run groups including red group would be in this session. I contemplated this and was feeling a bit nervous with being out on the track with these much more experienced drivers and their faster cars set up for the track. But, I was feeling the confidence of the day and decided to go out. My primary goal was to have good track awareness (which you should always have), and let the faster cars pass as quickly as possible.

Once out on the track it felt really good, and my first lap was great. The nice thing was that as the faster cars approached and passed, I was able to briefly run with them and see and follow some of their lines and braking points. This is a great experience as it really helps to reinforce proper car control and build up speed. 

The opposite can also be experienced as a newer driver in a Cayman GTS came up behind me approaching turn two completely off line and on the right of the track. Since he had more power I let him pass just after two and again he was completely off line but was feeding more throttle. He completely missed the entry to turn three and nearly spun. Traction control saved him but it was obvious that he was not applying what his instructor was trying to teach him and was trying to be faster with false confidence and power.

For anyone who has not been out on the track recently or are considering it for the first time I highly recommend getting out there with GGR as they have excellent instructors (if you listen and apply) and are a great group of people.
Stacy O'Connell
Autocross Co-Chair

Hi Autocrossers,

Redwood is hosting two AXs at the paddock at Sonoma Raceway this month:

Sunday, August 15 (shared weekend with Golden Gate Region running on Saturday)
Sunday, August 22 (Zone 7 event)

Registration is open for the August 15 event: 

We haven't been at Sonoma Raceway for autocross since last November, and we're looking forward to seeing you on one or both of these upcoming Sundays - as both promise to be a lot of fun!

Registration for August 22 will open next week and will be announced via email, social channels and our website.
Hope to see you soon!

Stacy and Drew
Co-Chairs, Redwood AX
der Scheinwerfer
Cheri Otan
New Redwood Member

Cheri is an enthusiastic driver with a bubbly personality and jumped right in to Club activities just a few days after joining with the drive to Martorana. This is probably because although she is a new club member, Cheri is on her third Porsche. At the moment, as Covid cut her work travel, Cheri has had the opportunity to have some down time and wanted to spend it doing something she loves: driving! She was initially stymied about which Region to join since she splits her time between San Francisco and Napa, but decided the right way in the end! She said as she drove around the wine country, all the other Porsche drivers were always super friendly honking and waving as she drove past.

Cheri loves everything about her Gray 2015 911, however, her new favorite thing is the Porsche community and the pure joy of driving with other enthusiasts. The one thing Cheri would like other members to know about her is that she is open to advice, as she wants to learn and improve her driving performance.

Keep your eyes open for her Carrera and her giant smile. Be sure to wave!
In the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

PCA National Staff Meeting:
I attended the PCA Naitonal Staff meeting at French Lick during Parade and had a great opportunity to hear updates from the national staff’s cadre of volunteers as well as from PCA executive director, Vu Nguyen, Panamera editor Rob Sass, National Treffen chair, Alex Ching, Social Media chair, Maggie Goodman, and several other volunteer national event chairs. It seems that participation in events around the country are on the upswing and upcoming national events like Werks Reunion Monterey are expecting record turnout. Our social media chair again advised the national staff and particularly the 14 Zone Reps in attendance to watch for inappropriate posting to region Facebook pages such as photos of a speedometer while driving on a tour with one hand on the wheel or posting photos of an incident at last week’s driver education event. Don’t forget that these postings and photos can be easily circulated among the public and do not present PCA in the most positive manner. The summer national staff meeting was the first since the summer of 2019 and is also held in conjunction with a winter staff meeting in February of each year. The meeting was a great opportunity to hear from national staff about things going on in their areas, both good and not so good.
Parade 2021 at French Lick:
More than 20 members from Zone 7 attended this years Parade in French Lick, Indiana with 11 members making the 2,000-mile one-way trip by driving. My hat is off to these members for undertaking such an arduous journey! The weather forecast for the week leading up to Parade was predicted to be rain almost every day with temperatures in the mid 80’s and high humidity. Though it did rain at the concours (fortunately moved indoors at the last minute) the weather was not as balmy as I had thought but was rather pleasant with low humidity.

Just over 2,000 members attended at the fabulous French Lick Resort , encompassing two hotel properties: the French Lick Resort and the West Baden Resort. Both hotels have a long history and have been in existence since the early 1920’s. Parade attendance surpassed initial estimates, and initially every room at both resorts were booked with some 300 members without accommodations. Due to the persistence of the Parade committee additional rooms were secured in and around French Lick so that all of those on the wait list for a hotel room could be accommodated.
Zone 7 attendees distinguished themselves in many ways while attending this year’s Parade with members scoring trophies in some of the national as well as competitive awards. This year’s Parade Long Distance Award was given to Craig Steele, past president of Redwood Region who drove the 2,000 some miles from his home in Santa Rosa, and just outdistanced his caravan partner, Mike Hinton, also a past president of Redwood Region. By the way, Craig not only received a trophy to take home with him but also a new set of Michelin tires! In the website competition, Yosemite Region captured first place in class II, membership of 99-199 members, after finishing 3rd last year. Congratulations to their webmaster, Don Chaisson, for a job well done! Diablo Region was an honorable mention in the Community Service Award category and was among 8 finalists for recognition.

