President's Message
Ben Davoren

June 2022 President’s Message
The heat definitely showed up for our events in May! Our autocross weekend with the SVR region up at Thunderhill Raceway was fantastic in terms of the competition, the course layout, and the overall fun quotient, but we probably set a record for the number of water bottles consumed due to the heat! Come out in late October for our return visit and see what the fuss is all about under (historically) cooler skies.

Our second midweek tour (May 18th) was a success on another top-down / AC-on day, albeit with some COVID and road-paving complications, ending with a great meal at the very friendly Northwoods Bistro in Monte Rio. Our planned rally for May 21st was ultimately cancelled, but read on for plans for a very creative sequel this month.

Our June calendar has something for everyone: our winery tour season starts off with a bang on Sunday June 12th as we head on an 80 mile drive to Martorana Family Winery in West Dry Creek. I hope to see you there; look for a review in next month’s dR. Saturday June 18th will be the first installation of the “Mount Tam Trek”, a new style of TSD rally that Jim Robison explains below. Registration is open until the 14th. Set Saturday June 25th for a non-driving day as you peruse the gorgeous “Porsches on the Plaza” in downtown Sonoma; better yet, register your own car and come show off! All proceeds go to charity.

July is shaping up to include two winery tours (Far Niente July 9th and Pech Merle July 30th), a midweek tour and picnic at Spring Lake July 20th, and a possible local (Sonoma) autocross July 17th. Keep an eye on our calendar for updates and registration links.

I hope that you can come out and join the fun that we are having in our amazing neck of the woods, the Redwood Region. I also hope that you can bring your creative energy to the organizational side of this all-volunteer club. Our Nominating Committee is working hard to ensure a smooth transition to a new Board that will be elected this fall and enthusiastically seeks your skills and ideas! Please email the dR editor with your interests so we can help get you involved. As always, you may also email us directly or attend our monthly Board meeting on Tuesday June 28th at Mary’s Pizza Shack in Novato at 7 PM. Dinner is always on the club – you just pay for your drink (Zoom will also be available if you wish to attend remotely). Please see our calendar link at  for details.

As noted last month, our Bylaws have been updated to reflect new PCA National standards. A Google Forms voting message will be emailed to all active members in the next few weeks. Please do vote to approve the update. Details about the changes were included in May’s dR, and the full texts of the current and proposed Bylaws are available on our website.
See you under sunny skies!
Vice President's Message
Rick Duste
Vice President

Another month has flown by. Hard to believe it's already summer.  Our midweek road tours have proved popular so far, and we have another one scheduled in July which will be hosted by Sharon Castle Rogers with support from husband and the club's Treasurer, Vern. This one will end up at Spring Lake Park in Santa Rosa and will feature a bring your own lunch/beverage concept which I suspect will prove popular.   Our series of winery destinations begin this month and will see a number of different tours throughout the summer.  Don’t forget the annual Porsches-on-the-Plaza in downtown Sonoma on June 25th.  The Rally Director has been busy creating new routes and creative formats with the Mt Tam Trek and the Out-and-Back events now on the schedule.  Look for detailed information on the club’s website
All of our events, be they road tours, autocross or rallies are designed to be fun, entertaining and most importantly, safe.  Most of our routes encompass our famous Marin, Sonoma, and Napa county roads. For the most part, two lanes, rural and twisty.  A number of factors can affect the pace of a group. However, in no instance is it permissible for one car to pass another car within the Club group unless expressly and clearly waved past by the car ahead.   This rule is for your safety as well as others on the road.   
Northwoods Tour
Three groups of cars made their way from Petaluma to Monte Rio on the Russian River for our second midweek driving tour on May 18th.   We passed the USCG station at Two Rock before we encountered our first bit of road construction. After turning north at Tomales and doubling back east on Fallon Two Rock Road, we encountered our next road paving project. Following a warning by the flagman of fresh oil and chip-seal ahead, we opted to make a u-turn and created an alternate route on the fly. Each of the groups took different routes, but we all ended up back on track heading for Highway 1 and Bodega Bay. The weather was sunny and warm, affording great views of the Pacific as we motored up Highway 1 to Jenner where we turned east and followed the Russian River to the Northwood Bistro at Northwood Golf Course in Monte Rio. Dr. Alister MacKenzie designed the course that was built in 1928. He also designed the famed Cypress Point course in Monterey. Northwoods was happy to host us, and we enjoyed a relaxed lunch on the Bistro’s back patio.  
Unplanned regroup at Tomales....
Porsche Parade Poconos Tour
Craig Steele
Secretary and Past President

I am days away from getting into my 2011 Cayman S and driving towards the rising sun on my most ambitious transcontinental drive yet. I will be going solo as the several navigators I invited declined. That’s alright; this is a captain’s journey of gargantuan magnitude (June 3rd to June 30th) covering over 8,300 miles. I will have to maintain enormous discipline to keep to the schedule that I have published to all my faithful followers. I won’t even have my fellow Porsche driver Mike Hinton to combine his Waze directions and my Garmin route detail. The two longest legs of the trip are the first two: Santa Rosa to Ely NV, 546 miles, and Ely NV to Parker CO, 691 miles. These two routes are the most mountainous with stretches of high desert. The unknowns are the weather, the road conditions and construction as well as other vehicle traffic, animals, and flying objects. The Cayman S is ready from a mechanical standpoint, but you can’t always account for every contingency.
To sustain any type of driving rhythm, I must be on the road by 5:00 AM to be able to drive during mostly daylight along the planned route. Driving two-hour intervals seems to work the best. I then break for a combo restroom, fuel, and food break. I will be stretching stiff muscles, playing delightful road music and witnessing some of the best majestic western landscape you have ever seen. One of my favorite tasks is adopting a fellow driver maintaining the same direction and speed as me. Other times you try to pass the mopey autos and slow dragging trucks trying to pass each other on all the upgrades. Then there’s the Ka squelch of the radar detector alarm alerting me to lawmen or a speed indicator in the area.
So why do I do this journey? I love being around Porsche people and the best way to do that is to drive my Porsche to the annual Porsche Parade. There is no other event that provides the diversity and motorsport activity of the Porsche Parade. This is my 7th Parade. Before I started attending Parades, my touring was restricted roughly to California. I had no idea what it was like to cross the USA to the East Coast. I never saw the Kansas plains or imagined what it was like to cross the Mississippi. I got to visit cities I only dreamed about, let alone drive to in my Cayman S, like Nashville, Charleston, Savannah or Chattanooga. One of my final bucket list items is to drive in all the New England and Northern states bordering Canada. After Parade, I plan to visit ten major cities before stopping off at Walla Walla WA to visit my old friends Mike and Brenda Hinton.

Look for my article next month to find out how this trip turned out!
A Promise Fulfilled
Laurence Lewin
Redwood Region Member
The adventure of following a fantasy car from configuration to delivery involves a lot of moving parts. Porsche finally came up with a partial answer to their fanatics’ desire to become intimately involved in the process for which they were hefting a considerable bill. There is European delivery, pre-COVID at least, and now the app: TrackYourDream.
There are hazards along the way, most recently and expensively demonstrated by the fire and sinking of the Felicity Ace off the Azores. As this tragedy was immediately prior to the departure of my roll-on/roll-off autotransporter, the Glovis Sonic, I was acutely aware of the danger, and gratefully the app’s updates of progress the Sonic worked her way through the English Channel, across the Atlantic, the Caribbean and through the Canal, heading up the West Coast to Benicia.

A March 7, 02:30 docking was estimated from the operations office of the San Francisco Bar Pilots.

That was awfully early on Monday morning. I turned to Facebook and discovered a community of nearly 9,000 people, the Benicians, and got advice regarding where I could best see the ship, and where I might find coffee at that ridiculous hour. I found many helpful comments and a few new friends. I heard about the ship’s progress and took up some advice, and learned a bit about Benicia’s history.

I arrived in the hope of seeing the ship dock at 02:30 with my wife, Lin. The Glovis Sonic had arrived at 02:15. The ship was docked behind a patrolled, secure gate. The ship unloaded over about 2 days, and I do not know when my Porsche was driven off the ship. The car was delivered to me by my salesman at the dealership on 3/14.