Tom Gorsuch, PCA president presenting the Long Distance Award to Craig Steele,
writer of our touring series of articles:
In the competitive events, Jessica Toney placed a solid 2nd in class R01 for the TSD rally while Tom Provasi, garnered a respectable 3rd place finish in class R03. Mike Hinton clearly knew his stuff about early 911’s while competing in the tech quiz finishing 1st in Q02. Tom Provasi and wife Sandy Provasi competed in the Gimmick Rally and finished 1st in the more than 2 passenger class. In the 5K Run competition, Craig Steele finished 3rd in class for runners 70 years plus while Mike Hinton finished 3rd in class for runners in the 60-69 age group. Complete up to date Parade results can be found at:
If you have never attended a Porsche Parade, it should be on your bucket list. It is a complete over-exposure of everything Porsche from the opportunity to share a wonderful week with more than 2,000 like-minded enthusiasts in a wonderful venue, lots of tours, tech sessions, sponsor giveaways and door prizes, showing off your favorite Porsche in the concours, testing your autocross skills against others from around the country, and visiting some unique sights and great roads.
Zone 7 award Recipients!

Next year’s Parade is scheduled for June 12-18, 2022 at the Kalahari Resort, Poconos in Pennsylvania while the 2023 Parade is scheduled to return to the La Quinta Resort in Palm Desert.

Zone 7 Concours Series Update:

The first concours event of the season is scheduled for August 1st at Porsche Rocklin and will be hosted by the Sacramento Valley Region. Then, Monterey Bay Region hosts on August 22nd, and Sierra Nevada Region hosts the following weekend, August 29th. Due to covid restrictions in place during the planning of these events, we will have 3 events in August. For information on these events go to the Zone 7 website at or go to each region’s website for registration information and details.
Zone 7 Autocross Series Update:

The latest news on the autocross competition is that the Cow Palace has decided not to issue a use permit for the previously scheduled Zone events in August. These events are now scheduled for September 4th and 5th. Golden Gate Region hosts on the 4th and Redwood Region hosts on the 5th.
Events of Interest:

PCA Werks Reunion, August 13, Bayonet Golf Course, Seaside Registration open
Monterey Historic, Porsche Platz Corral August 14-15th.

Monterey Bay Region 60th Anniversary TBD

PCA Fall Treffen at the American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin, October 13-17

PCA Spring Treffen at the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 27-May 1, 2022

Parade 2022 at Kahalari Resort Poconos, Pennsylvania June 12-18th
Note: Treffens historically sell out in as little as one hour due to their popularity. Registration for the Treffens typically opens 3-4 months prior to the event.
Rallies Return to Redwood Region
Jim Robison

Preceded by the Social Distancing Rally last year and the Rally School last month, the Redwood Region has hosted its first real rally in over ten years.

The Trockenbach Rallye explored 145 miles of Sonoma County back roads on Saturday July 24th. Starting in Windsor, 23 Porsches and a Tesla made their way down Eastside Road, up Westside and onto East Dry Creek. After two checkpoints and a pit stop, the cars drove out to the coast for a lap around Annapolis, and then returned to find the final checkpoint just south of Geyserville. The five-hour event finished at the Round Table Pizza in Healdsburg where results were posted and awards presented over a background of pizza and beer.

Jeannie Parker and Samer Bekhazi took first place in a 2015 Carrera S with a total error of 5 seconds, including a zero on Leg 2: the only zero of the day!

Second place went to Peter Watler and Daphne Feng in a 2018 718 Cayman GTS with a score of 75 seconds.

Lisa and James Mazza claimed third place with a score of 105 seconds in their 2013 991 Carrera.

Trophies went to fourth place where we had a tie. Lisa and Ben Davoren in a 2017 Carrera S and Richard Wetzel and John Lanting in a 2001 Boxster both finished with scores of 209 seconds.

The best 4 .door Porsche team was George Boryan and Martin Gerbasi in a 2020 Macan. They got off to a great start with the best score of any car on Leg 1: an error of only 2 seconds after over an hour of driving. On the 95 mile 3rd Leg, their error was only a minute and 34 seconds. Unfortunately, a wrong turn on Leg 2 cost them a five minute max penalty. Still, they managed to finish in the top third with 7th place overall; proving that 4 doors can be just as competitive as 2 on rallies.

The next event in the series is Devil’s Gulch, on Saturday August 28th. It will use the same time-speed-distance (TSD) format, but with a lot more checkpoints. We will start in San Rafael and finish in Rohnert Park, covering about 125 all-paved miles. A trophy will be given to the best finishing 4 door Porsche, so Taycans, Panameras, Macans and Cayennes: Come on out!!!

 Registration is now open at For more information, please email Jim Robison
Second Place Winners Peter Walther and Daphne Feng receive their trophy from Rallymaster Jim Robinson
Third Place winners Lisa and James Mazza came all the way from Modesto to compete!
Richard Wetzel and John Lanting navigating the chicane section

Thank you to Guy Foster who provided all the photos from the Rally Event including the new thumbnails for Jim and Ben.
Porsche Punchline
“What do you mean there’s no Average Speed of 90 mph?”
-caption and photo by Jeffrey Hall
Board Meeting Minutes
Rick Duste

Board meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month at 7 PM. Meetings are open to all members. We have returned to in-person dinner meetings at Mary's Pizza Shack in Novato. You can also join the meetings via Zoom from the comfort of your own homes. Please see our calendar link at for details.

You can read previous Board meeting minutes here.
Membership Report & Information
Tom Short
Membership Director

In July 2021, 43 PCA Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club, including three members with over 40 years in the club! We also had two members with over 30 years, and 12 more with over 20 years.

In July we welcomed 14 new members as well as four transferees from other regions. You will be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge shortly. If you’d like to order a name badge for your associate or family member, check out our website for full details and instructions.
Congratulations to all of you for such long-term loyalty, and thank you to all who are marking anniversaries – I hope you are enjoying your membership, and taking advantage of all the great benefits our club has to offer!

If you spot any errors or have any questions about membership please feel free to email Tom .
der Marktplatz
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