I resolved to return, with my Porsche on the occasion of an upcoming automobile show.
Lin and I drove the 40 miles from San Rafael to Benicia, via US 101, CA 37 and into town on a Friday afternoon, to the Union Hotel, centrally located on 1st Street, and adjacent to where the car show would be held on Sunday. Parking was challenging on a weekend. With difficulty, we finally found a great place in front of the hotel. We didn’t move the car until we departed on Sunday afternoon.

The hotel is described as built in the 1850’s in a description of it in HauntedHouses,com., and as opening in 1880 as the Solano Hotel. Our third floor room was evidently not haunted, and reflected its historical origin, requiring respect for its spaciousness and tolerance for its tiny TV screen, absent refrigerator and very high off the ground bed. The continental breakfast appears to have been a distant afterthought, and a lagging
competitor for bed and breakfast honors.

However, we loved Benicia, and its very friendly people, interesting antique and clothing stores and enticing restaurants.
I had hoped to run into more of the people who were so kind and helpful in the Facebook group, and a few appeared to recognize the Gentian Blue Porsche.

If the port’s owners, Amport were interested and gained the cooperation of the appropriate
agencies, I could envision a tour of the auto transport logistics would be of great interest to the car enthusiast clubs, such as the Porsche Club of America and SCCA. It could be paired with a historical tour of Benicia’s many historical sites.

I know that there is a very active community of PCA members who have established a group on Rennlist, “Welcome to the Porsche 992 Waiting Room,” where the port of Benicia is frequently mentioned as the path for incoming Porsches.
A picture of Larry
behind the wheel of his 2022 Gentian Blue Porsche 911 (992) Turbo S!
Bobby's Bericht
Bobby Cole
Redwood Region Member
Bobby Cole
Redwood Region Member

If you think starting the legendary 1970 Porsche 917K race car is as simple as turning the key, think again. On a cool day you’ll need to plug in the heating pad located under the oil tank to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Two master switches, one on the outside of the car must be turned on, as well as the dashboard switches for fuel pumps and ignition. You can’t exceed 2,500 rpm when cold-starting the flat-12 engine until the oil is up to temperature. The 917K has a choke, but it’s not recommended for cold starting as it can foul the plugs. Instead, you’ll want to spray brake fluid down the intake trumpets. Only then can you turn the key. Quite the routine for a car that sold for $14 million at auction in 2017. Check out the startup video here.
“Top Gun: Maverick” co-star Jennifer Connelly’s character owns a silver numbers-matching 1973 Porsche 911S loaned to the film by San Diego resident and longtime collector Nick Psyllos. Except for the Porsche 911 Carrera RS, the 1973 911S coupe stands alone at the peak of Porsche’s lightweight sports cars from the early ’70s. 1973 marked the last of the long-hood, thin-bumper 911s. The high-performance 1973 “S” came from the factory with a 2.4-liter, 190-horsepower engine and the novel “Type 915” transmission with its simplified shifting pattern. It had now iconic “deep-six” Fuchs wheels and a front chin spoiler that reduced front-end lift so effectively that Porsche adopted it across the 911 line. A silver metallic car sold a few weeks ago for $214,412.

The 2023 Porsche 911 Sport Classic has been revealed featuring the ducktail spoiler, a nod to the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 of 1972 and 1973, as well as a double-bubble roof and hood comprised of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Based on the 911 Turbo S, the hood is formed with a dip in the center, a design cue that is echoed on the roof. An interesting factoid about the double-bubble roof: the 2009 997 Sport Classic, which has the recess in the roof (known in Porsche as the Fuchsfelge) was not put on the market in the U.S. as a cabin ceiling with recesses would have required expensive testing. That’s why the 997 Sport Classic is one of the most coveted collector cars in America. But it’s not like the new 911 Sport Classic is going to be produced in quantity. Only 1,250 will be built.

Porsche is already on board with e-fuels. In 2020, the company hooked up with Siemens for the Haru Oni electro-fuels pilot project in Chile, leveraging green hydrogen produced with wind energy. Porsche will start producing the fuel on a pilot basis at a factory it is building in Chile with Siemens Energy, the German firm that produces water electrolysis equipment. About 130,000 liters will be produced next year, with annual output to 550 million liters by 2026, enough for 1 million vehicles. As for cost, the figure could clock in at $10.00/liter at first, then drop to $2.00 once production is up to speed. The initial aim appears to be satisfying fans of Porsche’s popular and profitable 911 sports cars. Although Porsche has set about electrifying some of its models, apparently the company is skittish about messing around with its primary money-maker. All aboard!

Some owners of the Tesla Model S are joining the legions of Porsche Taycan fans. Many buyers have indicated that they’ve always wanted a Porsche. Tesla ownership isn’t the exclusive club that it once was. Model S owners who enjoy the feeling of driving something special may be looking for a fresh option. A number of those making the leap have suggested the Taycan feels like a proper sports car, while the Tesla Model S feels more like a large sedan that happens to go fast. Several former Model S owners cite brakes, suspension, and high-speed stability as weak points, resulting in a lack of confidence in those looking to take advantage of the power on tap. Taycan converts suggest the Porsche feels much more connected to the road and significantly nimbler.

Many Porschephiles will tell you that the best place for a 2.7 liter flat six is under 70 tons of household waste in a local landfill, though using a blown example as a coffee table is far more creative. Using an original Porsche engine from a 1974 car which suffered a catastrophic failure, this coffee table was built by an engineering student as a class project with help and oversight by professional technicians. As a result, it’s a cut above the sometimes questionable examples of engine-based coffee tables that pop up for sale. The 2.7 liter flat six that powered the G-series Porsche 911 quickly developed a reputation for imploding, often within 50,000 miles of use and sometimes within the first year of ownership. You can pull up a chair here.

Since its introduction, the Porsche Taycan has made quite the splash in the automotive world, but no accomplishment thus far stacks up its latest. The aptly painted Frozen Berry Metallic Taycan Cross Turismo set an incredibly important Guinness World Record: most consecutive donuts… in an electric car… on ice. The record was set in early February of this year on a frozen sea at the 2022 Race of Champions in Pitea, Sweden. Piloted by stunt driver Terry Grant performing 69 consecutive snow donuts. One issue the team ran into was the fact the car was starting to carve through the ice from its weight and studded tires. Before the attempt, Grant joked “I don’t think it’s going to be very enjoyable. I think I’m gonna feel as sick as a pig in a bit.” Dramamine anyone?

Porsche now offers camping trips on top of a Taycan. Your next vacation could be a three-day rooftop camping adventure at one of two locations in Germany. These adventures, offered for around $2628 at today's exchange rate, can be booked for up to eight people. Porsche will set you up with a 670 hp Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo station wagon, a rooftop tent, and an itinerary of activities in either the Black Forest or the Rhine-Hesse wine region both starting and ending in Stuttgart. The Black Forest outing includes a zipline tour and a hiking excursion while the Rhine-Hesse version offers overnight stays at wineries with a wine tasting and gourmet dinner at Sekthaus Raumland. Porsche provides meals, bedding and other camping equipment for you, so all you need to bring is your toothbrush and your sense of adventure.

Porsche’s first mega yacht, Royal Falcon One, remains for sale despite a deep-sea discount. Designed by Studio F.A. Porsche, Royal Falcon One is a stunning catamaran - a spaceship on water. With a total length of 135 feet, Royal Falcon One offers an interior volume usually found on mono-hull ships of a bigger length. Due to its twin-hull construction, it is decidedly faster and more stable while also being more fuel-efficient. Accommodation is for 10 guests across five cabins, with accommodation for a crew of 10. Royal Falcon One is lavishly appointed, with elegant interiors and generous outdoor areas. There is a jacuzzi on the sun deck, formal and outdoor dining areas, and sizable lounges. Royal Falcon One is powered by twin engines that take it to a top speed of 39 knots and a range of 2,250 nautical miles. Today, pricing has been set at $24.2 million. A mere drop in the ocean.

Porsche took the boxy body of the Porsche 914, added aerodynamic front and rear bumpers, fitted the 2.4-liter engine from the 911 or the 2.7-liter power plant from the Porsche Carrera and called it the 916. Like Porsche's 914, the Porsche 916 came from an agreement between Volkswagen Chairman Heinz Nordhoff and Ferry Porsche. When Nordhoff died in 1968, its next chairman was less enthusiastic about the 916 Porsche project. Only 11 916s were ever built by Porsche, the supposed response to the Ferrari 246 Dino. Today, 916s are auctioned for an average of $1 million. The famous 1972 yellow body 916 was sold in Punta Gorda, Florida, for $957,000 through a Sotheby's auction in August 2020. The equally famous all-black "Brutus" 916 was sold in auction by Artcurial in Paris on February 2019 for 953,600 euros. The legend of one of the rarest Porsches in history lives on.
The upcoming 911 GT3 RS will be even more hard-core than the already track-oriented GT3 and is likely to have more power and a bigger swan-neck double-plane rear wing that looks larger than that on the RSR race car. The letters RS have long been placed on the best and most extreme 911s, and the Rennsport name is reserved for cars designed specifically for regular track use. Now approaching its 50th birthday, the first 911 to get the treatment, the 1973 Carrera RS has become so sought after by collectors that good examples can sell for seven figures. The 2023 RS will use the existing GT3's naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six that will almost certainly have a small performance bump over that car’s 503 horsepower. No all-wheel drive here; the GT3 RS will be rear wheel driven, and it is more than likely that Porsche will only offer its dual-clutch automatic PDK. Cleared for take-off.
Stacy O'Connell
AX Co-Chair

Our first autocross of the season was held at Thunderhill on Sunday, May 15. It was a Zone event with SVR running on Saturday. See Collin's Zone 7 report below for all of the results. Overall it was a great day with lots of runs and lots of sun - and lots of good competition!

Our next autocross is another weekend Zone event with SVR, scheduled for October 22-23, with SVR again running on Saturday and Redwood running on Sunday. Consider spending the weekend with us and driving your car the way it wants to be driven, in a safe and supportive environment.

If you haven't ever autocrossed, or haven't in a while, we'd love to have you! We'll get you set up with an instructor to make sure you know exactly how the day works and you'll be out there competing for times and avoiding (or hitting) cones in no time. Feel free to reach out to me or autocross co-Chair Drew with any questions and we'll be happy to walk you through the ropes. See what not-so-frequent autocrosser Stacey Louie had to say after joining us at Thunderhill in May:

"It was a great setup and getting hooked up with Monty
was a great learning experience. Everyone was super helpful including John, Kathy, and Larry (the whole team actually!).
Can't wait for next time!"

We're still hopeful we'll get a date or two at Sonoma Raceway this season, but nothing has been confirmed yet. If we hear positive news, we'll share it with all here and on our social channels as soon as we know.

Below is Drew's best run from Saturday, May 14, which resulted in 1st in his class, 1st in PAX, and 4th in raw times behind Kathy Thorp in her Boxster race car (3rd), Monty Pack in his GT3 (2nd), and Larry Sharp in the Boxster race car with TTOD.
Targa California
Vern Rogers
Treasurer and Past President
Targa California was held May 18-21st, driving through some choice California locations. Our illustrious and adventurous Past Redwood Region President, current Treasurer and Targa enthusiast Vern Rogers joined in the fun by driving in the 13th iteration of this event. He graciously shared some of his photos with us. Here he is on the actual beach at Pismo!
Yoga for Drivers
This month, we drive up from the calves to the hips. Hip stretches are super important for drivers, and possibly even more important for passengers. One of the very best hip stretches our there is the figure four stretch. It can be done in multiple variations and positions to suit your needs.
Figure 4: 3 ways

Figure 4 on your back (aka Thread the Needle)

Lay back on your mat with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent. Cross your right ankle over your left knee. Reach through the little triangle of space between your legs and clasp around behind your left thigh or on your left shin. Be sure to keep your hips evenly grounded square to the floor. Strongly flex your right foot. Gently pull your left leg in to deepen the stretch while trying to open your right knee out as much as you can.
(If you cannot reach your leg just cross your ankle over and concentrate on feeling a stretch in your right hip.)
Breathe slowly and deeply in and out and hold for at least 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Standing Figure 4

Standing adds the complexity of a balance element to the basic figure four. Stand with your feet hips width apart and your hands on your hips. Bend your knees coming into a chair position. Shift your weight onto your left foot. Slowly pick up your right foot and cross it over your left knee, keeping your right foot strongly flexed. Rest your right ankle on your left thigh just above your knee. Keep trying to open your right hip out. 

Breathe slowly and deeply in and out and hold for at least 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
Pigeon Pose

This is the classic yoga variation of the figure 4 hip stretch. One way to get into this position is to start in a runner’s lunge with your right foot forward and both hands on the mat on either side of that foot. Bearing most of the weight in arms, slide your front foot over towards your LEFT hand, outwardly rotate your right hip, and lower the knee over to the RIGHT. (You can also start from Down Dog and just step your right leg forward.)Place the outside of your RIGHT calf on the mat. The ultimate goal is to get your shin parallel to the front of your mat. Most people do not have that level of flexibility in their hips unless they have been doing these stretches for years, so where it lands, it lands.  You can always use a prop under your right hip to assist with the position. Do Not Force Anything. Slowly lower your back knee and shin to the floor, keeping it as extended and straight as possible. Square your hips as much as your body allows to the front of the mat. You can keep your arms straight and hands flat on the floor and extend upwards through your spine, or you can lower yourself slowly down over your front leg. You should feel the stretch on the outside of the RIGHT hip and in the glute.
Breathe slowly and deeply in and out and hold for at least 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

(If this pose feels too intense, uncomfortable or hurts, stick with Figure 4 on your back.) Or, you can try propping up your right hip with a pillow.)
Thread the Needle
Standing figure 4
In the Zone
Collin Fat
Zone 7 Representative

PCA National Upcoming Events

Werks Reunion will be returning to the Monterey Peninsula on Friday, August 19th. Registration is open now. This is a highly anticipated event happening during Monterey Car Week along with the event of the week: the Pebble Beach Concours D ’elegance. The Monterey Historic races will also be held that week with PCA planning a hospitality tent on August 20-21st in conjunction with the races. This year’s event will be held at the Monterey Pines Golf course (adjacent to the Monterey Airport and behind the Monterey County Fairgrounds.) Last year’s venue, the Bayonet Country Club is not available.

Fall Treffen will be held in Bend, Oregon from September 14-18th. Registration opens on June 29th! If you have not yet attended one of these national premier events it is a do not miss opportunity to attend a Treffen this close to home. Registration generally fills up in less than 30 minutes and is usually limited to 200 cars. Information here

Hospitality Tent at the Monterey Historic Races will be held on August 18-20th. The event is at Laguna Seca Raceway, and the hospitality tent will be open to PCA members and anyone who owns a Porsche. Tickets are required for parking in the Porsche Corral but any PCA member with proof of membership or a Porsche owner with key fob may enter the hospitality tent. Unlike past years, the hospitality tent will be open from Thursday through Saturday as no races are being held on Sunday this year. The tent is likely to be in the lakebed area just across from the old location at Turn 5.
Volunteers Needed; I am looking for volunteers to help with staffing the hospitality tent and have a limited number of general admissions passes. If you are available to help out let me know which days you can help and send me an email. I will need volunteers for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Parade 2023 will be held at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs from June 18-24th. The hotel is a five -star rated property that has a famous history for being the hangout for movie stars and the Hollywood elite during the 1940’s.
Zone 7 Autocross Series Update

The second and third autocross series events were held at Thunderhill Raceway on May 14th and 15th. Sacramento Valley region hosted on the 14th while Redwood Region hosted on the 15th. There were 53 cars competing on Saturday and 39 cars competing on Sunday. The results can be viewed on the Zone 7 website at
The weather was fairly spring like with mild temperatures and clear skies on Saturday with temperatures on Sunday reaching the upper 80’s. Drivers got in 10 runs for Saturday’s event and 9 runs on Sunday. Event chairs John Leet of Sacramento Valley and Stacy O’Connell and Drew Powers of Redwood Region did a great job designing both courses as well as organizing the event. Thank you for all you do for PCA and Zone 7!
The top five finishers on Saturday were; Larry Sharp, 39.038, Monty Pack, 39.254, Kathy Thorp, 39.549, Drew Powers, 39.788, and rounding out the top five, Steve Forshay with a 40.536.
On Sunday, top time of day went to Bill Thorp with a 38.134 followed by Drew Powers, 38.507, Larry Sharp, 38.539, Monty Pack, 39.045, and Steve Forshay, 39.505.
The course designed by Redwood Region’s Drew Powers was a very challenging and technical course design that rewarded precise braking and quick on throttle corner exit. The course was run in reverse direction for Sunday’s event and proved to be a little faster.
Several date changes were recently made to the Zone 7 Autocross series calendar due to issues with site availability. Loma Prieta and Golden Gate Regions switched their Zone events in July to August. The new dates will be August 27th and August 28th with Golden Gate Region hosting on Saturday and Loma Prieta Region hosting the series on August 28. Both regions are hoping to schedule their July dates to another weekend as both events regional events only and will not count for Zone 7 points. Sacramento Valley's scheduled event on July 9th at Thunderhill is still on but will now be a Zone event instead of a regional event. The total 2022 Zone AX events counting toward year end awards will be 9 instead of 10.
Autocross at Thunderhill!
Zone 7 Concours Series Update

The Zone concours team completed its last Phase 2 Concours School hands on training session hosted by Sacramento Valley Region on May 22nd at the Nelson residence in Shingle Springs. It was attended by more than 16 PCA members who have an interest in competing and learning how to become a concours judge. The session was led by Roy Schauben and Al Price, and the training emphasized what to look for in a judged car and demonstrated examples on how point deductions are determined. It was stressed to the students that most concours cars are driven and some are used as daily drivers. So, a judge should keep in mind that the car may accumulate rock chips. As long as an attempt was made to repair the minor damage, no points should be deducted. This theme was emphasized by both instructors with the intent of having participants continue to participate in concours and not be discouraged by unreasonable scoring by the judges.
The first concours of the season will be held in Sacramento at Porsche of Rocklin on June 5th.

Registration is also open for Concours #2: Silver State Concours D ’Elegance, hosted by the Sierra Nevada Region on June 26th at Lampe Park in Gardnerville, located just south of Reno, Nevada.

The region is also hosting a meet and greet on Saturday, June 25th for those coming in the night before. Sierra Nevada region puts a lot of effort into planning the meet and greet as well as the Concours on Sunday, and it is worth the trip to Nevada! See flier for additional information.
For more information visit the Zone 7 website!
2022 PCA West Coast Race Series
Events of Interest

1) Zone 7 Shasta Tour, June 9-13 Sold Out
2) Porsche Parade at the Kalahari Resort, Pennsylvania, June 12-18
Registration closed
3) PCA Werks Reunion, August 19, Monterey Registration and information
4) Rolex Monterey Historic Races, August 18-20
5) PCA Fall Treffen, September 14-18, Sunriver Resort, Bend, Oregon

Note that past Treffens have sold out in as little as one hour due to their popularity. Registration for the Treffens typically opens 3-4 months prior to the event.

Rally Report
Jim Robison
Rally Director

Unfortunately, we had to cancel Devil’s Gulch 2022, planned for May 21st, due to insufficient registrations. It’s a good route and we will reschedule it when rally participation picks up. Thanks to the 14 people who did register, we appreciate your dedication and support.
The Alternate Route Rally scheduled for June 18th has also been canceled.  Entrants would have had their choice of following one of two routes: one paved and the other gravel. The start and finish were in Dixon, and the plan was that the Redwood Region would host one of the rallies and the Sacramento Valley Region would host the other. When the Sacramento Valley Region decided not to participate, there was no reason to hold a Dixon-based event, as there would not be enough Redwood Region entries to justify it. Maybe someday….
With an open spot now on the calendar, we plugged in an event originally planned for July. The Mount Tam Trek is now scheduled for June 18th. It is an entry-level rally with no math requirements. The exact location of each checkpoint will be provided along with the time you should arrive. The object is to follow the assigned route and park in a designated parking lot. Then, use your cellphone to trigger the GPS checkpoint at your assigned time. The total route is about 105 miles and all roads and parking lots are paved. Additionally, all the parking lots have toilets, and a couple have stores or snack bars.
Mount Tam Trek will start at Hi-Tec Automotive in San Rafael, run to the top of Mount Tamalpais, and then visit Drake’s Bay, Chimney Rock, and the lighthouse in the Point Reyes National Seashore among other scenic destinations. The finish is at Mary’s Pizza Shack in Novato where we hold our board meetings. I’m calling this no-math rally a “modified Monte Carlo” for lack of a better term. If it is successful, we can do more modified Monte Carlo rallies, including There and Back Again and Harvest Moon (see below).
No rallies are currently scheduled for July, as the Region has several other fun events planned for that month.
On August 13th and 14th, we will host There and Back Again, a pair of rallies with an overnight stop at Twin Pine Casino and Hotel in Middletown. Saturday we will rally our way from Napa to Twin Pine and Sunday we will run another rally from Twin Pine back south. (As der Riesenbaum goes to press, the exact finish location has not been set.)
The entry fee of $25 ($30 for non-PCA) includes both rallies, but not lodging or meals at Twin Pine Casino and Hotel. They are holding 20 rooms for us, with a 20% rate reduction, first-come, first-served. Be sure to mention the “Porsche club” when you make your reservations to get the 20% discount. They are also providing secure overnight parking for us.
We are working with the casino to make this a “Porsche weekend” and additional incentives will be announced as soon as we confirm the details. Twin Pines management recently said "Twin Pines Casino & Hotel is excited to welcome the Porsche Club of America. We are looking forward to providing a great location for everyone and building a relationship for future events."
Back in the day all rallies were night rallies. When I was attending San Jose State, there was a rally every Friday night. Harvest Moon will be a short night rally on September 10th which is the night of the 2022 Harvest Moon. The start will be about 7:00 PM in Santa Rosa and the finish about 10:00 back in Santa Rosa. Night rallies are fun because of the reduced traffic and because roads you have driven a dozen times in daylight are totally different after sunset. I also believe they are safer on narrow twisty mountain roads as you can easily see lights in the trees alerting you to an oncoming car, and they can see you. I would like to offer a night rally every year, but I need your participation to do it.
All of the above are time-speed-distance (TSD) rallies. If you have any interest in a gimmick rally, please contact me.
Murphys Update

What's happening with our Murphys Tour to the Ironstone Concours?
There will be FOUR Tours:

Thursday 9/22:
Group 1 Tour from Fairfield to Murphys with lunch at Griff’s BBQ & Grill in Copperopolis

Friday 9/23 :

Group 2:Tour from Fairfield to Murphys with lunch at Griff’s BBQ & Grill in Copperopolis

Group 1: Calaveras Back Roads Tour from Murphys to Murphys (approx 100 miles)

Saturday 9/24 :

Both groups: Calaveras Back Roads Tour from Murphys to Ironstone Winery/Concours (approx 100 miles)
There are only THREE rooms left, in our hotel block at the Murphys Historic Hotel
- The Mark Twain Room
- The Hatcher Mini Suite
- The Modern Queen Room
Group dinner on the Historic Murphys Hotel patio
PCA Corral at the Concours d’Elegance on Saturday with a tailgate party
We will release our hold on the rooms on July 15, 2022 so please reserve your room now (Go to MSR for hotel booking information)
Board Meeting Minutes
Membership Report & Information
Our Membership Director, Tom Short is on a 2 month vacation, so editorial apologies for any errors.

In May 2022, 36 Redwood Region members marked five or more years in the club, with 2 members celebrating 50 or more years, 1 over 30 years and 6 over 20 years! Congratulations to you all!
May Anniversaries
In May, we welcomed 4 new members and 1 transfer from Golden Gate Region.
What's cool is that 3 of our new members and our transfer member are all women.

All of our newbies will be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge shortly. If you’d like to order a name badge for your associate or family member, check out our website for full details and instructions.

New Members May 2022
Transfer May 2022
If you have any questions about membership please feel free to email our Membership Director .
der Marktplatz
975 Porsche 911S
Silver Anniversary Limited Edition

Porsche's 1st commemorative model car #427 of 510 built for the U.S. market
See this fabulous once-in a lifetime car in action:

Family owned since 1975
Under 70K original miles
Numbers matching engine and gearbox

Air-cooled 2.7 L
flat six engine
rated at 175 hp
5 speed manual gear box
16" Fuchs Wheels
fog lights
pop-out rear side windows
Includes owner's manual and tool kit.

October 2021 Service by Porsche Specialty Shop:
*new clutch and cable
*brake system overhaul
*fuel line replacement
*new alternator and battery
*new engine pad
*changed engine oil and filter
Asking price: $59,000

Make an offer, test drive or questions: email Bob
Got something to sell? We'll post it for free. Send us details and a picture by the 5th of the month to be included.

der Sponsors
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